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  1. my story.... :/can't live with it anymore...

    I just wanted to post that I feel your pain & I promise you I understand what you're going through! I'm going to be 100% honest , your scars are not as bad as you think. I have seen people on this forum with way worse scars , I am one of them. You look like you have a really good skin tone , be happy for that ! Also , I had subcision in 2013 , it helped a little bit. It left bumps , but they went away on their own with time. I think the more you mess with them/think about them the more you freak yourself out about them. Just keep your skincare routine simple and keep putting aloe on ! Aloe heals great !
  2. Deleted

    Do not get laser ! I got laser in March 2012. Before the laser , I had mild acne scars. I didn't research options or anything. I was young and I actually googled how to get rid of acne scars and laser is the first option that came up. I didn't research plastic surgeons , I Just went for it with the first office/doctor I met. They promised me beautiful results and I was naive. It cost me $1200. I was bloody , scabby , swollen , crusty and peeling for a week . My skin sloughed off and I had to stay in the house the whole time. After the dead skin came off , I was left with pink sensitive skin. I had to avoid the sun for months. The laser did not help my acne scars. Instead , it left with more scars ! The scars it left me with do not look like acne scars , actually they look worse. They are indented rectangle shaped scars with little indents in the middle. They are about an inch or two long and I have about three of them ! Not only that I am almost 99% guaranteed the laser melted fat from my cheeks. My skin used to be plump , with scars. Now its thin with scars. I am now 4 almost 5 years later still trying to repair the damage caused by laser. My best advice that I could give to someone that is seeking to improve their acne scars is to start off with things that do not damage the top layer of your skin! Most of the time it seems like the really damage is below the surface. You should start off with needling , dermarolling , single needling , tca spot treat , subcision , fillers , fat graft . I am going to start fillers soon ! If anyone has any advice on how they healed damage from lasers please let me know.
  3. My Subcision + Saline + Suction Treatment

    Good luck with your healing ! I had subcision done in 2013 and it went really well ! I don't take pictures of myself/skin , so I honestly don't have anything to show you , but It did help. I am going to start doing mini subcisions at home. The lumps you have will go away by time if they haven't by now. I had a few lumps and I think they took about 6 weeks to go away. They weren't really noticeable , I could just feel them. Good luck and keep us updated my friend !
  4. Fillers Self Injecting Fillers

    So I have been dermarolling, dermastamping for about 3 years now. The results are not as good as I had hoped for . I don't think I've had any bad effects from dermstamping. Some of my scars have kind of broken up , idk it's weird. Overall I realize I'm not going to get the results I want with stamping/needling alone. Most of my damage is from actual volume/fat loss. I believe the only thing that will really give the the results I want is to restore the volume lost. I would love to get fillers or a fat transfer. I have read several post on here about users self injecting fillers , while I don't recommend it , I am interested in knowing your sources (please PM me). I'm not going to go crazy with it I Just want to test a spot or two. I am serious , I know the possible side effects and I am willing to take that risk . Please don't lecture me or talk down to me about self injecting a filler. I am more knowledgeable about this than you think , please pm me. Also , please post your experience with fillers