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  1. I haven't used the other two but I use Differin. I apply it (pea sized amount for whole face) every night about 20 minutes after cleansing. Leave it on overnight and wash off in the morning. Some people use it every other night and sometimes less just depends on how your skin tolerates it. However, it worries me that your dermatologist gave you no information whatsoever! As for the concealer, some people find it breaks them out, but if you are only wearing it for a few hours and you make sure to take it all off I doubt it would exacerbate your acne much.  Hope any of this has helped and good luck.
  2. Half a year on differin

    Quickest and craziest half year of my life! All in all I am pretty damm clear. I have 2 tiny cloggee pores atm, which are only visible when I have make up on!! BUT my skin quality had improved a lot. Redness reduced A LOT which is amazing and only a teeny tiny improvement on scars but I know thats gonna be ages yet.   Overall, I am still pretty damn happy with my skin right now!
  3. Question about Retin A

    Really either way would be ok in my opinion. You're only supposed to use it at night because of photosensitivty issues. However, youre going to sleep in the mornings (and I presume covered from natural or any light) so I would just pick whatever's easier personally.
  4. First POST! Advice on Differin gel

    Theres always gonna be the lucky people who clear up quick and/or avoid a bad initial breakout. I deffo know what you mean about being discouraged. When I got my IB I took a week off work and sat and read EVERY post on Differin in this forum, in hindsight it was a bit too far haha.  Wish you lots of luck and hope it works out for you!
  5. First POST! Advice on Differin gel

    Hey I would totally continue as I have been there. I was breaking out all the way to week 11 and by week 16/17 I was clear and still am just now and I am on week 22! Obviously everyone is different and there always is the chance Differin won't be right for you BUT I think you have come this far so may as well try and ride it out a bit longer as it may be the fixer upper for you! I do think it's a 'good' sign that you think everything is surfaced as sadly it all has to come out to get better. I know by week 8 I had way worse acne than I did before I started.
  6. Week 22

    Still no acne :) But still got baaaad PIH and lots of shallow scarring. Do I think come New Year I will start looking into ways to combat these? Hopefully! Truthfully I cannot wait for this year to be over. I have lost my grandmother to breast cancer and my mum just got diagnosed last week. Good thing being it seems to have been caught early and she's now recovering post surgery & waiting to start her radio & chemotherapy. But it puts my skin worries into perspective and I have definitely learned to be a lot less preoccupied with my skin in a short space of time. And I have found when I stop constantly staring at my face and looking for bumps under a flashlight I can truly see just how far I have come.
  7. Aczone and Differin

    I think Im an oddball I have read so many people get super oily on differin but I got really dry lol! I stopped breaking out around week 10 and it only got better from there. I still have a ton of marks, but of course theyre gonna take way longer to clear! Think I was TOTALLY clear around week 16? If you get a spare couple of minutes check out my blog for specifics if you like  but yeah sometimes I get a tinyy clogged pore but it goes away whilst I sleep so I dont count them haha! I hope you get some results too, I always fobbed off topicals as I have been on accutane twice so didnt think theyd ever work.
  8. Aczone and Differin

    I cant speak for Aczone as I have never used it but I can speak for Differin! I would think it's definitely initial breakout. On my week 3 I had about 30+ zits and bumps on either side of my face and felt like giving up but I have just completed 20 whole weeks and been acne free for 9 weeks. It's tough but I would try and soldier on until youre at least at week 12 to gauge whether it's IB or just not working for you. Good luck!!
  9. Roaccutane - 2nd Course Advise - Results

    Hi! My first course cleared me for a good few years and like you I started getting bad again. I finally, after 6 months -as you say NHS!, got my second course last year and finished it in April of this year. For me personally, it cleared me of cysts, nodules etc and generally it worked! I stayed clear for 3 months. I was advised to start a topical for the upkeep but never used it straight away. Sadly, after those 3 months I started breaking out in loads of closed comedones so started using it, I picked Differin. 4 months down the line I am clear again and will continue using Differin lol! Side effects for me personally were actually not as bad second time round I only got the sore cracked lips. However, on my first go I had the dry skin, sore joints, the full lot. Overall, I say go for it if you feel it's best. If the day ever came where I would have to go on a third course I would probably do it because it does work! But maybe having a topical for maintenence is great idea too. Topicals never used to work for me but I think this time it has truly set me on the path to being 'cured'. I think going private is a great idea too because those 6 months waiting on my NHS referral made my skin go from moderate to severe.
  10. Screenshot_2015-11-27-22-10-53.png

    I think thats my plan haha! I have no idea how good it will work out but I am definitely continuing differin even though im clear so fingers crossed. And thank you!
  11. Screenshot-2015-11-27-22-11-09.png

    From the album My skin

    Week 21 of differin. What can I say?
  12. Screenshot_2015-11-27-22-10-53.png

    From the album My skin

  13. 20151116-112315.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Week 19 of Differin. Still clear! But alas, still dry as a desert.
  14. 20151116-112311.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Again week 19 of differin. This side of my face hasnt looked this good in 10 years and I wish that were an overstatement but its not haha!
  15. Week 19.

    The blogs are getting few and far between but I am forever present on this website. I'm still using my same routine of benzoyl peroxide in the morning and differin at night.  And guys... I am still clear. Like scary clear. Even after 2 courses of roaccutane I wasn't this clear so please please please don't give up just because accutane hasn't worked for you!