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  1. PustuleGoddess added a post in a topic $400 Paid Clinical Trial For Acne Laser - I Personally Did It & Loved It!   

    It actually did clear my acne. My skin was red because of the acne. The before picture really doesn't do it justice. I never have a lot of big inflamed zits, just hundreds of small pimples.

    I want to make it clear that this is not MY product, and although I do stand to gain something if people mention that I referred them, I truly posted this here because I would have been really excited about this opportunity a year ago, and I thought other people would be too.
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  2. PustuleGoddess added a post in a topic $400 Paid Clinical Trial For Acne Laser - I Personally Did It & Loved It!   

    I know, that's the kicker! ): Sorry you can't make it! Hopefully it will be available to purchase soon though. Nooo idea what the price will be.
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  3. PustuleGoddess added a topic in Over-the-counter acne medications and products   

    $400 Paid Clinical Trial For Acne Laser - I Personally Did It & Loved It!
    Hey everyone! I hope this doesn't come off as sounding too gimicky and advertisementish. I promise I'm not a spam bot!

    My name is Kensi. Last year I participated in a very small clinical trial for a take-home laser product that helps with acne. My results were fantastic, and they are now offering $400 to participants for a much larger clinical trial!

    Here's the good stuff:

    I had NO side effects and they cannot foresee any possible side effects
    It's easy to use
    Participants thus far have found their moderate acne to be gone in 3 months of use
    It actually helps acne to stay away after using it for 3 months
    It doesn't hurt, UNLESS you use it over broken skin, or multiple times in one spot on a high setting. Don't do that!

    What you need to do:

    Use it on affected areas every day
    Be able to travel to Beverly, MA once a month for check-ins
    Don't use any other anti-acne products! Changing your diet and lifestyle are fine, but cease topical treatments intended for acne. You can keep up with your regular moisturizer and face wash though.

    My experience:

    Using it all over my face (that was my affected area) took 15-20 minutes every day, so that was a drag. That Is the worst I have to say about it. It cleared my skin, WITHOUT DRYING IT OUT OR IRRITATING IT! Can I just...how do I put into words how amazing that is? The acne left. My skin felt healthy. And a year later, my skin STILL feels healthy!

    You can find some more information, contact info, and copious pictures plus a video of me at their website, unwantedacne.com.
    And if you tell them I referred you, they'll give me a little something!

    Good luck you guys!


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