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  1. Hey, Probably best that I check in as I think Im pretty much done with this page now. To recap, I took accutane when I was 19, at the end of 2011 and after 3 months developed a variety of negative repercussions. Terrible stammer, forming sentences was nearly impossible, I remember thinking somedays, 'ok, today will be the day when I don't trip over my words at least 5 times, and that would rarely happen, I sounded stupid af. Short/long term memory loss. Remembering events from school and how to complete simple tasks was painful. I always lost my keys or found myself freezing on the spot, trying to remember what I was doing. 0 Libido. Chasing girls had no relevance to my life. While before accutane, being 18 and able to drink and party, this was all I was doing. Depression. everything sucked basically, not very attractive to friends let alone girls. Anxiety. Would start to feel cold around people, start shaking, I found it hard to have a smooth breathing pattern, always nervous sort of. ED.Possibly from the anxiety but even alone in my room I suffered. Mostly, and while it didnt happen often, in bed with a girl was impossible. Bleeding gums. At first all I had to do was suck on my gums and it was like turning on a tap. After a few years, only after brushing. Brain fog. Really confused trying simple tasks, people would say 'space cadet'. Chronic flatulence. Always, was weird. Eye floaters Apathy Dry skin Itchy scalp particularly Muscle aches Still had acne Insomnia for a few months Twitching muscles There's probably a lot more things i've forgotten, but basically my life sucked. Ive tried many things though. The biggest perhaps being: -Nutritional balancing program for about a year. -Saunas every day or thereabouts, mostly with coffee enemas while massaging my liver, again for about a year. -Mannnny supplements, focus on anything to boost dopamine and serotonin. -About 7 months of PMO reboot. -Gym 5 days a week for 6 months. -Had, like most hundreds of blood tests with little to no results. -Did have low testosterone at the start, so took 2 shots for that. -lots of other weird shit. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where Im at now: I would say ive pretty much fully recovered. Mentally I am in a great place, there are no problems I have to deal with in terms of emotions, anxiety etc. I find it easy to learn (at uni) and am passionate about meeting new people, getting with girls, events, music, laughing etc. I have recovered from all the listed sides except eye floaters and dry skin, but that's really not a big deal. To be fair I got hit with mostly mental sides and so its understandable to be able to heal from those, but It wasnt easy, in fact my life was super shit for a good 4 years. I still have problems digesting fat though, but yeah more or less Im ok. I hope others recover, its amazing how good life can be, and what opportunities and incredible moments present them self to you when your world isnt chaotic and you aren't suffering. I wont go on here, could get deep but nah. Hope this helps someone