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  1. Help Me Choose A Facial Moisturizer

    Have you tried clean and clear dual action moisturizer,oil free ?
  2. Clean and clear dual action moisturizer oil free . I can even mix this moisturizer with the benzoyl peroxide treatment.
  3. The seborrheic dermatitis thread

    @Hopedieslast...Yes , stress plays a huge part ,but I also think stress is the cause of all illnesses. I had an appointment with my dermatologist yesterday and he asked about my stress levels,pfff ...through the roof, always. I need to start watching more comedies, and don't take things too seriously. Flekkn...I think you make a lot of sense too , I seem to do well regarding hydrogen or benzoyl peroxide too. Take care everyone and keep postings your experiences with medications or over the counter.
  4. The seborrheic dermatitis thread

    My update ... I'm still using the doxycycline 50 or 100 once at night, I use the 50 if my face is not itchy, otherwise the 100 for itchy face. Washing my face with Dr Bronner's liquid lavender soap. Once or double wash morning and night , when I use make-up, it's double wash. Then ,8/10 minutes after I apply Dan's benzoyl peroxide treatment mixed with clean and clear dual action oil free moisturizer (sometimes I can get some residue that looks like white plastic, when I massage this mix onto my face, so I just kind of remove this white plastic residue flakes) . No more breaking out, the flakes or dry skin are mostly on my chin area, but just a little. I use loreal bb cream and to remove it I use clean and clear oil free facial cleansing wipes , the package is white with a lavender color cover,( I put the wipes with the cover down , since they seem to get dry) . So far it's been good, I had to learn how to use the right quantity of Dr Bronner's liquid lavender soap and how to mix the peroxide with the moisturizer , I usually do 50/50 , or more peroxide if my skin gets oily. At the moment I have no redness, just the normal redness that can come with scrubbing after washing my face( I have very sensitive skin). I have no active pimples , and I have been doing this for about 2 months altogether. My scalp is under control , no flakes or bumps, I keep using loreal sulfate free pink color bottle shampoo, no conditioner or anything else on my scalp, I think , it must the doxycycline doing something. I have been doing some living lately , the only thing that I try to avoid is milk and cheese, cheese is really hard. I eat almost anything except for peanuts or chocolate(I can have a bar of twix if I really have a crave). I eat eggs for breakfast.I don't go on extreme healthy diets. This is what I have been doing lately and it's keeping me mostly flake free and stress free. I hope you guys can find what works because I understand how stressful this is. Take care!