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  1. Doddy46 added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    The only thing that has a chance of long lasting results are fecal transplants, which are progressing at lightning speeds due to their efficacy over all medical Rx's.
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  2. Doddy46 added a post in a topic Acne Is Winning...   

    Acne is multi fauceted and has absolutley nothing to do with what you put on your skin. You seem to be stuck in a cycle where stress plays a major part of your problem. On a scale of 1-10 how stressed are you over this? How often are you thinking about it? How long have you felt this way? High levels of stress can manipulate / alter they way your horomones are produced / eliminated. Particularily cortisol, but all of them to a degree, some more than others. You also can't heal while under high levels of chronic stress. It's almost impossible, your body is too busy trying to control the rush of horomes which alter how everything inside of you functions, your body does not like this, and is more important to your survival than surface wounds.

    I think the absolute best idea for you at this point, is to stop trying so hard, you need to just wash your face with regular simple plain ass cleanser, I'd recommend spectro jel, but find one that suits you, and wash on an as needed basis. Dont worry about sweat causing doesnt.

    But yeah, number one goal for you is now to try and be happy, this is hard, but it's a must. Don't stress over anything, all problems in life have a solution, if you have a problem that you CAN control, control how you see fit, get that shit done and dont think twice. If you can't control it, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. Your acne included, you are not going to belive this, but ill almost gaurantee a fair portion of your acne problem is caused mentally, sounds dumb, I know, but probably true.

    Try and eat healthy. without stressing over what you eat. Go ahead and eat some cookies or what have you, unless you can guarantee for sure 100% they cause problems. Just dont over indulge and make a concious effort to try and eat good. Eat when you are hungry, and nutritious foods most of the time. Again not ALL the time, don't stress over what you eat, just make an effort.

    Start using that cash to go and ENJOY stuff. Tommorow you are going to wake up, do what you do, and when you see yourself in the mirror, you are going to tell yourself "this is my skin" and get use to it. Accept it, move on. Get done what needs to get done, and enjoy the fact that you have 2 good legs / arms and a solid heart beat. If you can achieve this, truly achieve this, and reduce stress in other areas wherever possible, the most efficient way for you, I'll cut off my left index finger if you dont start seeing slow, but constant improvment in your skin. This will take A LONG time, so best get started today.

    Be healthy, Be Happy.

    Monitor for reactions to foods you eat (flushing, upset stomach, bloating, anything really out of the normal, verify its that food causing it and avoid that food, other than that, eat whatever you want, just try and make the majority of eat nutritionist type foods) IF you dont seem to react in any weird way to any foods, your golden.

    Now, I COMMAND YOU NEVER TO RETURN TO THIS SITE EVER, in your case I feel it's conter productive for yourself. (unless of course you just need someone to talk to ;-)

    P.S. ACNE will no longer dictate your emotions or stress level. What you acheive throughout the day and what you do for pleasure / leisure will.

    You will no longer Monitor your skin, you will use the mirror for what you need to use it for, and you will not be self judgmental while you are using it.

    Oh and obviously the majority of what you drink should be water. We were not designed to get our nutrients from drinks. Again drink whatever you want, a coffee in the morning, a glass can of pop here or there. But mostly water. Clean water. Preferably chlorine and flouride free. But even if not, water still better than anything else.

    Oh, almost forgot to mention the single most important thing.. don't EVER agree to take antibiotics for acne EVER.

    This has too high of a chance to alter / damage your digestion, which will cause acne in it's own. (stress also affects the gut, and it's my belief that 90% of acne is gut related. That why when your stressed you feel sick to your stomach, literally. Brain - Gut are very connected.
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  3. Doddy46 added a post in a topic Facial Redness Help   

    Really won't affect it much in terms of oilyness, the skin along your jaw where your beard grows produces less oil then everywhere else on your face. So no, it wouldn't be harder at all. Be sure to use a good electric razor "Braun or remmington" are good. Make sure it doesn't require you to oil the blades.

    Do you have the number to the doctors office?

    Just call and tell them you'd like to schedule an appointment with your doctor. When they ask you what for, simply tell them you have some persistent facial redness // flushing and would like your doctor to have a look at it. Then you can ask your doctor for a referral to a derm after he looks at it. Assuming he doesn't diagnose you himself, which he may do, but try and insist for a referral anyway.

    I am very relieved to hear you stopped the scrub. Your skin will thank you in 10 years also.

    Silk is by far the best. Hypo allergenic, and it's very smooth...very smooth. No irritation to your face whatso ever.

    Make sure to change them every 2 days. Double rinse to make sure no detergent left in them, and don't put a fabric softener in the dryer with them.

    For this reason I like to wash my pillow cases with the towels. Get a full load, and both these items are benefitial to wash thus way.

    If you run out of clean pillow case surface, you can use a soft towel over your pillow, then fold it up, with the side you put your face on, folded to the inside. Put in dresser till bedtime. Use same side.
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  4. Doddy46 added a post in a topic Facial Redness Help   

    no problem. I'd also advise, untill you get a Dermatologist's opinion to avoid any sun exposure (get 20-30 minutes UNprotected sun everyday, spaced out in intervals of 5 minutes, then 2-3 hours no sun, than 5 minutes again) make sure you do NOT get a sunburn. If you have to be in the sun for any length of time, get a "zinc oxide" sunscreen, apply LIGHTLY, and take a very good antioxidant supplement (Antioxidant Exteme by healthforce is great, and a good Astaxanthin supplement) these will prevent sun damage from the inside, without having to apply a MOUND of shit on your face. Also wash once or less a day, with a VERY mild cleanser, I use Spectro Jel, because its comparable to cethaphil with less ingredients (no SLS for example), but as far as im aware, its only available in Canada. So do some good hard research, and find a good gentle cleanser or face wash that you feel confidant wont cause dryness.(the one you are using should be fine, good choice on that).****!!THROW AWAY THE FACE SCRUB!!*** If you dont have a water softener, get one, or buy distilled water, boil some, pour into big "GLASS" bowl, and add room temp distilled water till warm. Use this to wash face. (the idea is to keep chlorine/flouride/harsh minerals) off your face. This wont get rid of your problem. but it will help your skin maintain it's integrity, which is good either way. Dont use moisturizer unless neccessary or untill adivsed by a derm. (the less you put on your face, the better... at least till you know what it is)

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. if by any chance you derm recommends any laser or peel treatment, id consider it wise to simply pick up your shit and walk out. find another derm for another opinion(skin isnt meant to be lasered or peeled or scrub harshly). Only do laser/peel if you get 2 or even better 3 derms to say the same thing. (some derms just got there machines and need to make there money back, so will recommend for everything, which is dangerous imo)

    Drink alot of clean water (tap water is terrible) if you can offord it, get a water cooler and find a water distributor that does multi staged filtering. Or get a 5-7 stage reverse osmosis water filter installed.

    Avoid caffiene and dairy (these may not actually do anything to your condition, but they dont help either, so no harm in eliminating them)

    How old are you? Do you live in Canada or the States?

    If you live in Canada, and have a family doctor and are over 14, you can make your own appoinment and ask for a recommendation to a derm, no parents involved as this is all covered by government. If you live in the states, you need to get on your mom's ass for a derm. This is YOUR face, and you WILL NOT be satisfied untill you get a profesionals opinion.

    If it turns out to be rosecea, antibiotics should be a LAST resort, alot of research coming out lately about the negative long term effects of antibiotics. If thats the last option start at as LOW of a dose as humanly possible for a couple months, and S-L-O-W-L-Y increase untill effective.

    The last thing you want is to make it worse thru aggressive treatment, or to trade that for another health problem, damage control first.

    Be Well.

    I just re-read your post, lol. your 15, acne is natural, AND it IS NOT bad at all, please believe this. I had mild acne as a teen and though it was SOO bad, but alot of girls still attracted to me. your acne is VERY mild and if I were you wouldnt worry about it at all. YOU ARE OVER WASHING YOUR FACE!! for real! that NEEDS to stop, right now. of course when you stop you break out, this is GOING to happen, but you are damaging your skin intergrity by over washing. It may seem like it works, but you CANNOT wash away acne lol, your making matters worse in the long run. Once a day before bed, unless you get REALLY dirty or REALLY sweaty. Glide cleanser across your skin gently, dont rub it in, and for no more than 10 seconds. rinse off with warm water (No extremes, hot or cold, if its rosacea hot and or cold will aggrivate it, just warm)

    Everyone in my family has had acne. Im the only one who tried to wash it away, or use stuff to get rid of it. Guess whose acne didnt clear up on its own for 12 years? yea, 3 years after i stopped trying to get rid of it. Everyone else did nothing for it, didnt even care about it, and it went away by the time they were 19-20.

    Overall, you have some redness, and a few MILD acne spots, which at your age is perfectly expected, your not being judged on that small/normal amount of acne, stop over reacting BUT your skin overall, LOOKS healthy. keep washing 3 times a day and that will change. You have healthy looking skin. Derm for redness, NOTHING for acne. Dont start trying to treat your zits unless your 21-22 and still getting them. I know this is hard, but in your specific condition (very very mild and looks like it heals well anyway) i strongly feel youd be best off letting it deal with it self. (does your mom / dad still have acne? uncles cousins? how bad is it? did they treat it in anyway?) Im guessing most if not all of them (judging by looking only at YOUR skin) that they dont really have an acne problem, and probably didnt do any treatments to get rid of it when they did) if this is true your in the same boat, dont mess with it.

    Sorry for making this so long, I really just want to help you prevent damaging your skin long term.

    STOP WASHING 3 TIMES A DAY!!! >.<!!!!! (exceptions, very dirty, very sweaty FROM excersiing) and if its sweat from excersize, just splash warm water on face, no cleanser. Pat dry) Use cleanser an hour before bed. get 4 silk pillow sheets, use one side one night, flip, other side one night, change pillow case, repeat. Wash pillow cases WITH towels, DOUBLE rinse (once washing machine stops, set back to rinse, make sure all the soap is out) do NOT add a fabric softener to the drier for these items.

    Your Parents might be (i dont know the details, nor am i interested) hard up for cash, which is why they really cant take you to a derm. If this is the case, YOU need to get a part time job so you can afford this yourself, it will also put your mind somewhere else, which is benefitial, give yourself a sense of independance / confidance. Also, girls love guys with jobs (sexist sure, but very true)

    And one last time, YOUR SKIN LOOKS HEALTHY AND YOUR ACNE IS VERY MILD / INSIGNIFIGANT. As in that little bit you have WILL NOT IN ANY WAY affect the way 90% of girls look at you. what you will be judged on is how it affects your attitude, if your sad/depressed/angry about it all the time, THIS, is what is VERY unattractive for girls, and will cock block you more than the "acne" will, Guaranteed.
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  5. Doddy46 added a post in a topic Facial Redness Help   

    Go see a dermatologist they can properly diagnose whatever that is. My guess would be very mild rosecea. Is there any dryness? Peeling or flaking? That could indicate seb derm. Either way , unless someone runs into your post with the exact same thing I dint think anyone can diagnose you. Do you have any digestive disturbances? Could also be ( very possible but also very very unlikely) a yeast or fungal infection.
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  6. Doddy46 added a post in a topic My Type Of Acne (Uploaded Pics!) Gonna Start Regimen   

    Accutane has less serious side effects than antibiotics, which destroy your intestinal tract, good job on going for the tane.
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  7. Doddy46 added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    IMO the more shit you put on your skin the worse, seb derm is thought, and I agree, to be FUNGAL in nature. STOP using things that kill BACTERIA. A long course of antibiotics is what fucked up my skin. Now I'm hoping I can get it back to normal, somehow. All the beneficial bacteria has been killed, and I'm at a loss as to how to regain it. Hoping in time it will do so on its own. Does anyone feel that seb derm caused by antibiotics can or will reverse itself in time, or am I screwed for life now?

    By the way, the life cycle of your "benefitial" bacteria are believed to be 3-10 days. So if you have been on a high dose, broad spectrum antibiotic like myself, for longer than 10 days, all the more recent research points to irreversible damage done to your gut/skin flora.

    I'm now on somewhat of a mission to warn against the use of antibiotics, as doctors very rarely..VERY rarely inform you of the negative impacts they will have on you.

    It should be considered mal-practice to prescribe antibiotics without an adjacent anti fungal (Powdered Nystatin, being probably the best choice) and a good probiotic (I'd recommend Dr Ohhira's and fermplus wholefood probiotic)

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  8. Doddy46 added a post in a topic Wish I Didn't Start Antibiotics. I'm So Confused. Help.   

    You need to stop using antibiotics, they clearly aren't helping, and are fuckung up your gut flora. I don't know the solution, but my suggestion would be to take a visit to a naturopath and a TCM acupuncture practitioner. Acne comes from within morevoften then naught. I had zero acne then took antibiotics and now my skin is dry red and every pore is clogged. Antibiotics are bad, please stop taking them.

    Would also recommend against birth control.... Fucks with your gut flora AND hormones.
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  9. Doddy46 added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    I'm too afraid to put hydrogen peroxide on my skin, and every time I've use hydrogen peroxide for a zit it left ice pick scarring. HP will damage your skin, although it has great antiseptic properties, it does nothing for helping the skin heal, in fact, in my experience, and common sense, HP hinders your skins ability to properly heal tissue damage. I would recommend against it. But if you do try it, let us know how it goes.
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  10. Doddy46 added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    Didn't mean to post twice but...

    One more possible treatment (although this one will require everyday use instead of fixing the yeast problem in your gut) would be manuka oil, possibly mixed in with your moisturizer, and or manuka honey as a face mask / cleanser. Just make sure it's raw and has a umf of 16 at least, and follow up with a very small amount of virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser as these both have antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. And both are supposed to be good at healing the skin, especially the manuka.
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  11. Doddy46 added a post in a topic The seborrheic dermatitis thread   

    Ok, so this is my second post, both involving this same product, as I haven't gotten any responses to my other thread ill post here. I developed SD after back to back to back course of antibiotics (amoxicillian and clindamycin) so reading on net there is alot of belief that website dermatitis is fungal. As most all fungal use chitin to protect itself I was wondering what anyone though of this "" hopefully that turns into a link, if not just Google candida cell wall suppressor. It allegedly allows your immune system to attack fungus overgrowth by destroying the protective sheild chitin. Seriously debating trying it, although it's main ingredients is 98% lufeneuron, which is a pesticide. However they claim it is harmless to humans as no human properties use chitin. Any thoughts ideas? I'm desperate I've had acne since 14 and it.Finally finished clearing up at 26, no red marks left, just normal clear very oily skin. And I never used any acne message or topical, just soft soap and spectro jel. Now after back to back antibiotics I'm having so many hyperpigmentation marks my once oily skin is now super dry and flakey, I've NEVER, NEVER had dry skin, always super oily. I'm 27 I got to enjoy normal skin formless than one year after all that suffering....and nowninknow how I loom with clear skin, so this ducks more. DONT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS FOR ANYTHING NON LIFE THREATENING!!!! You will regret it later in the future, especially for acne, just go straight for the accuntane, this isn't a life long course tucking up your gut, causing skin problems later. Anyway check out candida cell wall suppressor, I'm afraid to try it without more opinions. Maybe someone will take the jump with me? Lol.
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