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  1. Aczone and Differin

    I think Im an oddball I have read so many people get super oily on differin but I got really dry lol! I stopped breaking out around week 10 and it only got better from there. I still have a ton of marks, but of course theyre gonna take way longer to clear! Think I was TOTALLY clear around week 16? If you get a spare couple of minutes check out my blog for specifics if you like  but yeah sometimes I get a tinyy clogged pore but it goes away whilst I sleep so I dont count them haha! I hope you get some results too, I always fobbed off topicals as I have been on accutane twice so didnt think theyd ever work.
  2. Aczone and Differin

    I cant speak for Aczone as I have never used it but I can speak for Differin! I would think it's definitely initial breakout. On my week 3 I had about 30+ zits and bumps on either side of my face and felt like giving up but I have just completed 20 whole weeks and been acne free for 9 weeks. It's tough but I would try and soldier on until youre at least at week 12 to gauge whether it's IB or just not working for you. Good luck!!
  3. Roaccutane - 2nd Course Advise - Results

    Hi! My first course cleared me for a good few years and like you I started getting bad again. I finally, after 6 months -as you say NHS!, got my second course last year and finished it in April of this year. For me personally, it cleared me of cysts, nodules etc and generally it worked! I stayed clear for 3 months. I was advised to start a topical for the upkeep but never used it straight away. Sadly, after those 3 months I started breaking out in loads of closed comedones so started using it, I picked Differin. 4 months down the line I am clear again and will continue using Differin lol! Side effects for me personally were actually not as bad second time round I only got the sore cracked lips. However, on my first go I had the dry skin, sore joints, the full lot. Overall, I say go for it if you feel it's best. If the day ever came where I would have to go on a third course I would probably do it because it does work! But maybe having a topical for maintenence is great idea too. Topicals never used to work for me but I think this time it has truly set me on the path to being 'cured'. I think going private is a great idea too because those 6 months waiting on my NHS referral made my skin go from moderate to severe.
  4. Screenshot_2015-11-27-22-10-53.png

    I think thats my plan haha! I have no idea how good it will work out but I am definitely continuing differin even though im clear so fingers crossed. And thank you!
  5. Screenshot-2015-11-27-22-11-09.png

    From the album My skin

    Week 21 of differin. What can I say?
  6. 20151116-112315.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Week 19 of Differin. Still clear! But alas, still dry as a desert.
  7. 20151116-112311.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Again week 19 of differin. This side of my face hasnt looked this good in 10 years and I wish that were an overstatement but its not haha!
  8. Week 19.

    The blogs are getting few and far between but I am forever present on this website. I'm still using my same routine of benzoyl peroxide in the morning and differin at night.  And guys... I am still clear. Like scary clear. Even after 2 courses of roaccutane I wasn't this clear so please please please don't give up just because accutane hasn't worked for you!  
  9. 20151030-002829.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Differin week 16. Very tomato faced here but CLEAR, I swear the flash makes it worse. I should learn to take pics during the day hahaha. Got what I THOUGHT was a spot near my eye but I remember scratching my face so its a cut. When will differin stop making my face fragile?!!
  10. 20151030-002823.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Differin week 16. All good still. Still tomato faced haha.
  11. The Differin Diaries

    Honestly it wasnt as bad as its been in the past. After 2nd course of accutane I gaimed mostly comedones with occasional papules. I have no idea of my cause! Dont think it was hormonal as my period never caused too much more and food wise I completely cut out dairy but slowly introduced cheese back cause I love it lol and it hasn't caused any more acne either. Its a mystery I guess lol! Yeah all my purging happened at once and slowly tapered off. I still get the odd microscopic lump under my skin but it goes before it turns into anything bigger. That really sucks that youre 3 months in and no improvements. Are you gonna stick with it any longer?
  12. 20151019-235424.jpg

    Thank you! Struggling quite a bit still. But it's solely located on my chin and I don't use any treatment there which I have always found rather weird.
  13. The Differin Diaries

    Hey, just a little update! I am fast approaching 4 months using Differin and nearly 2 months of clear skin and my dermatologist discharged me from the clinic today! She was actually asotunded how well my skin reacted to Differin, wasn't expecting such great results because not even 2 courses of Accutane cleared me! I am sooo happy to continue using Differin forever if I have to lol. I still have pretty dry skin I can't lie but I can combat that WAY easier than lots of acne. Seen the first signs of PIH reduction in the last week or so as well. I hope everyone else is having good results? Attached a pic of me right now, I am wearing no foundatiom, concealer etc. Never thought my skin would look this good, still can't believe it!!!!
  14. Yipeeeee! Guys. My skin has been CLEAR for nearly TWO months. Not one bump. Not one papule. This is crazy. Just literally walked out from hospital with a repeat prescription for more differin and officialy discharged from dermatology. I don't know how to feel?!  Still continuing my routine for as long as it works but I am so elated!
  15. 20151019-235424.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Week 15 of Differin. Been 100% clear for way over a month and seeing a lot of PIH improvement.  However, my face is SCARLET. I do wonder if it's because I use BP even though I am clear. It's pyschological maybe?
  16. 20151019-235411.jpg

    From the album My skin

    Once again week 15 of Differin. Not as red on this side of my face and also major reductions in PIH. And yep, still completely clear. Never thought a topical could yield these great results.
  17. Still fighting extreme dryness

    Halfway through week 14 of differin and acne.org regimen and I am STILL clear. Must be a month (or more) by now?! However, I am still battling horrible dryness around my mouth. I don't get it because I use no kind of topicals anywhere near my mouth. I only cleanse and moisturise here. Anyone else experienced this? Attached a picture. Yoy can't see it too well, but it's the lighter patched and you can see some of the flakes.
  18. Week 13 of Differin update.

    Helloooo. So I am still 99% clear. I have two tiny bumps only visible under bright light but I am trying not to worry. It's been two days and they haven't gotten any bigger, which is usually a good sign. Wanting to put it down to stress from work. Half of my staff are leaving and I have been put on ridiculous shifts. Also, because of my shift pattern I only had Differin on my face for 5 hours the other night. Still struggling to find an amazing moisturiser that doesn't make me worry I am gonna be flaking half way through the day. But overall things still seem to being okay, however I am going to ask my derm about getting tretinion on it's own. Can't wait to see her, it's been three whole months without seeing one!
  19. I have been on it twice. First time I was clear for about 3 years. Second time I was clear for about 3 MONTHS. Hope you have a way better experience
  20. It's definitely worth a shot going on a second course, if that's what you want, especially since you had your first course so young. A second course can do the trick for a lot of people. For me, personally the second course did not "cure" me but afterwards I have not had one cyst and only experienced clogged pores & am now clear from using Differin. Put it this way my derm told me out of all the second courses she has personally prescribed only a handful of people (including myself) have had to try a different route again. I honestly think your derm shouldn't be hesitant with giving you what you want as you may not have the worst acne in the world but you have had it for years, tried all sorts of treatments and it is clearly getting you very upset - this is enough criteria to fulfill your request.
  21. Dating With Acne

    I started dating my now fiance when I had cystic acne. He's ridiculously good looking, gets like 1 pimple a year and I never thought I had a chance. Everyone in my work had a crush on him but for some insane reason he chose me - the girl with cystic acne. But 6 years later we're soon to be married! There's always going to be people that are complete bad eggs and hate and bully people with acne but there are also people who really don't care that much how bad someone's skin is, and sadly sometimes we find out the hard way who is worth talking to. Both in a friendship and a relationship way. I only found this out when I hit rock bottom. I would hide myself away and never speak up for myself, completely shy and awkward until one day I dunno what happened I just snapped and was like 'Nah, only I get to affect myself'. In school I never really got bullied for my acne(more for my glasses) but one really charming guy said to me "If you had a pound for every zit you had youd be a millionaire". I snapped and pointed out one of his flaws and he never said anything to me ever again. That's the day I realised bullies do what they do because for some reason or other they are totally insecure. Any other time I just called out bullies buy saying "I feel sorry for you" it completely confused them lol. As for your friends, if they are TRULY your friends they will STILL be your friend. Acne or no acne. You are still the same great person!! Sorry for the big wall of text and if I haven't helped at all! But I wish you lots of luck on your accutane course
  22. So. I Did 12 Weeks Of Differin.

    This feels weird. I had to spend a week deciding whether I had the courage to start this but it's flew in. Week 1 through 4 was hell. My face was a riot, and that's an understatement. Both my cheeks erupted like a million volcanoes which weren't even that big. But there were so many of them, nearly every pore was clogged. Had another breakout on week 6. Then one pimple a week until week 9. I have been clear since then. My skin texture is still dry, a bit red and had small episodes of flaking but I think that's more from using BP as spot treatment. Now I am unsure how to continue. I am definitely continuing a topical. I could carry on Differin or I could start using the Treclin (Ziana for you USA folks) I was prescribed last time I was at the derm. Which is, tretinoin and clindamycin. Differin is working for me for sure BUT I am thinking could the Treclin improve my skin texture(dryness) issues? Will really need to think this through! If any of you have transistioned from differin to tretinoin after 12+ weeks for reasons other than acne PLEASE let me know - good or bad!
  23. Happy Birthday To Me!

    And really, I have the best birthday present ever. I have been fully clear for 3 weeks. God bless differin!
  24. Derm 5 % Bp Or 10%?

    Definitely start with the 5% and use sparingly to avoid irritation. Personally, I would never use the 10%. I found out from this website that the weaker strengths are just as effective but with obviously less irritation. Just take it easy and slowly build up. As for cleansers I wouldn't know as I feel they're a bit hokum as it's on your face for seconds so how can it help? I may be wrong but thats just my opinion on BP cleansers Good luck!