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    Hey Splashberri

    Its so interesting how similar we are in breaking out/hormone issues. If it is any consolation I know what you are going through. My face has been breaking out so bad its hard to even go out... makeup covers but you can still see the bumps and pitted scars I hate washing my face every night... seeing all those red marks is so freaking depressing.

    I have tried Ziana and Differin in the past. The Ziana left my skin oily and I didn't like it. I don't remember the Differin working too well. You say that you have hyper-pigmentation .. so do I! Boy... do I hate it... If I get one little zit it is SO RED. My skin likes to have some little purplish dots everywhere as well. I am taking Finacea cream and it is the only thing that I have ever tried to get rid of the redness. I have been taking it for almost a month and have noticed great results. My post acne marks that have been there for months are less red some are even gone (not all of them... lol, don't get me wrong but some of them and the others really are fading)! Thank god. It really works for the hyper-pigmentation, red marks and post acne marks. After putting it on it has a matte like finish so I am not as oily and I notice little results every morning. There are a couple cons (aren't bad at all in my opinion) 1.) It burns. The first couple weeks are rough and then your skin gets used to it. I always use a moisturizer about 10-15 minutes after the application and it really works to get rid of the burn. I would avoid liquid foundation if you are going to apply it right before though because you won't have a smooth finish at all. 2.) From my experience it didn't necessarily break me out but brought white heads to the surface in most my zits that I had. I had to keep telling myself not to pick. I thought I would let you know about this because it has really worked wonders for my face. I have tried many retinoids and they just didn't do the trick for me. This cream is for rosacea so it gets rid of all the redness and inflammation Maybe just ask your doctor about it and see what he/she says? If your insurance covers it, it should be around 40.00. There is a generic brand as well.

    Have you read about/seen the videos of "the regimen on this site? I came across it last night and it was a little bit of a revelation for me. Ever since I was thirteen I have washed my face pretty rigorously to get everything out of it and then really scrubbing it dry with a towel after. This totally didn't help with all my red marks... made them far worse... Anyways I now have been washing my face as they do, putting on my Finacea and then moisturizing after in the exact way that they tell you too (basically barely even touching the skin). Within the day I have noticed my face isn't quite as red because of the scrubbing that I do.

    Just thought I would let you know of these things because they are really helped me. I totally know what you are going through, you're not alone! I am going to schedule a hormone testing in the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get it squared away!

    Let me know how everything goes!
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