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  1. Yes it sucks but being dead isn't great either. Try a PMO reboot for Atleast 6 months. Perhaps take some dl-phenylalanine and egcg as I beleive it can rebuild dopamine pathways. That should get your libido back. But it has to be a commitment. And yeah i recovered my libido and ed. As for personality, that can come back with increased vitality, gym can help. I'm on a nutrional balancing program and that's helped.
  2. Loooool, you must have been cooked going in
  3. The side effects that persist that I know of are digestive/ liver issues, joint pain, eye problems, depression, secual dysfunction and suicide which is permanent. Once you have a suicide attempt that stays on your record and good luck getting life insurance at a decent rate. Not to mention any doctor who sees your history may label you as a whack job in the back of their mind. If it's an attempt then you're doing it wrong
  4. Could someone recap on the 5ari theory. I thought accutane had already a achieved this, how could inhibiting it further reduce symptoms ?
  5. How many here have tested DHT levels. When I went to an endocrinologist a few years ago she said she could test it, but usually its inaccurate, so never did.
  6. The liver flush idea came about because of the stress accutane puts on the liver in the first place. Choleostatis prevents bile flow and therefore is associated to familiar side effects of accutane. From anecdotal reports, liver flushes may reduce these blockages and increase vile flow. There used to be a video of someone claiming to have cured his accutane side effects by trying around 15 or so I think. Maybe it works for some and maybe it doesn't, but one should Atleast try. They are simple to do and cheap. Ive done 8 now. Can't say I feel hugely better. But in the last 2 years I have come a long way. They may have cured my existing acne as that stopped around the same time as my 5th or 6th. Either way, no regrets even if I try another 8 more.
  7. Just received my Allochol tablets. After a good amount of research online there doesn't seem to be too many reports of severe side effects. The tablets seem to be made of mostly simple natural ingredients, yet apparently are reported to improve bile flow greatly, offering a superior cleanse. Interestingly, there are instructions from a few websites that suggest using a liver flush with the tablets for greater results. As this product is found from mostly Eastern European countries, info is hard to find and nearly always in broken english
  8. Just do a quick google man, if you are really committed you will have no problem, after a while you will find its a nice change from the standard routine of life, sleep, work and eat etc. Its actually quite therapeutic. A bucket can be purchased for $20 aud on ebay, 1 week from QLD. Coffee from Woolies Macro shelfs. Im sure you can find all this. DrLwilson.com can help greatly. @tryingtohelp2014 , I understand your reasoning, its perfectly logical and sound. I think what you need to understand however is that this is a horrible catastrophe that has been thrust upon too many of us. While we could work to understand the hard science behind it, and while yes that may provide an answer one day, as of now we don't have one. Liver flushes, fasting, supplements etc are all we have. Is it not better to attempt as many of these protocols as possible than to try nothing at all? and potentially lurk this forum. I did that for too long and now am committed for anything within reason, coffee enemas, liver flushes, i'll do it. I won't give up. This is what we need. The answer is blurred. We as humans quite possibly don't even know the fickle tendencies of health, so that is why this forum tries anything, I believe. I don't like these posts without progression but I feel this was needed.
  9. I've probably done around 100. Although I never had any huge oil problems I have been feeling hugely better over the last few months. SO much more energy. Although I account this mostly to Nutritional Balancing, CE's a big component of the program. Interesting how our symptoms are comparable to Lyme disease. http://www.lymedisease.org.au/about-lyme-disease-2/
  10. Is it safe to say that besides experimenting with supplements and diet, A baseline protocol would involve fasting and liver flushes?
  11. Heres a little bit more on this. I fb messages her to get the primary methods of detox she used. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Eventually, fasting will open all cells, and replace dead water full of toxins, with cleaner water. But most people can't fast until they get over hypoglycemia. Do you have it? How long can you go without food with no energy problems or headaches?And it's important to fast only when your saliva PH is at least at 6.8. Do you know yours yet?You can't detox until it gets up to 7. _______________________________________________________________________________ Seems like fasting is what she used the most. I know the member Chico Esposito, if i spelt that right, was pretty adament on this approach.
  12. I use it. 3x a day at 12mg total. Probably have been using it for about 2 months now. At the start it reduced my floaters. But they came back. Although my focus was improved. The texture and intricacies of things became more apparent. That was fun. Not too sure about bringing moisture back to the body though. For a period of time I had really itchy skin. Could see it peeling as it was so dry. Face was the same, scalp was notorious. It's winter here and I still get this. However it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. This could have just been the result of time and the large list of other things I tried. All in all I would recommend it. My idea is copper toxicity. So I'm tailoring supplements to that. Astaxanthin should be effective in stopping the oxidative tendencies of copper. I had a period of stopping for about a week whilst waiting for a delivery. I didn't notice any positive effects from being off it.
  13. Not a huge amount, but yeah I will do as much research as possible. There is one guy on YouTube who has taken it for bodybuilding purposes, I will contact him and have a chat about he stuff. Might have to go forum searching, translate some Russian to english probably.
  14. Whats happened with the movement towards Choleostatis, blocked bilary ducts? IS anyone still taking any supplements for this? TUDCA, UDCA or taurine? I know liver flushes are probably getting done by members out there, but just wondering the extent to which people are getting onboard with this? I ask this because Ive run a little experiment over the last few days. Whenever I eat large amounts of fat I wake up with bleeding gums, like seriously pretty bad stuff. And when I cut down on it as much as I can, no bleeding gums. I've also noticed a pretty big improvement in mental capacity and energy. Also, I stopped my NB course over the last week. The vitamins they recommend are all mostly fat soluble. If we have Choleostasis would this mean fat soluble vitamins are harder to digest, as our bile is impaired? Ive ordered some Allochol tablets, a Russian product that apparently is as effective as liver flushing. Im not confident on this but its just what Ive heard. I will still start to do proper liver flushes over the next few months. Also will begin supplementing with Taurine.
  15. Yes as mentioned it was the hair mineral analysis. Jotted that down at the start. And yes as noted I understand the conflicting results. Ive had multiple HMA tests over the last 3.5, from 2 practitioners, using different labs, and each time a copper toxicity was seen. How can a supposed deficiency then result in these figures? Regardless, NB, as opposed to a Andy Cutlers protocol to detoxify copper, aims more to replenish the body and aid it in its function. This is the reason zinc isn't added, I added molybdenum as a little experiment. In fact, one supplement they suggest and I take, contains small amounts of copper.
  16. Hair mineral analysis. Which has been thrown around a few times here. Although it seems oppositional to the general copper deficiency theory here, my test has consecutively shown a copper toxicity, as have a few others who post on this thread. Anyway, the idea is that taking a bunch of supplements will return the body to its healthiest state. They are broad, yet seem to cover popular ideas discussed here. Bile aids, a multi vitamin, tmg for methylation, and one or two more. I've added molybdenum for to reduce copper quicker. Also astaxanthin for its antioxidant principles. I feel it must work through the idea of epigenetics. anyway. I've tried a lot now and it's at least comforting to know everyday I'm potentially working towards better health. interested in Tudca now. Seems to be gaining to positive momentum
  17. Im still going with it yeah. Nearly on 4 months now. I was wrong about the mussels, I thought they contained copper at some point, but looking online, they contain high amounts of b12. Im pretty sure this boosted my cognitive capabilities, not too sure. Biggest benefit of NB so far has been better focus, no more racing mind, besides that, not much. Something is happening though. I had pretty bad insomnia after starting, mood swings and headaches often. Obviously hard to attribute them together but other than brain fog I'm pretty stable day in day out. I'm waiting on results of a follow up test now so will be interesting to see the results.
  18. Go to any bulk billing gp and ask for an RBC copper test to see what percentage of copper you have in your cells. It gets sent to royal Prince Albert if you're in Sydney.
  19. I think I did about 6 liver flushes 2 years ago and didn't notice any dramatic changes I then found a bunch of information backed up with studies about how they don't really work to get rid of gallstones so im on the fence about them at the moment. I will probably do another 5 or so just to say I've done a sufficient number
  20. Firstly, have you had any test proving methylation impairment? I understand there's a variety available. I've read a few on here have gone down this path but not sure what everyones tests have identified?
  21. Pretty sure he's still around. I found a message I wrote to him a few days ago which I forgot to reply to. His reply was sent mid February btw.