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  1. AghhNe added a post in a topic Water Fast For Scars And Acne   

    Oh, you already broke your fast. good job anyways for a first time
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  2. AghhNe added a post in a topic Water Fast For Scars And Acne   

    The weight you are losing is your water weight, It's very normal. Water weight is very very very easy to gain back. After your water fast, in just days of eating, you can already gain a LOT of your water weight so dont sweat it.

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  3. AghhNe added a post in a topic Treatment For Bumps / Scars On Nose - Images - Please Help!   

    I definitely know what you guys are going through. Been here in for so long and read so many studies, testimonies, etc. one things is for sure the nose is the worst part to have any type pf scarring be it indented or hypertrophic. It's true, only a minority of members here in have bumps on the nose or as well as indented scars and that's why there hasnt been much progress to finding a solution.

    Though, i asked one person who had indented scars on his nose a long time ago if he had any bumps or hypertrophic scars on his nose. He said he "used to have those" and then he never replied back probably because he was looking for help and not looking forward to help others.

    Anyway, i got 6 bumps on the rights side of my nose and 4 on the left. Not very pleasant as they are very noticable. To give a better image, it is like a pimple almost like a cyst but no redness. But they do become red easily, compared to the skin around them.

    I havent done any lasers or things of the sort simply because im still a student (no fund) and have other major priorities.

    I still visit once in a while hoping there's something new. But i really do hope for you and other nose scar sufferers especially bumps/hypertrophic scar sufferers find a solution.
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  4. AghhNe added a post in a topic Nose Scars   

    I've stopped needling my nose scars. I thought the hole was getting slightly bigger. But then, it went back to its original size after some time.
    After that i stopped needling it because of too much risks.
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  5. AghhNe added a post in a topic Ice Pick Scar On Nose Tip   

    Same here :/
    Got numerous of those on my nose.
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  6. AghhNe added a post in a topic Scar Success!   

    I really appreciate you took your time to post your results! You helped and will continue to help other people. Seriously thanks!

    Don't mind the other people who keep giving off negativity, this site is full of em.

    People who look for the negative will always see the negative.

    Anyways, just posted here to say thanks!
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  7. AghhNe added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

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  8. AghhNe added a post in a topic Water Fast For Scars And Acne   

    BUT if you want faster results, WATER FASTING is better.
    I know you guys would ask for proof, but c'mon. I've posted countless proofs since the beginning and i even made my own thread.
    JUST research and you will see water fasting is better.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the guy who finished fasting!
    You're good!

    I already planned long time ago that i will fast for atleast 21 days in February.
    My main concern is my weight and appearance. I'm already too skinny. My face bone structure is wide while my body is thin and small therefore, by removing more weight, my body proportions will be way off.
    That's the only concern i have really. I plan on putting some weight on January first.
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  9. AghhNe added a post in a topic Airgent For Acne Scarring   

    Exactly what you said.
    How are you so sure that all the results you have is because of the subcision effect? They used fillers, and fillers lifts the skin up fast.
    The only way you'll really know is by waiting for a year or two.
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  10. AghhNe added a post in a topic Deep Box Scar On Nose   

    Yea, it is hard to not notice it when you're not busy.
    I'm sure though that as soon as you become busy and doing stuff that makes you happy and makes you feel important, you won't be thinking about it as much.
    I guess having bad eye sight helps too hahaha
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  11. AghhNe added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Lol troll. You say you don't care yet you do it over and over again repeating your statements and even trying to prove It failingly. You've been doing this for over a year as well! You have so much grammar mistakes , misuse of vocabulary, and you always ignore people's questions to you.
    You say you have a real source yet you dont show it to prove your statements?
    You know what? Just leave this thread. You're not even curious about the subject in this thread. All you do is troll and speak jibberish or nonsense. Good bye
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  12. AghhNe added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Maldition, i have wings and can fly. That's what the doctor said.
    So do you believe me? Probably not right? If you do, then i recommend you go to a psychologist or neurologist.

    I dont know how it is hard to understand. All you need to do is provide legitimate sources to support your statements. You learn this in school!! You are just displaying how illiterate you are. I hope you know how to read english as well.

    If you cannot provide trustworthy sources, your posts or words are USELESS, WORTHLESS, etc...
    Im beginning to get annoyed because you may be destroying people's hope when they read your comments.

    DO NOT BELIEVE MALDITION because everything he says is based on nothing but guess, and emotions.
    He probably wants people to be miserable like him because "MISERY LOVES COMPANY".
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  13. AghhNe added a post in a topic Airgent For Acne Scarring   

    Im happy you got improvement!
    But, i still dont know if results are permanent since it is a filler. You're results might be good for 6 minths to one year but will it still be there after years? That's what i want to know. Obviously no one has been there yet so please update us after the fillers are gone and tell us if you still have improvements.
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  14. AghhNe added a post in a topic Deep Box Scar On Nose   

    Well, i havent done my needling session yet just because i have special occassions coming. But im plannig to after.
    So far i did 2 sessions. Tbh, i havent been noticing my nose scar because im not looking for it anymore. I dont go near the mirror. I dont wear my glasses whenever i look in the mirror. And the biggest reason is, im actually busy doing club activities, doing performances, school, and a lot more.
    Im not planning on looking or observing my scar so that results are more noticable. I will examine my nose scar in march. I will update by then.

    So, your nose scar is getting shallower? Thats good!
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