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  1. Hi guys. I'm 26 years old female and I've been on and off this website. I've been suffering from acne since high school and esp. when I reached 23, that was the time I could experience all kinds of acne all over my face. Nodular acne, cystic acne, papules etc... along my chin line, cheeks, between eyes... basically everywhere. I don't know it's because I lived in many different countries and so was affected by water, climate, food and so on.. So whenever I go back to my home country, I paid for different types of treatment ( lasers, Acupuncture, micro needles, cosmetics..) Micro needle actually works if it's the first time. for me, it worked when I got it after high school (first time), but didn't really work after several times. Also, I couldn't stand the time when my face gets really red and flaky. Now i'm living in Malaysia. very hot and humid. Suddenly I got really big ones that you can feel something hard inside and very painful on my neck and chin line. So I went to at least 6 skin specialists but what all of they said was all bullshit. they said I have to take Accutane which never worked for me, it actually got me worse every antibiotics or i have to use their skin products which is another shit. I was so frustrated and depressed that why my life has this much of acne. But i didn't give up and started researching. Here's what I found. First cause of acne i found was hormone imbalance. You may refer to below ; I've been taking inositol for a month. (First pill and i changed to powder) For me i'm not quite sure if this is working because i still had the same big acne when i was on the 4th week. But you may try this supplement if you're not sure what causes acne. This definitely works for your mood tho. Second one i found was ( THIS IS WHAT I REALLY RECOMMAND TO YOU!) Refer to the link below; Actually I've been on low carbs diet for about 10 days and it's really working! I had to fight with my acne everyday cuz everyday new acne was born. But after i started this, at least no more new one!!! I didn't mean I take 0 carbs but i don't eat bread every morning for my breakfast and i don't eat a lot of rice at once. Before i knew about this, I had at least 2 bowls of cereal every morning and i know why now!! Because milk contains quite big carbs!! and cereal too!!! even soy milk contains high carbs. I try not to eat processed food but eat more meat and vege. if you eat a lot of carbs a day, you may reconsider... Now I still have acne scars and a few pimples, i don't really get much depressed like before. At least i can go to the clinic and cure my acne with injections. (one or two) Guys, i know how annoyed, depressed feeling you have, but you're not the only one. We are assigned not to give up but find the better way. I really hope my writing helps to you.