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  1. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    Grass fed beef, wild caught fish, organic chicken/turkey Alright.. This organic thing interests me. I'll give it a shot.
  2. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    what good meat do you mean by this?
  3. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    have u tried a crazy strict diet? I'm 31 and had acne for 14+ years too and finally found a way to avoid the cystic breakouts. For the past 2 months I've stuck to 1. Breakfast - bowl of cereal 2. Lunch - Salad (Spinach leaves, steamed breast chicken, corn, kidney beans, carrot, hard boiled egg and baslamic vinegar dressing) 3. Pasta I cook at home or sushi and sashimi I don't deviate the slightest and have found excuses to not go to dinner with any friends to avoid anything new. My skin tone looks better than ever I'm just waiting for the hyper-pigmentation to clear and then will start introducing new food one by one.
  4. I'm Clear but I Hate It

    hey tofugirl I'm going through EXACTLY the same situation as you. After 14+ years of acne, I still don't know what my trigger of acne is but I've found a diet that avoids it. I've not had a breakout for a solid 2 months since sticking to a really plain diet that I reckon even prison food would be more exciting. Can I ask are you really skinny and have a quick metabolism? My diet doesn't include as much meat as I used to eat (only few meat pieces from the salad I eat during lunch time) so I'm beginning to think maybe the processing of meat in my body could be causing acne? I know for certain if I starve, there is nothing for my body to process and as a result there is no acne to flare up. But like u eating the same thing day in day out is taking its toll. I'm just waiting for my hyperpigmentation to clear, then I will start introducing new food to my diet.