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  1. Isotretinoin 19M

    Update: Stopped using Isotretinoin because of migraines that didn't go away after days not caused by dehydration. Mainly stopped because of tinnitus although not severe but still worrisome. To this day I still have tinnitus.. No more migraines though. Well bad luck I guess, Wish good luck to others.
  2. Before pics: I remember my first pimple came out when I was still 10 yo, it only became worse after that. I tried several topical creams and also antibiotics without much success, so I decided to try Isotretinoin (Accutane in the US). I'm on a 20mg dosage, 63kg (126 lbs) 178 cm (5 10") Day 1: No visible improvements, feel kinda fatigued and dizzy/light headed. No dryness yet, skin feels smoother. I'm worried about the dizziness as one of the side effects, hopefully it's not something severe. Day 2: Nothing in particular, still feeling dizzy kinda like a pressure in the head. No other side effects like loss of night vision or dryness. Scared of the dizziness, thinking about stopping since I read that it can lead to intracranial pressure.