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  1. risk vs reward if you are not happy with your current skin its worth the risk imo, make sure you go to the best place you can afford scary stuff though, basically playing russian roulette everytime you go in for treatment. funny how at consultations every derm i have spoken too has played down any risks at all
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  3. Laser Doesn't Work, Prove Me Wrong.

    legit thread i agree with a lot of whats being said. you have to realise that these clinics ONLY care about your money they dont care about your skin, its true almost all places you consult with will prescribe a series of lasers for thousands of pounds regardless of the skin problem. Also if they have just invested in a new device, they will push for it to be used to pay it off ASAP its extremely sad becasue we are all so desperate for an improvement and they tap into that and can literally charge whatever they like knowing we will try anything to solve the problem. i do think however if you have tried everything and it is affecting youre life, you have to gamble and try. you can definately get huge improvements otherwise none of these clinics would exist. Just make sure to go to the best cosmetic dermatologist you can afford its so hard becasue there is such a fine line between not being invasive enough and not helping your skin condition at all to being too invasive and making it worse/ potentially damaging it further.