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  1. amylouise added a comment on a blog entry 32 Days In: Really Want To Flash-Forward   

    Hey and thanks for replying.

    Yeh, my boyfriend is great. The thing is I had clear skin for 2 years...the odd spot now and then but nothing major and then 4 weeks ago bammm my acne was back and it was back to really piss me off. I had spots all over my cheeks, the corners of my nose, above my lips and on my forehead. I honestly wanted to die at that point - I mean not really but I'm sure you know what I mean. Anyway I went straight to my derm and she put me on accutane. 3.5 months to go now!!!! It's awful to adjust from crap skin, to really really good skin, back to crap skin accutane should work though. What's harder is I am 26 boohoo!

    Oh wow, I am super impressed you can do all that without looking in the mirror. So how do you manage to do your hair and to check your outfits and stuff? Stupid question but it just sprung to mind to ask.

    I think that slowly you should try to look at yourself in the mirror. Even if that means taking a small mirror and looking at tiny parts of your face to start with. Maybe look at the areas that you know feel good and smooth? It might be a start. I think you should try it.........let me know if you do. I'd be super impressed.

    I need to look in the mirror less so if we mixed ourselves up a bit it would be perfect.

    PLEASE keep me updated on your progress as I would love to hear.

    Stay strong xx
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  2. amylouise added a comment on a blog entry Day 34   

    Great news on your improvements. I'm also on 60mg a day. I am only on day 13 I've got 3.5 months left....and counting!!!!!!

    I am also suffering with the dryness and flaky skin. What moisturiser are you using? I struggle with it a lot as I work in an air conditioned office so by the end of the day my skin looks disgusting and with bits of skin hanging off. As soon as I get home I wash my makeup off (I don't put much on to be fair as I look horrific with loads of makeup on as it's so dry) and then plaster Cetaphil moisturiser on it like a face mask and just leave it. I don't know if this is even helping but it makes my skin less tight and itchy!!! If i could sit at home all day like it I would.

    I also get the anxiety. How have you been dealing with that?

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  3. amylouise added a comment on a blog entry Feeling Down   

    Hey. Try to keep your spirit up. A happy you makes for a happy body. Your acne knows when you are down and feeds on it. I'm day 13 of Accutane. It's so hard but I'm just thinking positive.
    Lymecycline worked great on my skin for 2 years!!! xx
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  4. amylouise added a comment on a blog entry 32 Days In: Really Want To Flash-Forward   

    Hi. I read your post and I thought WOW THAT'S SO ME.
    I am convinced I have some sort of dysmorphia too. I'm obsessive. I am constantly looking at my face though - to the point where my boyfriend is telling me to stop.
    I'm on day 13. I feel like I have forever to go. 3.5 months in total. 60mg a day. Boohoo.
    How are you feeling today? I'm trying hard to stay positive. My family are great but it's hard as they don't REALLY know what's going on and how it feels. I'm sure they think "thank god I don't have a face like that". Anyway, this forum helps me. Trying to make some friends so I can go through the journey with others. Stay strong! x
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  5. amylouise added a post in a topic Excessive Itching On Scalp. Help!   

    Hi. I have this too but it's not as bad. I am on day 13 (woohoo - not! - I wish it was day 100). Head & Shoulders is quite a harsh shampoo so maybe swtich to something a bit more gentle and try not to wash your hair everyday. That's what I would recommend. Hope it's gets better further for you. x
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  6. amylouise added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Support Needed Please...
    Some support needed please! I’m really really low at the moment. It’s day 13 for me. Here’s the my story in short:-

    I’m 26. I suffered from acne when I was younger and they put me on Dianette (the pill) to treat it. It worked ok but it wasn’t great if I’m honest. My derm tried to put me on Accutane about 2.5 years ago to help further but I lasted just over a week as my face dried out so much I got scared and I found it really painful. I went back to my derm and she put me on antibiotics which I stayed on for almost 2 years (yes 2 years)! My skin was clear after a few months (as you can see in my photo as that was taken a year ago round about). Them BAMMMM, 4 weeks ago, my face flared up and the acne was back. I was almost suicidal to be honest. I went back to my derm and she’s put my on Accutane. I thought, right, I need to try and make this work this time!

    I’m on 60mg a day and it’s day 13. I am really struggling. Mostly with the my face dryness and the soreness. It’s horrible. I almost feel like I want to exfoliate my face to get rid of the flaking skin but people are saying not to do this so I end up picking it off with tweezers which I imagine is not great either. Help, what do I do? I am moisturising.

    I honestly don’t know if I can do the whole 4 months (120 days).

    The other side effects really are worrying me too but I haven't had anything else apart from dry eyes so far. A bit achey in my back too. I do a lot of running so I think I'm going to stop that for a while.

    I guess I just need someone to tell me things will get better and that it’s going to be ok.

    Desperately seeking some support…..

    Amy x
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