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  1. underneath32 added a post in a topic Beyond Past It Now!:( Given Up, Tried It All!   

    Well it seems you have awnsered your own question here- don't eat chocolate or pancakes. You may be able to try a healthier alternative such as fruit for sweet cravings, however you really have to try for yourself and see, as what works for someone else may not work for you. Also, you will need to stick with a diet longer than a week in order to solidify your causes of breakouts. You can do this by keeping a journal of food you have eaten along the way. Don't make the mistake of correlating a certain food to 'one' breakout otherwise you may find yourself starting a never ending list. So long story short, make a journal of what works and what doesn't. All the best
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  2. underneath32 added a post in a topic When Will The Initial Breakout Stop?   

    Its really hard to say, everyones different, just stick it out and try to keep positive in the mean time.
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  3. underneath32 added a post in a topic Lumps On Gums Below Cystic Acne   

    Hi there, I personally haven't heard of lumps on gums contributing to cystic acne, however not to say they aren't correlated. Perhaps its a reaction to toothpaste, not sure? With regards to accutane and dermatologist appointment- take a photo when your acne flares up and tell them your situation. They will be the decider of how much accutane you should take. From what you have explained here 20mg/day may be a ideal amount and i have seen people have a lot of success on this dosage; however this is something that you should talk to your dermatologist about. Lastly if your not happy with your derm, change; I know they are expensive etc however its worth getting good advice, and don't be afraid to ask them lots of questions! All the best
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  4. underneath32 added a post in a topic Accutane Hurting My Erections?   

    See your doctor or GP if this persists. Though i haven't heard of it, it may be the drug or even a placebo effect/ in your head. A ten minute awkward conversation is worth it mate. Go in and talk it out, docs see and hear far worse. All the best
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  5. underneath32 added a post in a topic What Is This   

    Have you have any sun exposure lately? If these persist I would see a dermatologist/ sun spot clinic. Better safe then sorry.
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  6. underneath32 added a post in a topic Should I Visit The Derm?   

    As mentioned previously, the regime offers very specific steps on treating acne, its not just products they provide. If you follow the steps precisely, over time you more than likely get results. As also mentioned you can use products for your local pharmacy, not just the ones on the site. Also once you decide on a treatment, make sure you stick it out up to 8 weeks, otherwise you will have a bathroom cupboard full of products and you will be frustrated and probably made less ground with your skin.

    All the best.
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  7. underneath32 added a post in a topic Help !?! 26 Ye Old Female Broke Out In Acne !   

    Hi, firstly your skin has obviously reacted with your birth control or the inconsistency of your regime. Secondly, as I am not to familiar with birth control, all i can say is that there is a lot of information/articles regarding your situation on this site, so it may help to take a look at these. Lastly, you have really good skin, and only mild acne, all i can say is don't over-aggrevate it by using different over the counter products etc. Keep irritation to a minimum in order to avoid the situation getting any worse. Thats the best advice I can give. All the best.
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  8. underneath32 added a post in a topic Please Help! I Have Severe Acne And I'm Starting To Become Depressed...   

    Okay firstly, everyone can empathise with your situation here. Your are still very young and this will only be a slight setback if you be productive and face this head on. Secondly there are many options advailable to you. I would highly recommend taking a look at the regime and following the processes that have been provided, take a look and see if this will suit you. Also you could go to a dermatologist; and depending on the severity (from what you have explained may be moderate to severe) they will prescribe accutane/isotretion. These are very effective treatments for you however these treatments may have reactions for different people. Lastly, I am telling you now, home remedies such as egg white will not work, don't waste your time; look at what works and what doesn't and make a decision for yourself and what your comfortable with.
    Also don't be afraid to ask your parents for help with a dermatologist, and treatment info; you just need to make the first step. There is nothing wrong with facing problems like this head on; in fact it will make you stronger and more confident in yourself, you will see.

    All the best.
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  9. underneath32 added a post in a topic Mixing Acne Treatments Have Repercussions?   

    BP needs to be used on its own and absorbed by the skin in order to kill acne causing bacteria, mixing any other products with BP will prevent full effectiveness. I would take a look at the regime steps and use some of the methods but incorporate your organic products (if the work for you). However, unfortunately you have to just see for yourself whether it will work for you.

    All the best
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  10. underneath32 added a comment on a gallery image image   

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  11. underneath32 added a post in a topic Face Wash Suggestions?   

    Exfoliant face washes can be good if you can tolerate irritation, however like most of us it just causes unnecessary irritation. A foaming cleanser that is soap free can help prevent irritation and hence new breakouts. I personally recommend the acne org facial wash or Cerave foaming wash. All the best
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  12. underneath32 added a post in a topic Please Help-Need Your Advice   

    Have you looked into the acne org regime yet?
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  13. underneath32 added a post in a topic Mixing Acne Treatments Have Repercussions?   

    Ahh the old trade off between redness and new breakouts; I now exactly what you mean. It can be frustrating having persistent redness from BP, however just keep in mind that this is helping you prevent new breakouts and hence new red marks in the future. I would recommend slowly reducing the amount of BP over a period of time where you are still responding however reducing the BP used. Also with regards to the organic products just make sure they are non comedogenic in order o prevent new breakouts.

    All the best
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  14. underneath32 added a post in a topic Don't Know What To Do   

    It great news that your breakouts have stopped however you need to be patient when it comes to acne scarring and red marks. You really don't want to risk over aggravating your skin and becoming prone to more breakouts. In short, keep it simple, if you have found a regime that has stopped your breakouts keep doing that regime. It is an often occurrence that people may react or breakout to different products so just keep this in mind. Long story short, AHA and BHA are a powerful exfoliants and can be used for red marks when used in a gradual process and a lot of people have had positive results. However, the best treatment for red marks is preventing acne in the future, just consider this before embarking on a new range of products that may potentially aggravate your skin. All the best.
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  15. underneath32 added a post in a topic Razor Recommendation?   

    My recommendation is never to go against the grain, use a two blade razor but don't shave to slowly or quickly just confidently if that makes sense. When the hair grow a bit longer and you get a pimple it may be because the hair follicle is ingrown, mild folliculitis or just irritation. If you need any more recommendations have a look under lifestyle tab- 'shaving'. All the best
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