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  1. Again the idea of nutritional balancing is to regulate all minerals in the body to adequate levels, however this cant be achieved by taking, for example a copper supplement to increase copper, all mineral levels are linked together and effect each other. Here is a great document from a man who had spent most of his life researching these patterns and ratios, instead of a bunch of people on the internet with no extensive qualifications at all in terms of health. http://freedom-school.com/health/healthview-newsletter-27-29.pdf
  2. Taking a copper only supplement seems to be to harrowing for the body when it is depleted or obviously in excess. Other minerals need to be balanced at the same time, primarily zinc. This is the general idea of nutritional balancing anyway. I haven't taken ALA yet however I know its beneficial for anyone wanting to reduce the consequences of any toxic burden, I discovered it through a post on reddit about MDMA supplementation. A short term solution for fatigue/brain fog is to take l-tyrosine and dl-phenylalanine to increase serotonin / dopamine as copper or lack thereof prevents normal neurotransmitter levels.
  3. When copper becomes stored in toxic quantities the body becomes both deficient and overburdened with it, in its toxic form. This is known as having no bio available copper for the body to utilize. About 6 months ago I was in Croatia and for some reason I ordered about 30 mussels for myself as I had no idea what I was reading, anyway, for the next 7 hours I had incredible clarity and was basically able to function at 100% again rather than at 30% like normal. Mussels are incredibly high in bio-available copper. Hair tests can often not show a copper toxicity however through careful analysis of other minerals present in the soft tissue, its status can be assumed. The approach I'm taking is to go down the nutritional balancing path with a few of my own additional supplements like alpha lipoic acid and various methylation donors while working on my diet to reduce copper, sugar and other antagonists. This might not be for everyone but there has been a few testimonials from those suffering very similar effects from propecia who have apparently seen improvements using nutritional balancing.
  4. @tryingtohelp2014 Here's a great podcast that thoroughly describes methylation and then the relationship it has with copper, yes copper perhaps being a repercussion of undermethylation, yet a definite inhibitor of further methylation itself. "There are parallel systems and there are interlocking systems. Indirectly, what copper can do is that can actually chelate or tie up very helpful elements in the system that are necessary in support of methylation." From what this Doctor has explained, a total dietary approach has to to be undertaken in order to restore methylation, and this includes restoring the bodies balance of nutrients, what nutritional balancing seeks to achieve. Perhaps this isn't the the most accurate way by itself but it sure seems like its working in the right direction. Have a listen, https://liveto110.com/?powerpress_pinw=24833-podcast   02:28 About Dr. Albert Mensah and Mensah Medical 05:28 Copper Dysregulation 07:07 Methylation and its Role in Detoxification 11:39 Methylation and Genetics 12:46 How Methylation is Affected by Stress 15:13 Methylation’s Effect on Detox Ability 21:37 Overmethylation 25:09 Tests to Detect Overmethylation 26:25 Undermethylation 30:11 Treatment Approach for Undermethylation 33:13 Priorities in Treatment Approach 35:05 Effect of Copper and Other Minerals on Methylation 41:35 Copper Toxicity and Dysregulation 53:02 Mensah Medical Clinics  
  5. I suppose this issue effects everyone differently, and while your copper might be low, others could be higher. My copper was higher in 2013 when I had first taken the test, way out of what the lab considered normal anyway, and now yet again it still has stayed high. Ive read a lot of info on copper toxicity and while I understand we want to tailor what we read to our beliefs I still will go down the road of getting rid of copper. 'tryingtohelp' what have you done so far in improving methylation?
  6. Well thats good news then, however I think these two approaches need to go hand in hand to be able to make real progress. A valid point raised by many in the nutritional balancing field is that imbalances in the body do not happen over night, and need consistent and long term treatments in order to restore health. While improving methylation defiantly seems like the right steps for those affected by accutane, Im sure a balanced body would defiantly not hinder any progress.
  7. It seems a copper toxicity stunts methylation processes. At the same time when I take a bio-available zinc supplement my energy levels literally pick up like they haven't done in 4 or so years (since I took my course of accutane). Probably not the answer for everyone but this is the path I'm venturing down and will keep anyone interested updated on this forum throughout the course of it. The aim of this nutritional balancing is to bring the body to a balance instead of just introducing supplements here and there and hoping that they work. I am using an Australian practitioner now who is listed on Dr. L. WIlson's website, a man who is a wealth of knowledge in terms of balancing the body. I beleive this is the way forward and while it might seem like quackery, after listening to his dedication on YouTube videos and reading articles on his website you really have to give the guy credit for bringing an straightforward approach to this side of healing. Ive found a lot of holistic practitioners out there are just some sort of health conscious hippy type who care not for taking an objective approach to normal medicine, rather they semi-believe in what they are doing.  Anyway, seeing as my practitioner has jumped straight into methylation, it would seem he's got the right idea at least.  
  8. Has anyone made any solid progress going down the methylation pathway? I've just contacted a practitioner who specialises in mineral analysis, have had a test done and it seems I am incredibly high in copper. He has suggested detoxing this out through zinc and a few other supplements and at the same time working on methlaytion pathways using a supplement called TMG. My guess is that for each of us who has suffered from accutane we have each had undermethylation as a genetic fault. This prevented our livers from being able to detox the accutane properly. And previously why we had such bad skin as our livers could not detox anything properly hence the acne. From there I believe the accutane stored in the liver caused a estrogen dominance which concurrently increased copper. Copper is known to causes a whole bunch of symptoms, including what I awoke to this morning bleeding gums. This was a result of the antagonistic effect it has on vitamin c, resulting in some form of scurvy in my case. ( my diet as of late has been shocking and I have not had a nutritious meal in quite a few days, at least not what I should be having as I am constantly so depleted. )                        - I have multiple symtpoms here that link up to copper toxicity and a general vitamin / mineral deficiency but what ever. This copper toxicity coupled with a still poor methlaytion cycle is what I beleive is causing all these problems in us. I havent read this thread in a long time, only the last few pages but who has done what in terms of methylation and perhaps copper/hair mineral analysis? Here are my results btw .