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  1. theres a difference between hearing stuff and actually having it happen to you , in my case it happens a whole lot ,people are just arrogant when they think they are better then somebody, even if your smart, intelligent ,got a good head on your shoulders , even having alot of money , if  they think you dont look as good as they  do then all of that goes out the window, people are skin deep and thats all that matters to most people , oh and money , but even then you dont know what those people say and do behind your back or behind closed doors....its the society we live in , capitalism, its all about me , myself and i , and screw everyone else , theres no love for anything and thats how it is , people pretty or not are just plain miserable because they dont work on spiritually, people scoff at that fact and its messed up , even with thier big cars model wife and nice house , there are some people that get crushed by the weight of this mentality , cuz thats all people care about is money and looks and material possessions ....just remember that you bleed like everyone else and people when they die they wont be able to take all that crap with them, i strongly belive that we all have spirits and that there is an afterworld , good and evil
  2. lol. bro im the zen master 
  3. that doesn't make any sense but ok
  4. we that have really bad acne have all been in this same state of mind wherw you feel alone and helpless, boo hoo another cliche bitchfit moment, just suck it up and quit moping like a little girl , adapt and focus more on something other then ur precious skin, if ur gonna be negative , I'll ill tell u straight up to grow a fucking pair and quit being a little bitch and get ue head out of your ass .........if you want to be blunt then this is the truth , think of all these pretty beautiful people that have thier own bs problems , imagine being pretty and having to go through life not trusting people because all they want to do is get in your pants, and you cant even tell if they really care or dont  behind thier plastic smiles, life is more then being pretty the sooner u realize the better , so chin up , nut up or shut up ....happy new year ( sorry for being mean) 
  5. its normal , in fact today while walking in the park two blonde girls were giggling and one didnt even wait til she was further down the path to talk shit she said " hes soo ugly " and kept giggling.  i was pretty heated   .......you just have to except the fact that that we live in a very superficial society.... in my head i thought to myself this bitch prolly couldnt even lift herself over a wall if her life depended on it , lol , to me its become more of survival of the fittest , and looking pretty is not gonna be such a priority , i take care of myself but acne has done its deed and i try to think of the bigger picture ......i just except the fact that yes i am ugly , yes i am humble , but you know what im strong and healthy and i will still continue to go out in public .... time marches on 
  6. The more you stress the worse the acne is gonna get......so just chill... you've gotten this far ....Please keep control of your hormones ....it's hard I know but learn how to be in a calm state of mind and don't focus on the acne ...but your state of mind ......I know it's hard .....I know how your feeling.....your not alone...
  7. 3rd year I think .....