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  1. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Cycle 2 - 2Nd Update
    So...I started breaking out again about a week and half ago, so approximately 6 weeks after finishing the course of antibiotics. Urgh! What gives?

    I had a small cluster of cystic-type acne on the left side of my chin (always the left side!) and one under my left nostril. The cluster is healing now (but still red and lumpy) and the one under my nose is smaller than it was, but still a visible lump. I am more than a little worried that another lump is forming in the cluster area. It is not too painful though - that seems to be the best indication of how bad something is going to turn out to be - if it's sore even before you can see it - you're in trouble.

    I attempted to see the nurse again today, but couldn't get an appointment. I might see if I can get in tomorrow.

    I hate this soooo much.
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  2. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Cycle 2
    So, it's been about 2 years since I last blogged here. Unfortunately, I am back again! Earlier this year (January/February) I started breaking out again with cystic acne. I really don't know what caused it, but I had recently switched from eating Special K every morning to oatmeal - hoping that oatmeal would help keep me fuller as I was trying to lose some post-holiday weight gain. Anyway, I started getting about 2 per week over the course of about 4-5 weeks so I hauled myself into the doctor, knowing I'd been down this road before and I didn't want my skin to get as bad as it was by the time I saw the doctor last time. I'd quit eating the porridge but the spots continued. I was given an 8 week prescription of lymecycline as before and I finished the course 5 days ago. I checked out this old blog to remind myself how long before I started breaking out after the first time I was in antibiotics and it was 10 I've got 5 more days. :-/ The nurse who prescribed the abx did say that I might need another course, but hopefully not.

    I'm hoping that the fact I still don't eat much dairy will help to control the spots, and I still use Altacleanse (formerly Ultra Clear) faithfully everyday, however, I haven't taken any supplements for a long time, so maybe I'll start taking vit D3 again, seeing as though I've still got some in the cupboard.

    I'm obviously hoping I won't have anything to blog about, but I am going out for a family birthday in about 10 days so I really hope my skin will still be clear!
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  3. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Week 8
    Just a quick update but there really is nothing to tell. Still no new spots in 3 weeks... carrying on with using UltraClear (have not been using BP), plus vitamin D3 supplement and (what I think is the main reason I am staying clear)...very little dairy. Also, I am loving the AHA lotion, it makes my skin feel so smooth!
    Despite no new spots, I am still working on clearing the left side of my chin of hyperpigmentation and the last two spots I had are still a tiny bit inflamed, but thankfully, only noticeable to me.
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  4. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a blog entry The Regime Ft. Drugstore Products   

    Obviously. it's not going to be the answer for everyone, but definitely worth a shot. I don't actually drink the almond milk as a drink but I find no difference in taste to cow's milk when it's in my cereal.
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  5. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a blog entry First Impressions! The Regime Ft. Drugstore Products   

    I can recommend Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture for sensitive skin. It absorbs into the skin well so does not feel greasy. If you make sure you use enough moisturiser, you might be able to avoid flakiness. Not using enough moisturiser is a mistake I have now learned not to make!
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  6. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a blog entry The Regime Ft. Drugstore Products   

    I gave up eating yogurt - I used to eat at least one serving a day and was eating a fair bit during the period when I was breaking out badly. I still was getting spots after quitting the yogurt though, but less often. I recently started using unsweetened almond milk in my cereal instead of milk (though I only used to use enough milk just to wet the cereal). Maybe it's just a coincidence, because I have drank a bit of milk in cappuccinos, soup, etc.. but I haven't had any spots in over two weeks since I started using almond milk. Interesting, eh?
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  7. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Week 7 (Day 42)
    From here on in, I am hoping to have very little to report as it's been 2 weeks since I've had a new spot and my skin appears to be getting clearer by the day. I have to admit that I am still living in a little bit of fear that that could change any day now.... but for the moment, all is good.
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  8. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a blog entry The Regime Ft. Drugstore Products   

    I live in the UK so also have tailored my own regimen using products which are (mostly) readily available to me. I use Benzac 2.5% BP which I had to order from Thailand through Amazon, though it only took about a week to arrive. Quite a bit more expensive than I've paid for BP here in the UK (Panoxyl 2.5%) but the company that makes Panoxyl are having distribution problems in the UK and it is currently unavailable. Benzac seems to be a better product from what I can tell (it's from the same people who make Cetaphil) as it does not seem to overdry the skin. I've also been using another really good product called Ultraclear - it is British-made, so not sure if it's available outside the UK. Anyway, it's all been good for me though I have also made a few changes to my diet and introduced a vitamin D3 supplement, so I'm not 100% certain of which of the products/changes are most responsible for clearing my skin!
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  9. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Day 40
    12 days and no new spots - amazing! The last two spots are no longer visible under makeup; they're almost completely flat, but there is still some redness and I've also got redness from the spot that started on what, Day 9? No matter, I am feeling pretty good about my skin, so a bit of redness that can be concealed isn't going to bother me.

    I made French Toast for breakfast today....milk, cinnamon sugar AND maple syrup - damn they were good; must make them more often... or perhaps not! Anyway... will I regret eating them? Only time will tell!
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  10. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Day 37
    9 days and still no new spots. The cyst from 9 days ago is nearly flattened as is the one from 2.5 weeks ago (which was much bigger). I did actually wake up with a teeny tiny whitehead this morning, but it was so small, not even worth mentioning, really. Apart from a bit of redness from previous spots, my skin is now nearly clear.

    However, it could all change in the next day or two - I made corn chowder for dinner tonight - with milk!! Not tons, mind you. Will keep my fingers crossed that there aren't any new developments!
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  11. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a gallery image Before & After Spironolactone 6 months   

    6 months of progress!
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  12. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a blog entry Day 35   

    That's great that you've found your trigger - I am still working on it!

    I don't usually eat much wheat, as I have a slight intolerance (not an allergy) and lately I have been eating a bit more bread than usual, but my skin (on my face) seems ok. My eczema on my abdomen has flared up slightly though which is probably due to the increase in wheat. I ate two digestive biscuits yesterday (naughty!) and suffered the effects!
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  13. maplesyrupmama added a comment on a blog entry Day 35   

    I just remembered that I drank a cappuccino on Sunday (Day 33) - so I HAVE had some milk. Slightly confused now, but still no new spots in 8 days.
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  14. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Day 35
    I'm starting to suspect that milk/dairy was the culprit. I have eaten very little dairy in the past 35 days, just a little bit of milk to wet my small bowl of cereal at breakfast. When I had my horrendous breakout in December & January, I was eating a lot of yogurt. And though I has no breakouts whilst taking antibiotics through February and March and was regularly eating yogurt, I starting breaking out soon after the antibiotics finished. Since I replaced the milk with almond milk last week, I haven't had even one new spot. Interesting.
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  15. maplesyrupmama added a blog entry in maplesyrupmama's Blog   

    Day 34 new spots in 6 days and only 1 new spot in over 2 weeks (and it wasn't very big), so something's working. A few weeks ago I started taking vitamin D3. I'm only taking 25ug per day, not a huge amount but I have noticed a slight decrease in the oiliness of my forehead (though this is not usually a problem area for me). If it is the reason for the reduction of oil, has it also helped with my chin cysts? I don't really know. Last week I started using unsweetened almond milk with my morning cereal. I stopped eating yogurt about a month ago; I had been eating it every day, and I barely eat any cheese now, although I love it. So, with the slight changes to my diet, the added supplement, plus continuing use of ACV as a toner, Ultra clear on my chin and BP on my clear areas....I *think* I am finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, that could all change tomorrow with the emergence of a new lump!
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