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  1. "Natural" Skincare Regimen?

    maybe u could give your skin a break for a while and just use a mild cleanser and moisturizer....
  2. Chemical peels

    is it helping at all?
  3. round circular bump

    silly me ....I tried to pop this little black head type of pimple on my forehead squeezed n squeezed nothing came out and now its a big circular raised bump...u don't think its permanent do u? im scared I made a permanent circular bump on my forehead....I dnt know what to put on it or if its like a cyst now
  4. I honestly would not apply any tazorac on your so against Accutane but at this point I think that's what u need....I would leave your face alone in the process and maybe only use cold water and some aloe vera
  5. Im writing to pain....a pain that only some people with acne can understand. Im a 33 yr old woman and the past two years ive been struggling with acne..that I have allowed to cripple me...cripple me from my joy, cripple me from life, cripple me from being a better mom, cripple me from being a better girlfriend. Recently due to stress and frustration I broke out again...this time going to an acne clinic trying to heal the outside instead of the inside..ofcourse these treatments didn't work cuz I wasn't relieving the stress...but they also caused worse problems like discusting black ingrown hairs that are also scarring my cheek..guess the dryness from the chemical peels made things worse. there is no miracle cure and this damage wont go away overnight...I try to go out...and enjoy myself..but I look around and see better skin....and I feel like an outcast. Holidays are coming and I want to go out and have fun but I feel so shitty....and my boyfriend who ive been with for a while has to go thru this with me another year...breaking down and not wanting to go out cuz of my skin...maybe hes going to leave me this time...cuz im not living like this and who wants to be around a depressed person. My therapist tries to tell me its the inside that counts as well as doing positive affirmations....but now dealing with hair on my face and having to get laser as well as find a natural cure for the acne I have....its stressful....and I know will take months to heal...if I can...but im trying to be hopeful. If anyone has any advice or even can give some good recommendations for getting rid of clogged pores all over the face....atleast I can work on that...and figure out a cure now for the ingrown hairs that are making bumps on my face too...shit is just depressing...but like I said I need to be hopeful.
  6. Chemical peels

    I wouldn't use too much...just start off with the cleanser in my opinion
  7. Facial hair lightener?

    thnks for answering mama...I just spoke with  a woman n I think ill just do laser hair removal...and leave my skin alone as far as treatments beside that
  8. Facial hair lightener?

    no one??? can u atleast tell me how bad it looks or what I could use on it
  9. How I cleared my skin in 2 months.

    howlong did u take antibiotics for...u took them while u were pregnant?
  10. advice

    any advice pls?
  11. Chemical peels

    maybe its folliculitis...fungal
  12. Facial hair lightener?

    can anyone respond or help me im feeling really down...pls
  13. advice

    The past two months I had a mild acne breakout went to an acne clinic...and the chemical peels worsened my skin..scarred it...and now have left me with black ingrown hairs on my a woman and I don't know what to do anymore, the hairs actually discust me more then the acne and not to mention its scarring, some of the hairs have grown out and I wonder if I could bleach them or do laser hair removal..but the area is already very much hyperpigmented I don't know....all the stress has caused my skin as well to get clogged with little bumps everywhere and honestly...I cant even function anymore I feel like dying. any advice would be appreciated....
  14. So no one responded to my last post...Im completely the chemical peels I got have left me with ingrown hairs...that are not the same color of my normal hair or skin has hyperpigmentation but im wondering if I could use hair bleach to atleast bleach the hair to feel better...anyone what do u think? my skin is scarring where the hairs are and I got some attaching a picture...also bp doesn't work for me what could I use for my skin that's gentle.
  15. Model with Hyperpigmentation?! HELP!!

    Riley.. I would be honest and tell u ...try something natural or allow time to heal your rd marks. you don't want to risk breaking out again just to get rid of the marks. treating your skin with new products or treatments is a gamble...and that's what i just did and messed up my skin again. be patient if u can
  16. The past two years have been a struggle..I blame myself for not relaxing enough and jumping into treatments that only worsened my condition as well as not handling stress well. A year an a half ago i started Accutane....due to topical treatments breaking out my mild acne severely. I started getting cystic acne from the topicals and then had to go on Accutane. Accutane was a horrible journey...probably because mentally i cant handle acne....and I have ocd over it....and I broke out horribly for five months straight. I quit it...and my skin cleared for 8 months...i was at peace and my life was back to normal. During the my happiest time...I went to visit my mother and things got stressful..i broke down and my skin began to break out...i couldn't stand it and i rushed to do treatments facials every two weeks...tried bp...and finally went to an acne clinic....the chemical peels not only dried my skin...but caused ingrown hairs now to grow on a section of my cheek and now i have hair bumps as a acne is not severe but now is scarring..i have a lot of hyperpigmentation...and all the treatments has effected my texture around my cheeks ...a lot of comedonal acne. i also don't know how to treat these new hair bumps. I don't think i can use bp on my skin....and at this point don't know what to do. Im scared of dermatologists...but i know i need something not too harsh to exfoliate all my clogged pores that are starting to scar.  If anyone could give some advice on how to clear clogged pores...or knows anything about ingrown hairs..yeah i know gross...pls let me know. Im tired of this struggle as I am in my 30's...was somewhat attractive and blame myself for all the damage ive caused to my face. I just want it to heal now for good.
  17. anyone cheeks are getting tons of comedones this normal?
  18. So I have been doing the regimen almost two weeks now...its going good killing the cystic acne I had gotten due to stress...still have alot of little pimples around the edges of my face that has formed. But Under my eye I have recently got a large looking bump Under my eye. i am not sure if it is a cyst or a big milia. its flesh colored. I have attached a picture. Does it look like a pimple or a cyst?
  19. Stopping Our Body From Producing Acne

    also oïl of oregano is an anti candida and anti fungal
  20. Losing Hope Need Advice.....please

    thanks Missy...i hope i dont have to go on accutane it was a terrible sure u will be one of the Lucky ones tho...n all of this will be over
  21. So going into my second week on the large bumps are dying out quickly but i find now that i am getting very very small bumps on my cheeks. will the bp kill these or i will need soemthing else to attack them? i dont want all my cheeks to become clogged.
  22. Losing Hope Need Advice.....please

    thanks Lore..guess its just my age that is playing a big factor u know...and that i was already on accutane and have to go thru the struggle again because i didnt handle my stress well my skin is very sensitive so i dont know if a antibacterial would be a good option for me but thank u
  23. ok great thanks ill stay with the almond oïl then..i appreciate all the help
  24. Losing Hope Need Advice.....please

    oh ok well good luck with sure it will work for u did for me tho it was a terrible journey n my acne came back because i didnt have a control on my stress levels...which effects hormones. the regimen seems to be working a bit tho
  25. Losing Hope Need Advice.....please

    I dnt have pcos...its stress to be honest. Im just wondering if the. Regimen will help as an adult. Y would u go on accutane for comedonal acne? I dnt have pcos...its stress to be honest. Im just wondering if the. Regimen will help as an adult. Y would u go on accutane for comedonal acne?