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  1. Hi .. what have you done to feel better? Diet without vitamin A works?

    1. yetanotheraccutanevictim


      @DiTuretti to add to my previous post to you:

      Your diet really needs to be organic.
      This is foundational.

      and please consider following my suggestions. I have a lot of experience with healing.
  2. For myself, I put this down to a dip in serotonin, or something linked to the way serotonin was produced or utilized. Anytime after mdma this problem became much worse. I believe the 3 or so months of relatively high dosing dl-phenylalanine and l-tyrosine may have helped this but its quite hard to be sure. Regardless, I had a stammer for the first 3 years after accutane, now in my late 4th it is practically gone, besides 1 or 2 days after mdma.