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  1. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Summary Of The Solutions Proven To Work For Oily Skin   

    Saw palmetto-Took a while, but it helped. I also added fenugreek and stinging nettle. Not a huge difference. Girls-my northern ladyparts got bigger so that was nice. Not by much, just fuller. No complaints about that side effect.

    Peppermint tea- I don't know if it was drinking a ton of this or cutting out pop, but it helped. I'm back to drinking pop, but only one every other day. I just couldn't hold out any longer. I like bubbles with my dinner. But I'm glad I went a couple months pop free.

    Lemon oil- worked like magic for me because it dried my skin out but not in a terrible way. But turns out I'm allergic to several plant and fruit based products. I can eat it, I just can't put it on my face.

    The most recent thing I did was simplify what I do to my face. I forced myself to eliminate all unnecessary steps. It was extremely hard but I'm past the adjustment phase. I just asked myself what was imperative to do and i came to the conclusion that I need to 1) clean it and 2) medicate it. No more toners, or masks, or moisturizers. And now I no longer blot. I'm still oily by the end of the day, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. Since I know oily skin comes from within, I believe the reason why this is working for me is because I'm not scraping off every last skin cell anymore. So my face "appears" less oily. I'll still work on finding the internal fix, but for now, I consider this a victory.
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  2. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Another Adult Acner!   

    What you're describing about the skin colored bumps is what I had when I was using jojoba oil as my moisturizer. They were itchless, painless, and everywhere. I had thought it was acne from switching up my routine but I guess I'm allergic to it. When i stopped, the rash went away within a couple weeks.
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  3. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Homemade Aha Solutions   

    I havent used any home made versions but the glycolic night cream i used was very drying. Made my skin peel in sheets over the next few days. While it sucked to deal with that, the skin underneath was great. No oil during that time period either, but my face was fairly red. Not something i can use everyday but you know i have terribly sensitive skin.

    It was 10% but i would like to find a way to "dilute" it if i could. I just dont know how. I feel like if that was possible, maybe thats something i could use at night to control oil during the day. I didnt break out from it and it helps with my old acne marks and scars. Maybe try out revivas 5% cream since your skin isnt as sensitive as mine. I would test it out on a small section first though. Its pretty potent.

    Other people i know that have tried some of the acidic products end up breaking out. I would just be prepared for that.
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  4. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic How To Not Scratch Face?   

    Why is your face so itchy?

    When i have an itch, i use my hair.
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  5. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Makeup   

    I use studio gear makeup which is available at ulta. Lasts a long time and works well for my crazy skin.

    For drugstore brands, i used neutrogena before that. Never had any problems with it, fairly inexpensive and had a nice color selection.
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  6. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Cystic Acne Questions   

    I think I agree with that description more than mine actually. After reading that, I think that because I have the same symptoms with both the white head mountain and just the regular mountain, I assumed they were the same. I have pain, major redness, and scarring with both. I see that it says pustule acne can possibly develop into cystic. I definitely agree with that because when I used to try to pop it, i made it ten times worse and was left with a real cyst for weeks sometimes.

    Honestly, I have to leave mine totally alone. I use the witch hazel and the lemon juice and it shortens the duration a bit, but messing with it is usually a bad idea.

    Usually, I can't get a drop of anything out, not even blood (which i think is very bad because you'll end up with a legit wound at that point) If you're squeezing that hard, it's going to hurt, probably tear off a thin layer of skin and make it all worse. I don't think any acne needs to bleed to get better (just my opinion). If i made anything bleed, it was always worse.

    I can only safely extract certain small whiteheads and blackheads. I'm truly trying to train myself not to touch anything else on my skin.

    I hope this helps, and I feel for you. These types of acne are the worst but it causes major scarring if you mess with them.
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  7. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Bp Making Eyelids Puffy   

    I dont know if this helps but ill say it anyway. Maybe it will help you.

    I can use cream cleansers with salicylic acid and i can use bp as my topical acne med. but i can not reverse this. Cleansers with bp cause my skin to become very irritated and salicylic acid topical gels do nothing to treat my acne. Doesnt make much sense i guess but its what i learned.
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  8. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Cystic Acne Questions   

    Im speaking only from my own experiences- i feel like there are two kinds of cycstic acne. One that looks like that picture and one that is just a red inflamed mountain that never comes to a head. Most of mine never developed into something that can be popped. But i will say that if it does and i can extract it, it still takes days and days to flatten out. And im left with a discolored spot for months. It almost makes me think that its really just a whitehead that formed on top of the cyst. But they still seem connected to me.
    I dont have on right now to take a picture of but it would look exactly like that just with no whitehead. But the redness that extends fairly far out and it hurts. And even those leave me a very dark spot that takes forever to go away.
    Ive learned that witch hazel dries these out and flattens them down faster. Aloe vera juice helps with the redness. And lemon juice works well to keep it from getting worse if i catch it early enough. I try to feel very carefully when i wash my face and see if i notice anything forming. If i do, i can lessen the acne mark it leaves behind.
    Hope that helps.

    Also, for the record, i know acne popping is the worst thing i can do. But i get obsessive and i cant stop myself all the time. For the cysts that never come to a head, i would never mess with those. Makes it a thousand times worse. I shouldnt pop anything, but sometimes it helps certain ones heal faster as long as i do it the right way. I try to be "smart" about it and use good judgment, though i definitely know its not smart at all.
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  9. Oilygirl1980 added a comment on a blog entry Bentonite Clay Clearing Up Breakout   

    I love this clay. I will never use anything else again. The feeling of it sucking ick out my pores was astounding. I think more people need to know about this.
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  10. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Fluorescent Lighting?   

    Agreed. My skin is always less oily when I'm at home on the weekends. Also, the lights make my shiny skin look even worse. I hate fluorescent lighting.
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  11. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Acutane For Extremely Oily Skin   

    So you prompted me ro do some research on these sebaceous filaments and it turns out, what i thought was blackheads that just wouldnt produce anything when i tried to extract them are really just these filaments. Interesting. Im going to cool it on the nosestrips now that i know this.
    I did read a lot of sites that have delivered some bad news. It seems that there is now way to fix them. Which is a bummer.
    I use johnson and johnsons moisture care baby wash or baby oil body wash. I am very oily but i do get dry unless i use these. I researched your body soap and was surprised that the ingredients are not bad at all. It does have a sulfate in it but its the one thats less bad than the other sulphate detergents.
    These filaments seem like they are not fixable but i have one suggestion that might help i hope. Aztec secret indian healing clay. I use this on my face once every two weeks and i really love it. Its the only mask ive tried that actually does what it says it will. Other clay masks have crap ingredients, the peel off kind doesnt do shit other than make my skin red and irritated, probably because of all the fragrances. I know some might say im nuts, but for a few days after using it, my pores are smaller and visibly look cleaner and are more the same color as my skin. The pore size doesnt last for longer but im pulling way smaller blackheads out now. And now that i know i have these filaments, it works on those a bit too. Like i said, its not permanent but even a reduction in the appearance is a blessing. Maybe give it a shot on your chest?
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  12. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Benzoyl Peroxide For Closed Comedones   

    So i just figured out right now how to find posts that ive commented on. Duh! Im fairly new and didnt know. Ive been searching through pages to try to remember. Ugh!
    Not sure if you will see this now, but ill respond anyway. I havent used glycolic. Its something im looking to right now actually. I want to figure out which is the best, whether it be the cleanser or cream or a peel. I need to find something that helps with the purplish acne marks. I know one thing though, it seems that you need to be careful with. Hopefully i can find something that is gentle enough for my oily sensitive skin.
    Salycilic does nothing for me so i cant comment on that. Bp is the only thing that works for my acne.
    Apple cider vinegar is helping me with texture. Even with a break out, my skin is smooth. I use it as a mask. Lemon juice from real lemons helps as well.
    My new thing is aloe vera juice. Aubrey organics. So calming and its fading my scars! I would like to try aloe straight from the plant as well.
    One tip i have that i stand by is expensive products. I quit them all. I used neutrogena products for the last 15 years and i loved them. But i had moments where i tried some pretty expensive things. Some worked well, most were terrible. But honestly they still werent as good as neutrogena and the price of them was unnecessary. Ill spend money on good makeup but not on soaps and lotions. Everything i have in my bathroom drawer is under $15 and some of it is lasting for soo long. Much longer. Def money well spent. And its all from the vitamin shoppe or walgreens. If you by chance read this, let me know. I would love to share what im using in place of expensive products filled with all those ingredients that should be avoided. Still trying to find something to replace the bp, but at least everything else im using is almost completely natural. Hope youre well!
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  13. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Acutane For Extremely Oily Skin   

    What kind of body wash do you use?
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  14. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Acid Mantle And Products That Damage It.   

    I'm surprisingly ok with the smell. But I like the smell of witch hazel and tea tree oil and it seems most people do not. I've used acv on hair as well and the smell seems to evaporate after a few minutes of being dry. But I also use a moisturizer after the acv so that makes it even better.

    All i know is that my nose pores are "smaller" since I've been using the castile soap and witch hazel. My old day moisturizer was one that had a high spf. I kind of wonder if that was making them "bigger" since it's very thick. The pores on my cheek haven't changed and I doubt they ever will. I think the sun damage is just not reversible at this point. But keeping them clear of bacteria is more my goal.
    I know the tightness feeling is something that most people avoid, but i have that slight feeling now and it makes my skin look smoother, so I'll take it.
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  15. Oilygirl1980 added a post in a topic Acid Mantle And Products That Damage It.   

    Cbiot!! I did the acv and i loved it! The texture of my skin was immediately better. Its like it just ate all the dead cells and though i have some bumps from my recent breakout, my fingers smoothed over them when i put my grapeseed oil on.
    Properly exfoliating is difficult because my skin is thin and sensitive. The last year, ive been cutting lemons and using the juice. Kept my cystic acne at bay nicely but i stopped because i was trying to find a way to prevent the bumps all together. I was exfoliating very gently with baking soda until bailey explained about its alkalinity. (is that a word, haha)
    Im going to try skipping the grapeseed oil tomorrow and use the aloe vera liquid instead as my moisturizer. I noticed yesterday when i put it on my forehead that my skin wasnt as oily within a few hours. Maybe you could try that as well and let me know how it works for you? The brand i got is aubrey organics i think and doesnt have the same ingredients as the gel or creams. Its watery since there are no emollients in it but i think thats a good thing.
    If i could pick your brain about another thing- pores. Ive use indian clay powder with water as a mask once every 2 weeks and for about 2 days my pores on my nose are smaller. When i was in highschool, two of my pores on the tip of my nose got severely infected and swelled up to the size of maybe a very small pea. The blackheads i pull out of them are gross and large. Im always amazed at how much comes out. I know i shouldnt face pick, but i cant help it with the blackheads on my nose. No products are effective as extraction for me. But i wrap my fingers in kleenex, double if my nails are too long and squeeze gently without pinching. Doesnt cause break outs for me. I think its true that pore size cant be changed permanently, but my two nose pores are what i judge by. I wish i could send you a picture of these things. But since ive been washing with the castile soap and using grapeseed oil, they "appear" to be smaller. Not as small as the day after using the clay mask, but still a big difference. I guess my question for you is what do you think makes pores appear larger? Is it an illusion because of our oily skin or is it the oil itself making the opening bigger? I had some pretty bad sun damage as a child and i smoked for 15 years so that sucks. At the very least, im grateful. Im pulling smaller blackheads out now. Maybe once every 7 or 8 days which is definitely better. Please let me know your thoughts. Youre really helping me a great deal. 33 isnt old by any means, but its old enough to regret some the damage i did to my skin and its a wake up call to make sure im not hurting it further. 40 is going to come quicker than i think and i want to preserve healthy skin for as long as i can. I swear, if i could tell every young girl to stay out of the sun i would because they have no idea what they are in for when they look in the mirror when they get older. And im lucky! I didnt tan for my entire 20s! But the damage from higschool tanning is not reversible.
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