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on 16/04/2013
The 7 pills that ruined my life. Truthfully, before I thought about taking this drug, I would read the reviews thinking that the people that said negative things about it where exaggerating. I started taking Claravis over a year ago and took it for only 7 days and I regret it every day. It did nothing for my acne at all but has made me feel like a 50 year old. I am in my mid 30's in within a month after taking the drug I have 2 ruptured discs in my back as well as arthritis now. Also, maybe because am older, but the skin around my eyes is parched and is full of wrinkles and the skin on my neck is always dry now. Of course, it would be uneducated of me to say that I am certain that the drug did this to me, but before taking it I was very athletic and an avid figure skater training to go into the sheriffs academy and now I am lucky if I can skate two times a week and sit ups are out of the question with my bad back. I have back pain daily now and I feel like I look more aged, all from taking those 7 pills. The truly crappy thing is that my skin is now flawless after finding the right topical and over the counter med after ten years of searching. I wish I would have just experimented more with other things before taking those pills and perhaps I would be my old self. Now I use Aczone and Alpha Hydrox 14% Intensive serum and I have never been happier with my skin. Maybe it's because I am older that this happened or it could be that it was bound to happen anyway and had nothing to do with isotretinoin. Who knows? My suggestion is to exhaust every avenue before you try this.
on 16/04/2013
I have tried everything for my severe nodular adult cystic acne and after I found that isotrentinoin was not for me, I was prescribed this. First off, I will describe my acne: I used to have huge (the size of lima beans) cysts that would take months to go away and would need multiple injections. I dealt with this for over 10 years and as acne sufferers know, it was horrible! When I first started Aczone, it was not really working great for me but I kept using it for about 4 months until I decided to "experiment". I bought Alpha Hydrox 14% Intensive serum and applied this over the Aczone and it has been a miracle. I think I must have a skin shedding problem because the Aczone seems to cut down on the bacteria, but the serum seems to unclog my pores. With the combo of these two products I have never been happier with my skin. I have not had a cyst in over 8 months when before I had one every day!