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  1. First of all. Try and read the thread. It might takes days, even a week but you'll learn a thing or two. Look into hair transplants, may be what you need unfortunately.
  2. Results from hydrogen/methane test. Bit confused as to why it says i tested positive for SIBO in regards to Glucose, and yet the conclusion is that I don't have it, will email them back today. Frustrating trying to work out where all these liver issues come from and how they can be tested and managed. How is it that accutane can completely disrupt bile production? Ive tried kickstarting it/dumping it with a bile-expelling agent for 2 weeks and achieved nothing, perhaps I will try this for as long as I can and at the highest dosage I can tolerate.
  3. And yet my liver function tests returned normal results, as do many who suffered accutanes aftermath? How many flushs/CE's have you done? Id love to see results from anyone who has completed 30+ flushes, hundreds of CE's, herbs and every possible attempt to restore liver and even gallbladder health.
  4. Eating less fat for me didn't do much. At first I thought I had discovered something, maybe NAFLS, however liver function tests seemed to disprove this. Now I'm testing for SIBO, and a lactose intolerance. Primarily interested in GUT health at the moment. Yet, I have taken allochol, a Russian made bile stimulant that according to what I've read and watched is meant to trigger huge bile dumps. I've taken 8 tablets a day for over 2 weeks now and had no reaction?? Bile flow or the gallbladder is defiantly a key factor in our diminished health. Have also read a study from 2011 I beleive that links accutane to jump starting a gluten intolerance. So will test for that next. When I consume large amounts of gluten I have considerably noticeable symptoms
  5. Can second this. Although I made a two week trip to Thailand during the wet season where it was ridiculously humid. Would sweat all during the day. I was still getting small pimples on my face since finishing accutane in 2012 and this trip was last year. So sweated a tonne and after that trip I haven't had more than two pimples on my face. Perhaps it was just good timing but I felt at the time I was sweating something out. I have saunas up to 3 times a week now and have done for over a year.
  6. Little update: Awhile ago I posted that I was going to start taking Allochol, a herbal assortment pressed into a tablet which is known for dumping bile, Its popularin Russia/Ukraine and among bodybuilders apparently. I took 8 of these tablets a day, for 2 weeks with no dramatic results as Ive read its meant to make you dump bile quite intensely. However, know I have noticed that when I do consume a lot of fat in my diet, my gums (yep gross) don't bleed, and this was a consistent pattern after fat/alcohol or worse with both. So ive ordered another 3 packets, that should give me around 2.5 weeks on the stuff. Its a simple theory, but accutane obviously can cause dramatic damage to the liver, this product can attempt to reverse that. Perhaps a fatty liver + 5ari are the pinpointed roots here. Anyway, this is just what Ive been thinking about lately.
  7. Yes have had the breathing problem you describe. For me it felt like I could never have a relaxed inhale and exhale, it was interrupted by quick little gasps for air. Weird. It went away last year sometime
  8. Bad, very bad. Before accutane it was crazy. After, I didnt even think about women, and when I had the opportunity, it didnt work. Had spikes in my libidos return, 30 days was good, then it dropped again. I took breaks in between, new girlfriend etc, no GF, newer GF etc etc. Its fine now, Id say normal, Im sure Its come back over the years anyway, the PMO reboot just sped it up. Yeah I used dl-phenyalanine and L-tyrosine as I read they could recover dopamine pathways. A few times I felt pressure at the front of my head, which I had read other forum members discuss being these new dopamine pathways being built. Not sure if thats true, doesnt seem likely, idk, but it happened and as of now my libido game be strong. _____________________________ On a side note, perhaps this will help people.. If you save the url as a boomark with 'page=1000' at the end, it will always load the last page. Works with an iphone using Safari too, just go into aeroplane mode, edit the url to 'page=1000' and save it to homescreen. Kinda nifty
  9. Yeah I did about 180 days in total. That brought back my libido. However libido wasn't the worst for me out of my symptoms.