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  1. No masturbation experiment, anybody wanna try with me? :)

    Sometimes CP you just have to sort of get angry at yourself and ask yourself "what the hell is wrong with me, I'm acting like an addicted idiot, snap the hell out of it man." Remember one thing more than any other tip, trick or advice: it is all in your mind, it is all a conscious decision. You just have to convince your mind what you want, and not let your mind convince you of what it wants. Your mind is a computer, it does what it's been programmed to do, it follows thousands of years of evolutionary impulses. You however, are not your mind. You are your own person, soul, whatever you want call it, and you have to control your own mind in order to become who you want to be. That's true in this experiment, and in everything else in life as well.
  2. No masturbation experiment, anybody wanna try with me? :)

    If you ever have problems stopping in one shot, do it in increments of days, for example tell yourself "i won't go for 5 days, then i'll do it, then another 5 days, then i'll do it", it's a lot easier than saying "i'll go for 3 months!", that's almost impossible, as dumb as it sounds, because reasons. Remember also important tips: - Never watch porn, no not even chicks in bikinis, it escalates quickly. Delete all porn on your computer and all bookmarks with porn in your browser. - Write down every day just a line or 2 at least reminding yourself why you're doing this. Be as honest as you can, since it's for you and no one else. Reminding yourself every day why you're doing it helps avoid moments of weakness, or to go through them. - If you fail, fail that day and that's it. Restart at 0. Doesn't matter if it was a "good" or "bad" fail, move past it without letting it let you down, otherwise it can start affecting you psychologically in the long run. Remind yourself that you're still 99.9% you, you're just a bit drugged up from that dopamine and pleasurable chemicals, and acne might pop up soon. Doesn't matter, keep going and don't give up. Ever. Took me almost 4 years to get this in control, and each year I was better than the last. Last year i only did it 22 times total. In my first year, i'd do 22 times in a month or 2. Doesn't mean it has to take you that long, just to show you, even for someone as fucked up as me, I kept going at it and overcame it. It's not magic, it's just willpower and replacing bad habits, like not exercising, always staying inside by myself, watching porn, etc. Good luck.