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  1. ellieaccutane added a comment on a blog entry Day 18   

    Hey, I know what it feels like to have dry flaky skin underneath makeup. And to see other chicks walking around with flawless faces :/
    I know the whole point of accutane is to reduce the oil, but I couldn't bare putting foundation on a dry face so I consulted my derm & I started using an oil based serum primer, only a teeny tiny bit on my bare face before foundation & it works absolute wonders!
    My foundation stays on all day & doesn't flake or get the slightest bit dry at all!
    Just a thought, if the dryness really bothers you, ask your derm about the primer & see what works for your skin (:
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  2. ellieaccutane added a comment on a blog entry Follow Up On Accutane   

    No problem (: that's really good to hear! Hope everything works out & ill be sure to check up every now & then to see how you're going good luck!
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  3. ellieaccutane added a comment on a blog entry Follow Up On Accutane   

    Hey! Good to hear you're on the accutane journey. Yay for clear skin (:

    I've been on it for just over a month & I'm really happy with the results so far. I use a sunscreen and moisturizer specifically for dry skin together on my face & body & my skin isn't dry. It flakes a little in the morning but after a shower it's all gone (:

    For dry lips I was using carmex which worked for the first two weeks but then I switched to a lip balm formulated for severely dry lips by "Dermal Therapy" if you can find it, GET IT! I highly recommend it, my lips have never felt better, even before accutane! It's an amazing product.

    Hope you're doing well & don't let the side effects stress you out, it'll all be well worth it in the end.
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  4. ellieaccutane added a comment on a blog entry Day 12,657 Of Accutane.   

    How annoying it must be to feel like you're almost in the clear & then bang, a million new spots.
    That's how i felt before accutane, i would be clear for a few weeks with maybe one small spot making it's way out of my life then out of nowhere i'd get 2 new ones that would grow to about 8 overnight!! SO FRUSTRATING!

    I've been on accutane for a month now & i had very mild back & chest acne. Maybe 4-5 on my back & 1-2 on my chest. My face, though, is a different story all together. I got it pretty bad on my face, on my consultation day i had about 6-7 really red, sore, inflamed ones & a few ugly, pustule ones scattered in between.

    But they're all pretty much gone now YAY! I still have a stubborn cyst-like thing on my jawline. A bumpy spot on my upper left cheek & what looks/feels like an indented hole on my right cheek. Ughh.

    Still praying that my IB will be kind to me. How was yours? And how much longer have you got to go til you finish your treatment?

    Also, the hair thing. Try dry shampoo during the day. Before you go to bed, rub a small amount of baby powder in your hands & work it into your roots, that should fight off the oil. As for the skin, if you're like me & you wear makeup on a daily, then use a moisturizing lotion made for dry skin after a shower, then use a silicone based primer mixed with a serum or oil based primer. Trust me, it works!
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