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  1. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    Grass fed beef, wild caught fish, organic chicken/turkey Alright.. This organic thing interests me. I'll give it a shot.
  2. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    what good meat do you mean by this?
  3. HELP! Adult cystic acne:(

    have u tried a crazy strict diet? I'm 31 and had acne for 14+ years too and finally found a way to avoid the cystic breakouts. For the past 2 months I've stuck to 1. Breakfast - bowl of cereal 2. Lunch - Salad (Spinach leaves, steamed breast chicken, corn, kidney beans, carrot, hard boiled egg and baslamic vinegar dressing) 3. Pasta I cook at home or sushi and sashimi I don't deviate the slightest and have found excuses to not go to dinner with any friends to avoid anything new. My skin tone looks better than ever I'm just waiting for the hyper-pigmentation to clear and then will start introducing new food one by one.
  4. I'm Clear but I Hate It

    hey tofugirl I'm going through EXACTLY the same situation as you. After 14+ years of acne, I still don't know what my trigger of acne is but I've found a diet that avoids it. I've not had a breakout for a solid 2 months since sticking to a really plain diet that I reckon even prison food would be more exciting. Can I ask are you really skinny and have a quick metabolism? My diet doesn't include as much meat as I used to eat (only few meat pieces from the salad I eat during lunch time) so I'm beginning to think maybe the processing of meat in my body could be causing acne? I know for certain if I starve, there is nothing for my body to process and as a result there is no acne to flare up. But like u eating the same thing day in day out is taking its toll. I'm just waiting for my hyperpigmentation to clear, then I will start introducing new food to my diet.
  5. Dermatologist in Vietnam Cut of my Acne - Was it a bad move?

    sounds normal. plenty of videos on youtube of derms doing that. Red marks WILL fade. the question is when. It could take anywhere between 3 months to a full year.
  6. Pretty without acne

    The better days will come. You just need to hang in there. My mind worked very much like urs from the age of 20 - 30 where every thought was consumed with acne thoughts. My acne is still pretty bad but I've learnt how to deal with those thoughts better and don't let it affect me as much. btw my sister had that the same type of acne as you, but she got rid of it with birthday control pills. she's been acne free for 12 years and still takes it to this day. Have u tried that?
  7. My story + Some questions

    could be epiduo cream? I would try the food elimination diet approach first before going on accutane. Accutane is always the last resort after you've tried everything as it can come with some severe side effects. Go research the hell out of the holistic forum and if u don't find a cure there, try accutane.
  8. How to fight off strong sugar cravings?

    One word - Mindfulness. I've used this to master self discipline. Just google or buy a book for it
  9. Opinions Related to Diet

    Mate I suspect the same as you. For me if I eat one of my trigger foods then I would go on a severe breakout that would last a ridiculous 6 - 8 months before the vicious breakout ends. I've got no science to back this but I reckon when I eat the wrong food there is a very slow burn process which explains why I breakout for such long durations. Like you, I won't present itself until maybe 5-7 days later. Currently I've stuck to a strict diet of just chick salads, pasta and cereal (I've got no issues with dairy) and my skin has been the best since I can't even remember. I've still got heaps of hyper pigmentations though.
  10. What can i even eat anymore!!? Please read :(

    I'm eating the most boring diet ever and I'm three weeks into it. Morning - Bowl of cereal Lunch - salad with spinach leaves, carrot, kidney beans, corn, sweet potato and steamed chicken breast Dinner - Pasta Acne has improved 10 fold. From severe to lower end moderate. The moment I step out of this diet I know I'm to break out like crazy. I dunno how I'm gonna do this forever -.-
  11. ACCUTANE - please help me

    Hey fruzsi - u have come to the right place. There were times I was reading ur post I thought I was reading about my own experience. So many ppl have gone through exactly or similar situations as u described including myself. Things do get better as you start to learn more about your body and acne and how to control it. You be happy to know that those red marks WILL fade away. what you may not be happy about is it could take anywhere between a month to even a year. There are ways of speeding it up but u're going to have to do ur own research. Plenty of information in the scarring forums from apple cider vinegar to AHA topical. 20 to 60mg seems like a drastic jump. did u switch brands or stayed with the same one? I would ask to go back on the 20mg and just hang in there!
  12. I definitely would not recommend having a break between courses. Maybe call them and say that it's just for an in and out prescription and maybe they can fit u in their busy schedule? If you are certain u are going to need to wait then as a last case u should start spacing out what you have left and take it once every 2 days instead. This advice was given to me by my derm and he said it's fine.
  13. FAQ and big post seems to be broken

    yup this is fixed. cheers!
  14. 21/F Accutane 40mg/day Daily Log + Pics

    did u end up getting the implant instead? Maybe that triggered something... either way, keep it up! accutane is a rollercoaster of a ride. Here's to u getting off feeling great
  15. Acne For 9 years

    There is a whole bunch of things you can certainly try. From your derm visit I assume they have lead you down the path of BP and SA cream treatments. Have you tired antibiotics such as minocycline or bactrim? More importantly I would definitely visit this sites Diet and Holistic section. Ruling out food triggers have worked for many people. Then there is the last case scenario of accutane
  16. Date Night Woes

    I know how you feel. I've had a date too recently but not as harsh as urs. she just eased me down with light replying to whatsapp since the meet up haha. The key would be mental preparation. There is no way they're not going to notice and draw comparison to your photos so u're going to need to have that discussion if they bring it up! Feel comfortable talking about ur acne and just be plain honest that it's something u trying to fix. you will come off as confident which is a good personality trait
  17. Growing up with a terrible diet= acne?

    Please do keep a log. I'll be curious on your cod liver oil progress.
  18. Growing up with a terrible diet= acne?

    Can't rule it out but I don't see any correlation. My acne type has changed over time. Used to get small whitehead type pimples all over my T zone and had really oily skin up until the age of 24ish. Now my T zone is completely acne free but my cheeks are popping out cystic acne. Also my skin isn't oily anymore. Same. I effectively cut out sugar and diary for a solid 3+ years and fearfully introduced them back into my life beginning of this year. I can safely say there has been no impact at all. Acne for me is just all concentrated on the cheeks
  19. Worst skin I've ever had and at 25 years old

    I have to say I'm probably the most stress free I've been in my life but I'm still getting hit with cystic acne.
  20. Cheek Red Marks For Years

    Cheek red marks are the longest to fade. I have the same problem. You know what I stumbled upon. I was eating extremely clean for 2+ years and got my acne to a manageable level. But I was stuck with red marks the whole time and slight scarring (like box scar). Then came my friends birthday and he decided to have korean bbq for his birthday which is a trigger food for me. 2 weeks later my scars disappeared and my red marks started to fade. my face also started to get a little oiler (I have pretty matte skin). I've been breaking out since (it was last April) Because I was eating so clean I pretty much avoided all oily foods. But from that experience I believe your skin needs some form of oil to repair your skin. My catch 22 is oily foods breaks me out so to eat or not to eat is the question.
  21. 21/F Accutane 40mg/day Daily Log + Pics

    Pa paw cream is the best! Not sure if it's available where you are but it's pretty popular in Australia.'-_-93542807&mkwid=syf48BR0o_dc&pcrid=65807436998&pkw=&pmt=&plid=&gclid=Cj0KEQjw7-K7BRCkkIH3t_WwoskBEiQAD8oY3nV-TCbUD0lGd9xn2dSfZDId4Fm7AYMeRSEueKr1VDQaArrB8P8HAQ
  22. Should I continue taking accutane?

    A more standard course of accutane usually goes on for 3-6 months. If you think you can control your acne from here then by all means stop taking accutane. But if your reason for jumping on accutane was for a permanent solution then you will definitely need to keep going. Initial break out really depends on the person. From my research on the internet there have been more IB then not for people on accutane.But you maybe one of the luckier ones
  23. Possible Side Effects 1 Day After Accutane

    Sorry if I came off as harsh, I probably would have considered it too if I hadn't seen the bad effects first hand. There are some fortunate people who have very little side effects but if you do notice serious ones, you're wise to stop. I hope you find a solution. Hey Snarky, I know you mean well. If I was even a fraction suicidal I would not take this drug. I can tell that whoever takes accutane it gears towards how you generally feel. So if you're depressed and sad at that time then it would more than likely enhance it. I've got a derm appointment this tuesday which was supposed to be for the next batch of accutane. I'll speak to him about other alternatives.
  24. Possible Side Effects 1 Day After Accutane

    I just wanted to give it a chance because I'm sure you and everyone on this board has been through this but there are those days where acne wins and you just can't take it anymore. But I've stopped now and finally going to rule this out as an option.
  25. Possible Side Effects 1 Day After Accutane

    definitely stop! wait 1 week and then try again. In my case I had bad stomach pain, major feet skin flaking and ringing in my ears. At that point I gave up which was a year ago. I then picked it up again 1 month ago and while it started off fantastic, I've noticed the boys downstairs are not working properly and feeling a huge loss in libido so once again I've stopped.