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  1. Masturbation-Acne Experiment (2015–)

    And before you let anyone tell you you're crazy...:
  2. Masturbation-Acne Experiment (2015–)

    Another tip I can give is use these boards as something of a reward for when you're doing well. Back when I started this there were a bunch of active posters in the thread and every time we'd fail we'd come here going "DAY ONE NO MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH" sort of like religious people go to confess their sins at church and ok all is forgiven, but that's BS. In time, I told myself "I will only post if I get to 7 days" then..."I will only post if I get to 14 days" then 21, 28 that helps because you make yourself feel bad for posting here if you've only gone for 3-4 days, sort of like admitting your failure. Some people may say that's fucked up because it associates pleasuring yourself with feeling bad, but personally I don't care, it helps me so I'll use every tool and trick I can come up with. These days when I fail I can tell you I don't feel bad or ashamed just sort of "come on dude, you went for 60 days and now why do you do this, you want to be in 2012-2013 all over again?"...and a week later I'm back on track in full swing. So yeah, dont use these boards as a "DAY 1" each and every time you do it, try to use them as a personal reward instead for when you don't fail for a specific amount of time you choose for yourself. Good luck and remember, delete that porn off your computers and don't even think of searching for it online. Punch a wall instead, the pain will wake you up.
  3. Masturbation-Acne Experiment (2015–)

    Took me 4 years to really keep this under control. First year was a disaster of regrets and "next time"s. Second year was a lot of 2-3 weeks streaks, followed by horrible relapses. Third year were a lot of streaks, a lot less bad relapses, but I'd learned how to orgam without ejaculating, but of course that was just as bad. The hormones going haywire, the guilt, everything was still there. Fourth year (the one I'm in) there were a lot of long streaks, few relapses, and of course over all this time, my acne got better and better, combined with healthy eating and exercise. This summer will mark the end of my fourth year, so hopefully by then, I'll be completely clean. I tracked my percentage of failed days /365 every year, and from my 2nd to 3rd to 4th year, I decreased from like 50% to 20% to <10% of the year when I gave in. When you do it twice a day or more, that counts for more than 1 day btw. As many people have said, one of the most important things is: do not watch porn. Even if you do it, do it without porn. You'll get it under control much faster, or do it a lot less often. Porn not only makes you want to do it more often and makes it hard to stop, it also negatively affects your brain and how you see women subconsciously, how you get arroused when you're with a real woman, and it's just a useless fucking thing for your brain, period. You should be able to fantasize your own fantasies and get arroused, if you have trouble doing that, it means your brain is suffering from porn addiction of one sort or another. Remember, there is no "best" day to start stopping. The 1st of a month, the 31st, New Year's, they're just fucking days on a calendar, they don't mean anything. I used to say "Oh, I'll stop Mondays, first day of the week, oh I'll stop Tuesdays, the same day most MMO servers do their maintenance, it will be like MY maintenance day, lol, oh I'll stop Saturdays, the first day of the weekend etc." BULLSHIT. I failed on ALL THOSE days at one point or another. The best way to start stopping is TODAY, NOW. Just fucking do it.