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  1. Screenshot-20160922-194551.png

    From the album My skin

    14 months on Differin with make up(obviously) Make up used to sit on my face and accentuate every scar and zit. Now I still have scars but thanks to Differin my skin is somewhat smoother and make up actually is a dream to apply that I am not covering massive cysts!
  2. 14 months of differin. Wow.

    Heyyy! Just another long overdue update from me. Id love to update more but half the time there's nothing to report and sometimes I feel when I use this website *too* much I become obsessed with my skin and I am trying to break that habit. Basically been 14 months since I started my last ditch effort - Differin. I have made the decision to start cutting down on how much I use now. I never, ever used a 'pea sized' amount (bad - I know!) and recently I used a full 45mg tube in less than a month... Which is bloody ridiculous considering I am as clear as I feel is possible. So I think I am a wee bit dependant on it. Tonight marks my first night of cutting down. I used a pea and a half worth on my face and I am nervous as hell. Surely it won't break me out using less than I am now accustomed too?! Attached a couple of pics to show where I am at now. Had my first proper pimple in over a year a few weeks ago and as you can see the pigmentation is still there - yikes! I am also hoping the smaller dosage of Differin will decrease my tomato face!!!!
  3. Are these scars?

    Really? I see lots of raised bumps just under both sides of my lips, it's hard to capture. Maybe this is a better picture
  4. Are these scars?

    I've had some of these 'bumps' for a while(some, I think, are newer) and now I don't have acne anymore they've become very noticeable to me. They are flesh coloured and smooth to the touch. I have been using Differin on them for one week (I've been using it on my cheeks for 1 year) and maybe two or three of these bumps have gotten bigger but not inflamed. When I stretch my skin out most of them disappear which makes me think that this isn't clogged pores or closed comedones or anything, but I might be wrong. Also in some lights they're basically invisible so overall I am generally confused, but I think it could be scarring because of how long I have had a few of these bumps. Has anyone else had similar?
  5. Hey so I have been using Dans regimen / Differin at night for a year TO THE DAY! Overall I have had amazing results, my cheeks are clear, my nose is clear, my forehead crystal clear and had amazing scar and pigmentation reduction, amazing right? Howeverrr, over the past couple of weeks I have had a strange resurgence of.. something? on my chin. I am not sure what these bumps are, but they're so unsightly. When I run my hand across my chin I cannot feel anything, it feels smooth and when I stretch my skin out all but 2 or 3 of these bumps disappear. Anyone experienced similar that can help me identify what is going on? Ignore the big line through my chin that's just one of my ugly ass acne scars from when it was cystic. May I add it was a struggle to even take this picture as in most lights it's completely invisible, but definitely there,
  6. From the album My skin

    Has anyone ever experienced a breakout like this? Been on differin a year to the day and been clear for half a year but now woke up to this monstrosity. I have no idea what they are? My gut instinct is clogged pores but when I stretch them out most of them go away???
  7. Typical, will I ever be happy?

    A year to the day since I began Differin and I am now battling a full blown breakout on my chin. HOORAY... Got 3 active and a whole load of clogged pores, bumps, who knows? I have no idea what's brought this on as I have changed absolutely nothing about my routine and overall I am a happier person mentally and physically than I have been in YEARS. To be quite honest I never used Differin on my chin, only BP on the odd spot I would get. I am now on Day 3 of using it on my chin, so kinda hoping this is some sort of initial breakout. It feels like every pore is clogged and looks disgusting to be quite honest. I know some of the appearence is scarring but I have never seen my chin look so congested in my life. It sounds over dramatic but I can feel the anxiety building up again, are we every truly free from acne? Doesn't feel like it right now. From the photos it doesn't seem like much but it's hard to capture them in natural light.
  8. Differin - 1 year later

    So it has been ONE YEAR since I started using Differin PM/BP in the AM... To cut a long story short I think it's amazing still. I have had ZERO papules, whiteheads, big massive cysts since October 2015. NONE AT ALL. 98% of the time I have crystal clear skin but every now and then I get a group of clogged pores on my cheeks or chin but to most people there invisible. In fact to mark my Differin anniversary my skin has been SO KIND to me and given me about 10 clogged pores on my chin hahaha! Attached a photo of me took today without make up (the mascara is semi permanent and brows are Wunderbrow [amazing btw] to mark how far I have come. Basically my only problems now is dry skin and the comedone flare ups, I try to stay positive and remember that for the past 10 years I would have killed for skin like this, even if it's not perfect.