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  1. Easier Route to Clear Skin for Me

    How did you test your DNA and what's the process like? I agree that being make-up free is very beneficial. It takes time to get used to it, but actually I feel prettier without it now.
  2. Quit Smoking..

    I quit smoking two years ago and it's the best decision ever. I have no regrets. Smoking is a huge burden on the body. After quitting, it's common to experience sickness symptoms like coughing up phlegm, irritability, food cravings, and acne.
  3. I found the cure to my acne and enjoyed great skin that was clear, soft, smooth, glossy and highly complimented. Then I returned to (some of) my old unhealthy ways and here I am again with pimples, rough skin, scars, and keratosis pilaris. What works for me is eating a diet of fruits and leafy green vegetables, soft sunbathing, spring water, daily exercise, deep sleep, meditation, no makeup, and a caveman skincare routine. In December 2016 my skin looked like this. Starting from January 2017, feeling untouchable, I stopped eating a raw vegan diet, and started consuming rice, potatoes, olive oil, cocoa powder, margarine, millet, ground nuts, and sweet potatoes. I was overeating and I went from 49 kg to 60 kg in a few months. Thank God I didn't touch any refined sugar, dairy, meat, or processed foods like soft drinks and candy. Now in May 2017, my skin looks like this. (When I started my acne healing journey back in 2012, my skin looked like this.) I will be using this thread to document my journey back to clarity. I trust this will inspire all of us to keep doing what makes us feel well. When you find your personal cure, be consistent with it and keep it up every day. Don't get complacent.
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    From the album Raw Vegan Achievements

  5. flawless.jpg

    From the album Raw Vegan Achievements

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    From the album Raw Vegan Achievements

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    From the album Raw Vegan Achievements

  8. From the album Return to Clarity: Natural Journey Back to Wellness

    This is what six months of overeating rice, potatoes, and olive oil got me. Now I'm back on a healthy raw vegan diet. Let's improve!