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  1. 1 year 10 month update :)

    Yes but it took a lot of time I am afraid. Obviously this is just my personal experience but it took best part of a year to get my marks to die down to unnoticeable levels, however I am realllly pale so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it?!
  2. 1 year 10 month update :)

    For those who want to know I have been using Differin cream and BP. By accident of the pharmacy I am now using Differin gel apparently. I'll use this tube and see how it goes. First impressions are good. My skin feels leas dry and flakey but I don't know if that's from the gel (unlikely) or starting to use Cetaphils moisturiser. I heard everyone rave about Cetaphil but it's so hard to come by in the UK but my local drugstore has started stocking it and I am in LOVE!!! Here's a little photo update, my skin feels and looks so healthy instead of red and scarred. MASSSIVE icepick scar reduction on my cheeks has happened, only a few are visible even in bright light. Didn't think Differin wpuld get rid of them but I am over the moon. Got a couple of teeny closed comedones on my chin, only visible when I stretch the skin out but I would rather they would surface so I can get rid haha!
  3. Differin gel/cream

    Hi, I have been on Differin CREAM for nearly 2 years now and basically just use it for maintenence -I have been pretty clear for over a year now. I filled my script for it and picked it up, obviously assuming it was right as it said cream on my script. However, just went to use it and I have been given the GEL. Basically, apart from maybe my skin getting a little irritated from it will I have any chance of any untoward side effects if I just use it, any ideas?