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  1. Screenshot-20160922-194551.png

    From the album My skin

    14 months on Differin with make up(obviously) Make up used to sit on my face and accentuate every scar and zit. Now I still have scars but thanks to Differin my skin is somewhat smoother and make up actually is a dream to apply that I am not covering massive cysts!
  2. 14 months of differin. Wow.

    Heyyy! Just another long overdue update from me. Id love to update more but half the time there's nothing to report and sometimes I feel when I use this website *too* much I become obsessed with my skin and I am trying to break that habit. Basically been 14 months since I started my last ditch effort - Differin. I have made the decision to start cutting down on how much I use now. I never, ever used a 'pea sized' amount (bad - I know!) and recently I used a full 45mg tube in less than a month... Which is bloody ridiculous considering I am as clear as I feel is possible. So I think I am a wee bit dependant on it. Tonight marks my first night of cutting down. I used a pea and a half worth on my face and I am nervous as hell. Surely it won't break me out using less than I am now accustomed too?! Attached a couple of pics to show where I am at now. Had my first proper pimple in over a year a few weeks ago and as you can see the pigmentation is still there - yikes! I am also hoping the smaller dosage of Differin will decrease my tomato face!!!!