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    Hey tothemoonand back, I'm not sure which brand I got, nothing fancy though it was about $20.00 hope that helps
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    I would definitely do dermastamping. I have found it super beneficial to use oil on my skin too. I actually use the tanning oil, it comes in a brown bottle from Walgreens and it's a bout 6 dollars . It's awesome! It has a bunch of natural oils in it.
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    So I haven't wrote on here for awhile and I hope you are all doing well! Thank you ALL for all of your posts, comments, tips, experiences and so on.

    I wanted to know if you all could post your fat graft experience, reputable doctors that provide fat grafts (in the United States) and pictures. Please explain the recovery process for a fat graft and the downtime.
    Many of us on this board would appreciate it!

    As for me, I have been dermastamping for about a year now, I have had so so results, but I'm not very aggressive, so I think I'm going to start doing more aggressive treatments. I realize now, that most of my scarring is actually from fat loss, so that's why I'm so interested in a fat graft.

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    I'm not trying to be mean or argue, but fat transfer is permanent. The only thing is, is that not all of it stays. It varies from person to person & most of the times more than one procedure is necessary. Trust me, I have done numerous amounts of research on this.

    Yes, I have heard about that, I'm thinking I will only need to get it a couple of times to be happy with my results.

    Looks awesome !! So happy for you. ! !
    & thanks Binga I will check that doctor out.
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    You can still do fat transfer if you are skinny. There are different places to grab the fat from (behind you knee, your abdomen, butt, thighs, etc.)

    I wanted to know for anyone who has had fat transfer, I am looking for a doctor who will save my fat for future use. I really don't like the idea of getting cut open multiple times, I'd rather have my fat saved and possibly cultivated for stem cells. Please respond.

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    Out of curiosity, and because I plan on getting a fat transfer I wanted to know Which doctors will store the fat for you? I have some surgeons here that are willing to do a fat transfer, however, they do not want to store the excess fat. That really sucks, because I don't want to have the lipo part done twice. I mean I will if I absolutely have to, but if I can find a doctor that will just store it for me the proper way, then I would rather go that route. Thanks guys !
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    Amazing Binga! Thank you for sharing !! I really appreciate it. =) Hope you are having a great day.
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    nohope <- you better get some hope

    Hey I think the reason the treatments were spaced so close together were done that way to stimulate the fat transfer. When you get treatments done, it really gets the blood flowing, especially when it's done to targeted areas. I also read that drinking alcohol can help too, because it also gets blood flowing. The blood techinically grabs on to the fat and new vessels are created, which keeps the fat alive and and it continues to multiply, if done right. (not over correct) It just turns over, if that makes sense? like cell turnover...also i think that the fat transfer could work for boxcars to a least help raise them and keep them raised after subcision combined with needling

    You're so lucky you live in Germany lol,, I am really considering a trip there. I am curious to know how much dermarolling helped you? i hear it's really beneficial
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    I know it's hard to have hope at times, but please don't think there isn't any. We are all going through the same thing, we are in this together! If I seen any of you in person, I would give you a hug & we could cry together! I also promise one day if I become rich, I will do anything I can to help any scar sufferers. I also want to add that I had subcision done back in June and I cried "because I didn't see any improvement." However, sometimes it becomes hard for us to recognize when we have had improvement.

    Hey michi, yeah I checked realself, but I am weary of that website because the doctors & people on there are so negative. Not only that, it's websites like that where people go when things go wrong. I know it can be helpful for finding a doctor, but I just don't like all of the negativity. A lot of people have successful scar revision, but they never join websites or report back because it worked. So while I find acne.org beneficial to many, it can be depressing too. I consider it a support, venting group. Sorry to ramble. I wish others came back on here to give us more information about their success, but at the same time I understand that this website reminds them of dark times.

    Yeah, from what I hear if it's done correctly it is permanent. There are stem cells in fat, and as long as they continue to live and get a good blood supply, not all of them will die. I know it's something you have to have done more than once, but come on we should be used to that. People tend to get it done more than once, because they don't want it to be over corrected the first time. Also, from my experience reading on the realself website, I have seen some horror stories about how the fat has stayed there forever. While I understand that sucks, but I look on the positive side of it. I think hmm, well it lasted for them. Not only that, I feel that even if it was over corrected, with all the stuff we know on these boards the ability to fix an over correction is there. I think we need to set the bs aside, and realize that many of us on these boards are highly intelligent people. This is a learning experience for us. Here I am rambling again, I will definitely be keeping up with this thread. I hope others do too.

    First off, before I say anything I want to thank you for posting your experience. I honestly appreciate it, and I'm sure many others do too. I completely understand the concept of a multi approach to the problem we are struggling with. It gives many people an idea for a treatment plan. Can I ask how much it cost you for the subcision/fat transfer/needling? Another question, where did the doctor take the fat from? I have read some take it from the back of the knee, some take it from the stomach, and some take it from behind the ear. Yeah you are so right there, we can never get enough improvement. Sometimes, we don't even realize that we have had improvement. I also understand that it is important to eat healthy and get the right supplements. Honestly though, I think the most important thing to do when you are healing is to be as positive as you can be. I remember being really negative with each treatment. I cleaned the house and moped around, because I looked to crazy to go outside. Are emotions are stronger than we think. I definitely think vitamin C is important though, because it is proven to boost the mood. One should look into mood boosting foods in the recovery process. Also, where is your doctor located? I won't be able to have anymore treatments for awhile, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead.

    ****One more thing I want to add to people reading this, I know it can be hard to have a positive mindset. However, don't let your scars "own" you. Know that there will be improvement, know that you WILL get through this! Know that there are treatments out there you haven't tried. Know that even though you might of had some treatments done, they are more beneficial when done together. Know that your life's not over. Don't let this hold you back from doing anything you enjoy, because that makes it worse. In order to become what you want to be, you really do have to see the bright side and feel that you are there. We are our own worst critics. Why do you think we strive for perfection? Know that you are beautiful. Know that this is a learning experience. Know that it's OKAY to cry, it's OKAY to let anger out.****
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    Fat Graft Dermal Graft Prp Dermarolling


    If you have had this done post here please!

    Okay so I am trying to compile a thread of people that have had some of these procedures done. I know Datura had dermal grafts done, I believe in Alabama, but not sure by which doctor. I'm pretty sure he had good results with the dermal grafts. I know there's been a few others on here that have had it done too. I am looking for other people that have had it done.

    Fat Transfer / Fat Graft / Fat injection

    If you had had this done post here! Please!

    Again I know some people have had this done with success and the result is dependent on the skill of the doctor. I recall a user on this site that said fat injections were like magic and that each time he them done his skin on the surface improved too. The results can be permanent if done correctly. (harvesting, injecting).

    PRP (blood injections)

    This is where blood is used as a filler, but it's more than just a filler. Blood contains numerous things that are beneficial. It has growth factors, stem cells. There is a lot of science on the web and on the site to back this up. However, I am looking for people that have had this done.

    If you have had dermarolling done or you do it yourself, please post here!

    Please don't leave if you have had one of these treatments and it was successful. I am simply making this thread, because I know how hard it is to search for information with tears in your eyes. I am trying to make it easier for people, I know this has been done, but some of the threads are pretty old. Feel free to quote parts from any other thread to make it easier for new members.
    I can honestly say that I love each & everyone of you acne.org members, as silly as it sounds we are like a family. We WILL get through this dang it!
    Thanks so much.
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    This photo was taken approximately two months after my third subcision treatment.

    By this point in time, I had had three dermarolling sessions.
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