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  1. Zeyla added a post in a topic Pineapple Fast + Candida Diet (Acnedied.com) Thoughts?   

    Oh be careful! Too much of any one thing is not a good thing.

    Also, pineapple would be feeding the yeast straight away, it is extremely high in sugar.

    It takes a long time to get rid of candida I'm afraid, much longer than days, you'd be best sticking to a healthy diet low in sugar (fruits like berries and lemon/lime are OK in moderation) and high in fibre/protein, and also trying some oil of oregano and olive leaf extract...all natural and they really act like an atomic bomb for candida overgrowth.

    Be careful with garlic and onions, also, they are great and I eat them liberally but with limitation (what a juxtaposition haha) as they are very strong natural blood thinners. They increase the clot time in the blood so if your gums are bleeding from the acidity of the pineapple, it will take much longer for the bleeding to stop due to the anti-clotting effect of garlic and onions.

    They are great for candida of course, but too much can cause some issues. I remember I was having a lot of raw garlic and onions about a year ago, too much, and I accidentally cut my leg when I was shaving and it was literally bleeding for hours! Just a tiny tiny cut!

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