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    Hey guys, Its hard to find UK BP anymore, so to avoid customs and VAT duties you have to order goods less than £15. (doesnt include shipping costs) Luckily, the 8oz BP on Dans store comes to less than this, with shipping from its about £19-20, which is far cheaper than any UK store bought item still. I've been using the E45 emolient wash cream from Boots, about £4.35, and also from boots the moisturiser Derma care light daily moisturising lotion £3.99 -although you'll have to ask a store worker to help you find it as its often not with the other moisturisers. Also found using the "naked" shampoo and conditioner brand in boots to not contain sodium laureth sulphate, which really causes me breakouts really helps as well. Also spots around the mouth have been almost reduced to zero if I'm really careful to not get any toothpaste onto my skin when brushing. Hope this helps you guys.