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  1. A YEAR AND A HALF !!!

    Just amother little update... I cannot believe how long I have been using differin now! Although it is pretty much maintinence for me now. I seem to be clear all month and then BAM PERIOD big ass spot on my chin. And you know what? I am happy with this. Really happy. I am a woman and I have a hormone rollercoaster ride to go on every month so I would say I have normal skin haha! Recently dabbled with BC to see if it would stop this big ass spot coming every month but had to stop after 2 weeks. Apparently estrogen doesn't agree with my body and I ended up spending 2 nights in hospital with suspected blood clots. Thankfully I didn't have any but I ceased using BC straight away and my symptoms stopped so no BC for me!! Just learning to love my monthly friend, might even name it since it reappears in the same spot!
  2. Some questions about differin gel

    Hey, I have been using Differin for a year and a half and I also experienced what felt like millions of tiny bumps a short while into my treatment. Some of these came to be whiteheads, some became papules and some magically just disappeared. Although, in the end, they all went away which is the most important part. Differin in the beginning is very tough from my experience but it has been completely worth it fir me. For the best part of a year I have been what I would call 98% clear - I get one pimple a month at the most. Hope this eases your mind a little and good luck!