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  1. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Month 6 Completed!   

    Thank you!!
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    Month 6 Completed!

    I am so happy to be able to say I no longer have to remember to take two pills a day! This journey has been a long one but completely worth it. After I completed the 6th month, I had about 4 new break outs. Of course at the time this had me extremely worried but I believe it was other conditions that brought this on. It has been about two weeks since I've stopped taking Claravis and for the most part there are no new breakouts. My face and lips are still extremely dry and the scarring is definitely still visible but after seeing my before picture, I can safely say THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

    Looking back at how bad my acne was (not compared to anyone else's), I wish I had begun the treatment years ago! For anyone that may be hesistant starting it based on side effects, every person is different but chances are you will not have a bad reaction other than the minor side effects such as extreme dryness. I have not yet begun putting any topical creams over my entire face, except for on the breakouts. And even then it dries that area out even more! As of right now, I am extremely satisfied with the results and if need be (hopefully not!) I would do this all over again. It was not easy but it was worth it in the long run!
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    Month 6
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    Month 1

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    Month 5 (Completed)
    The 5th month of Accutane was under the generic brand Zenatane and even though the dermatologist said it shouldn't change anything, for me it certainly did. For those of you out there whose pharmacy fills a prescription different than what you've been using, possibly due to change in insurance as was the case with me, you are actually able to request the brand name you've been using. I wish I had known that sooner! I had more breakouts in the 5th month than throughout the whole process! It's definitely been discouraging but slowly its a bit better. When I went in for the 5th month checkup she said to go back to using Claravis. Side effects are still the same-dry lips and skin. I still feel like I'm sweating more than before accutane but then again where I live it's extremely humid and hot so who knows if its from accutane itself. I've noticed redness on my cheeks and the scars seem a little more apparent now. I'm hoping once I go back on to Claravis it'll go back to the improvement I had seen in the prior months. I really hate the thought of doing 7 months if that's even possible. But as of now I am starting my 6th month. Although I rarely breakout I feel that one round of this medication may not be enough. I can only hope by some miracle it'll improve even more by the end of the 6th month!
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  6. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Month 4 (Completed)   

    Did you begin on Zenatane or also switch over? Since switching over I've had two break outs which is more than I've had the whole process! I'm also experiencing dry eyes, was that a side effect for you?

    The redness for me went away somewhere around the 3/4 month. I'm also using a moisturizer by Aveeno (Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer) that has a redness reducer so I'd definitely recommend you try that!

    Let me know how Zenatane works for you!!
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    Month 4 (Completed)
    I want to start this entry but saying something I thought I would never (well in the near future) be able to say. From very early on in month 4 my skin was looking much better! I thought I'd be trying to cover up the leftover scars and redness with makeup. But for the first time in a VERY LONG time, I do not need to put any type of makeup (excluding eye makeup) such as foundation, concealer or makeup powder before leaving the house, even for when I go to class. Granted my face is still extremely dry and tight but the lotion/creme is absorbed almost immediately. I had no crazy side effects and the headaches have subsided. I had seen a youtube video where the girl said for some reason she wasn't able to sweat since taking accutane. Unlike what I saw, I have noticed that sweating is happening a lot easier than it used to. In other words it's more excessive or occurs faster and stronger than I've ever had. Other than that I have no other complaints. The dermatologist said the fifth month which I begin tomorrow, may be my last. She said if any breakouts occur during my fifth month or if I feel like an extra month is necessary that we can go ahead and do a sixth month. My blood results have shown a rise in one of the categories but she said that's normal for the time being. My insurance has switched the generic brand from Claravis to Zenatane. If anyone has had that happen or has taken Zenatane, please let me know if anything in side effects or in your complexion changed (good or bad)!
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  8. Daja19 added a blog entry in Daja19's Blog   

    Month 3 (Completed)
    Today I am officially beginning the fourth month of Accutane. I went to the Dermatologist and was told my skin was progressing each and every time. I asked the doctor if the red spots that look like past pimples would ever go away and she told me something I had no idea could happen. If you see/have these red spots it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to wear sunscreen any time you are going to be exposed to the sun for longer than a few minutes. She explained that if the red spots get sunburned and what not, they will turn into brown spots and those are harder to remove than scars or the red spots would be. The red spots should slowly disappear in the last month of Accutane and afterward completing the treatment. I also asked about the headaches I've been having and she said those are side effects that come with taking Accutane as the water and pressure begin to collect around your brain. She reassured that it's normal but if they become unbearable to stop taking the medicine for a while.
    My skin has definitely cleared up even more from the last month. I've only had one new breakout since then. My skin and lips are still dry but nothing too extreme. Other than that, no other complaints. I can only hope that it just gets better from here and that the headaches subside.
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  9. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Change In Side Effects (Month 3)   

    Hey! No worries, I'm glad to be able to help you! So before I started it was somewhat bad and the first two weeks I was on it I felt like it was getting better. But of course after that it got inflamed again but nothing worse than what I already had going on. I was actually surprised there wasn't a greater breakout of acne while on it. By the second to third month there are rarely any new breakouts if any!
    My skin was VERY flaky at first and felt extremely dry. In my third month now it still feels dry but the flakiness went away after the first month. My lips however are still painfully dry if I don't put anything on them.
    As for products for washing my face I use:
    -Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser http://www.aveeno.co...eAscend&from=fn
    and for moisturizing I use: Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer http://www.aveeno.co...eAscend&from=fn
    The Aveeno moisturizer isn't enough, its moreso a redness reducer with sun screen so after putting that on I use Cetaphil Moisturizing cream coupled with a natural made Serbian cream not sold in the U.S. But as long as you use things dermatologically recommended you should be good! But definitely try the Natural line from Almay. For makeup I use Covergirl+Olay Simply Ageless Foundation because its creamy and has SPF in it as well. After that I'll put on the Bareminerals powder because that proved to be a good product during my acne days as well.
    I hope that helps and if you have any other questions feel free to ask! I also have blogs documenting when I first started to when I finish so when you do start feel free to check those out as well!
    Good luck!
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  10. Daja19 added a blog entry in Daja19's Blog   

    Change In Side Effects (Month 3)
    I have about a week to go before I finish up my third month of Accutane. But this past month I've gotten quite a few headaches. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired and stressed or Accutane heightens it. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced headaches to a greater degree while being on Accutane and if it possibly occured more during the middle of the process?
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  11. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Month 2 Of Accutane   

    Oh, well if I hear or read about something that doesn't irritate skin as much I will definitely let you know!
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  12. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Month 2 Of Accutane   

    I did too but it was always way too expensive but now with working on getting rid of acne, it's worth it. Do you find that the ones you use make it worse? I've been using Olay because it's also a good brand for skin (also not too expensive) but Aveeno or Neutrogena would probably be good as well.
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  13. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Month 2 Of Accutane   

    I've definitely noticed the lack of new pimples forming as well. And if they do, they're gone by the next day. I'm not sure if female cosmetics is strong enough for male skin but try using Aveeno's Calming moisturizer (redness reducer). It really does reduce the redness!
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  14. Daja19 added a blog entry in Daja19's Blog   

    Start Of Month 3
    Today I have officially started my 3rd month of Accutane! I'm pretty excited about it since I've heard that the third month is when you see a bigger improvement. I went to the dermatologist 2 days ago and she had said that my prior blood work showed an increase in something but that this time around it was perfect. I'm thinking it might have been better this time because I hadn't been consistent with taking the medicine for one week. So I would definitely recommend checking in with your dermatologist at each visit and make sure the blood work came in with good results since it seems they don't always tell you everything.

    The back pain is not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I have noticed from the beginning that when I blow my nose blood or rather dried blood will emerge. I talked to my dermatologist and she said that it was perfectly normal and that it was a side effect. As long as it's not full on nose bleeds it's nothing to worry about. I have been taking monthly photos of my skin and after comparing them I can definitely say my pores have minimized. The depth of the scarring is still very obvious in the photos (not so much when I look in the mirror) and I realize Accutane probably won't be able to remove it but I'm hoping it'll not look as bad as it does now.

    Can't wait to see what the end of month 3 will show!
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  15. Daja19 added a comment on a blog entry Month 2 Of Accutane   

    So glad to hear you are seeing more improvement! I was wondering if the scarring from past pimples is still pretty evident? I take before and after pics and even though the pimples are minimizing the depth of the scar kind of blurrs the improvement.
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