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  1. ask24 added a post in a topic Acne Not A Puzzle Anymore.   

    lol Interesting. I would donate my blood, but I'm anemic and my blood pressure is so low, I wouldn't be allowed to donate it for that reason.
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  2. ask24 added a post in a topic Caveman Regimen For Oily Skin   

    What you are doing is good, altering your diet.
    The stuff what you're doing to your face not so good. Try to wash your face once daily at the most because of all the pollution you face every day.
    try to use soaps that don't dry the skin.
    Once all the pimples are gone and scars are present. You can start using an exofoliant that contains camphor (you may need to make it). Camphor is detoxifying agent. This will speed up recovery process.
    check out my thread
    if you want long term clear skin, while eating foods you want.
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  3. ask24 added a post in a topic Acne Sucks.   

    Thats great, I definitely see an improvement. My only concern is the birth control, how long are you going to be on it?
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