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  1. The Derminator Thread

    I haven't been frequent with the Derminator due to work related stuff, I have only used it 4 times during this period, but before that I used stamps maybe 6 times. I started noticing improvement maybe after the 2nd session but after a while, when I learned how deep I could go with the needles the sessions became better and better. Now I feel an improvement after every session. Boxcar scars have worked great for me, they are still there but they are not deep anymore and havek ind of transformed just like soft lines when I smile (they are on my temples). I also felt rolling scars are effective. I got a big raised (hypertrophic) scar on my cheek that has been improved as well but not as much as I wanted to, I have just crushed the scar tissue with the stamps/Derminator and used a "pressure technique", pressuring the scar with my thumb for 20 seconds 3 times a week after needling, but I've heard of silicon sheets and stuff as well that might work. I found improvement when I upped the needle length but test your skin first and read, read and read. Information is your best tool to deal with scars
  2. The Derminator Thread

    I've used this technique for some years now (the Derminator for 1.5 years) and my best tips for you guys are: 1. Test and see how your skin reacts. Start soft. Also, hygiene. Super important. 2. Feel your skin, where can you go deep and where can you not? If you are doing the face, just touch your face and feel, you can go deepers on your cheeks than on your forehead for example. I started out with 0.5 on forehead/ 1.0 temples / 1.5 on cheeks but now I'm at 1.0 at forehead / 1.75 temples and 2.0 cheeks 3. Count with downtime. For me I usually need 4-5 days. At least. So I plan to do it on certain weekends and holidays. 4. Use a good moisturizer afterwards to speed up the recovering process (I don't use Vit C / Retin A and such things, I believe a moisturizer is good enough). 5. Please wait at least 10 days until you look yourself in the mirror closely again. The closest days after needling will mostly be swelling anyways. So hypertrophic (raised, do not needle keloid) scars might seem worse than they are and sunken scars will seem better. Last but not least: PATIENCE. If you really got patience, go ahead! This will take time, and you will have to do it a couple of times before seeing good results.