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  1. Simple dreams added a comment on a blog entry Its So Hard, Too Hard...acne   

    Thank you, Keys17 i think i will try this, yes I tried a lot of things. If truly I recently started to use skin healing soap and aloe vera juice(Looks like it working, but I need time to see results)+from next monts I am going on zinc, vitamin D3 and Collagen(Its more for red acne marks and scars than for acne) with magnesium and selenium. In the last days I understood that if thinking and crying about acne dosnt helps it anymore. I need to be strong coz only I can to fix my face. Thanks again for your comment, it also made me a little bit stronger.
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  2. Simple dreams added a comment on a blog entry Its So Hard, Too Hard...acne   

    And sorry for mistakes, my native language isnt english.
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    Its So Hard, Too Hard...acne
    I was writing such a huge text and the pc just restarted and everything gone, fuck fuck fuck !. Now I will write again but shortly. Acne ruined my life and this shit going further. Its so hard to fight with it, with acne and with feelings. Its so hard to go in the street, its so hard to talk with peole, its so weird to use make up(I am a man, but just cant not to use, its to bad, what is more currently make up is so shit speaking about coverage, I waiting for a dermablend).Almost no friend, no girlfriend, afraid to fall out university(I'm serious) and muh more shity things. If there is such a thing as LIFE then I am death. What I actually do- get up,eat, going to university, going home, eat,TRYING to study,eat, going to sleep. And all over again. If this is the life then I dont need it. I just want to feel free, for me freedom is clear face, if you have it you are the king, many people cant even imagine what they have, its so so weird. Maybe I am wrong,maybe its just another case of severe acne, not a cancer, just acne. But both kills your slowly. Nevermind that acne will go away one day, and cancer can kill you in years or two( I dont know much about it). I am living now, not in the future, where I will have cleat skin and will be free as a bird. Maybe. I started to use antidepressants before some days, I hope it will help me somewhow. I need a person to listen to me and understand. I am male,19,with severe(now) acne(I want to believe moderate to severe in some areas). I thing I need a friend. Write to me, someone, I am human, not a monster inside me, please
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