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  1. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Day 73 Accutane
    Day 73 Accutane
    So today is my eyes are really dry but i jsut apply artificial tears and my eyes feel better.
    I have been ok break out wise. I Developed a cysts on my tempoals again near my eye brows (corners)

    They usuaully go down then a week later they are back and seem inflammed...
    I will be going to the docotors on June 26 but i expect to be a lott better...

    I am now using a restoring cream from Cetaphil instruced by the derma and i LOVE the cream since i feel like it controls the flakeyness.

    Other than that im doing great!!

    I have not drank bc i really want this to work and i use aquaphor like crazy.;;
    Really miss having normal lips haha

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  2. Omie added a comment on a blog entry Fight Acne Day 152 Accutane   

    So how many days were u on it?!
    I'm now in day 52:)
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  3. Omie added a comment on a blog entry Day 50 On Accutane 40Mg   

    Nice looks like we are about 7 or 8 days apart!
    I have been breaking out around my eyes, middle of my eye brows, sides of eyebrows... it sucks since thats where people look at you when u talk to them so at work i get all shy and embarrassed...

    My lips are dry.. today is the first day that the side of my lip feels like its cracked and thats that i literally bath in aquaphor b4 bed...

    I am on 60 mgs a day...i will get back to you soon
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  4. Omie added a comment on a blog entry Week 6: Day 37 Pictures   

    we are on about the same day, i have no back acne but my face acne looks about the same as yours and my lips too!!!!
    I am on day 37 so i guess you could say we are similar. I hope ur doing good!
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  5. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Day 37 Accutane
    Day 37
    Had my first month visit yesterday, doc says the pills seems to be working great. MY symptoms are super dried lips but aquaphor is helping a lot! I will continue to stay on the alternating dosage of 40 mg one day and 2 (40)mg the second day.
    I am pleased with the results since i am not in much pain right now. I will update on day 49.

    Active: Temporals.
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  6. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Day 34 Of Accutane
    Day 34

    Its day 34 on accutane. My temporals have improved tremendously (when i started taking "the pill" the sides near my eyes broke out)

    I am upset since i broke out with 3 white heads over the past week and are pretty painful.
    It kinda makes me feel good since i haven't seen a white head in ages since
    i am use to getting cyst so i am hoping that means the meds are working properly.

    I have my 1st months visit in two days. I am currently on 40mg 1 day and 2 40mg pills the following day.

    Side Effects.
    Dry Eyes at night.
    Flakey chin!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and red cheeks

    I am currently cleansing my face with Cervae and moisturizing with Cervae am and pm at night.

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  7. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Follow Up
    Day 27:
    I have been less dry, less flakey for sure. I still use the aquaphor like crazy for my dry lips. I can wait as this seems to be working a lot! I'm super happy with the results thus far.
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  8. Omie added a comment on a blog entry Follow Up On Accutane   

    Thanks so much for your reply I appreciate it! I have been breaking out less already and if I do the nodule drys out quickly which is good thanks again ill make sure I get thy product!!
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  9. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Follow Up On Accutane
    Day 20: my temporal acne has dried up, I have a new cyst on my next area that is painful. Dry lips still, 1st derm apt April 24th!
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  10. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Day 17
    My face is pretty dry, I have been flacky near my mouth and chin. My temporals, near my eyebrows is the main area in which I have some tiny bumps...
    Nothing too bad:)
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  11. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Follow Up 2Nd Week
    Day 14
    The only major pimple I have in on the side of my my nose and some near my eyes.
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  12. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Follow Up Accutane.
    Day 14
    The cyst I had on my jawline in gone, dried up so quick!!!
    My face is still dry but nothing unbearable. I have appointment in 2 weeks. Currently taking 40/80 mg. pretty happy so far..
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  13. Omie added a comment on a blog entry Starting   

    yeah i use spf 110.. but my skin is very drying right now
    well its complicated but i have been on monodox, doryx, and they were going to put me on another antibiotic but i ask for accutane...
    i just want to know what i should do when i get dry or get a new cyst....
    this one i have on my jawline hurts a BUNCH!
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  14. Omie added a blog entry in Accutane   

    So i started my Accutane last week 3/25/13 and have been taking 40 mg a day. The doctor said to do a 40mg one day and 2 the next. I didn’t do it the first week so my skin could adapt to the pill so i might do it this week since i feel better. I have one cyst in the back of my jawline which is so irritating! I use Cervae to wash my face morning and night and use the am moisturizer and the pm moisturizer at night. If you all recommend something else id appreciate whatever will help the dryness/redness!

    I am tryingt to show an image....
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  15. Omie added a comment on a blog entry 20Mg Accutane Progress   

    Awesome I just started my treatment last week. Your story helped a lot! Thanks for posting!! My face has been getting so dry!!!! What am moisturizers do you use?
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