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  1. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Ninety With A Picture!
    So here I was under the impression my account got deleted.. -___________- It was up all along! D: So the two pictures on the left are day one, and the one on the right is day ninety. I am taking a six day break because my script is not filled quite yet, it takes forever usually...
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  2. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Still Haven't Figured It Out...
    So i'm 100% clear to where I have a freckle that I never knew I had hahaha. Even though I still have 2 more months after this course is done and I honestly cannot wait at all. aeehdwewg g dfdsfdhrfyhh xjshhhsHHQUH
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  3. kevinlowder added a comment on a blog entry I Lost Track   

    I use the True Blue Spa series and it's very very thick. And olive oil to double up on my moisture. It works though tremendously. Now the signature collection series? Yes, they are drying and they don't moisturize to the slightest.
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  4. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    I Lost Track
    It's been a minute since I've been on here! I've raised my dose with the ungodly expensive 30 mg. twice a day. If there is one recommendation I can make- Don't start this unless you have some money put away, or unless your insurance rocks because mine CLEARLY does not. -___- Anyways.

    I'm dryer than I ever have been, my face isn't as red though, but my eyes? I'm to the point of putting aquaphor practically IN them before I sleep so I don't wake up painfully crusty, and with allergy season at an all time high (so they say this year), it's miserable. But I got what I wanted for my entire life- clear skin. I have one pimple on my forehead which is probably the size of a push pin needle, until I popped it- bad idea. It's a planet (just crusty).

    I've been moisturizing my entire body with olive oil at night, and putting on bath and body works body butter in the morning.

    I learned my lesson with the sun the hard way- fun in the sun doesn't exist whilst on accutane. You will burn, fry, cremate. Everything else imaginable and it sucks.

    I began with the la mer sun protection 30 and I stay indoors and when I step out side, I basically sprint to my car to avoid sun contact haha :/ But two months and I'm done. Thank. GOD.
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  5. kevinlowder added a comment on a blog entry Day 57   

    hahaha I really don't have to wash my hair at all since I've started! lmao and it looks like you're probably due for another visit to your doctor? As for scars I'd recommend microdermabrasions for scars or even go beyond that and add a chemical peel to that (a long time after your treatment is over of course).
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  6. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Fifty Five
    So my progress has officially plateaued... I'm excited for my next visit to the doctor because I would really like to be off of this stuff as soon as possible. It's such a hassle taking it and it's difficult being consistent with it. I'm doing well with my side effects (or lack therof) and I really couldn't complain except for the current situation haha. I get comments saying I look gaunt? -______________________- I look fine, I don't feel exhausted unlike others who mention that they feel tired or even lethargic all of the time. I'm able to go to the gym every day and I'm only sore in my muscles, not my bones. Running is fine for me. All is well.
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  7. kevinlowder added a comment on a blog entry Day Thirty   

    Oh trust me, I know the feeling! D: Don't count on it for anything cosmetic related like this!
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  8. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Forty Four.
    So far so decent. I'm on the same dose as last month, so I'm quite positive that my progress has plateaued and I won't start seeing anything huge until I raise it to the 60 mg. a day that my doctor wanted me to do this month. My only complaints now are how dry I am (inside and out, I feel very dehydrated, granted, however, there is zeroooooo precipitation where I live- it's cold and dry so it's the 19th time around for that). My lips are to the point where I may as well use sand paper to get the chapped part off... I use aquaphor on them every night, and wake up to dry lips! D: It's a lot of fun! Another thing to take note of (to all of you LUCKY ones suffering from occasional psoriasis), I've had it since I can remember, it's painful, scaly, dry, it bleeds... it sucks... I break out in the oddest places ever. Currently I'm broken out on my stomach (which I always have been, and it comes and goes, but it's about two inches in diameter now, but with my luck with it, it'll spread to be like four or five). -___________- I also broke out on my arm and the top of my hand (on one side only!) I use a steroid called "Fluocinonide" cream 0.05%. It's very strong and it works almost over night which is wonderful, as it really isn't the most attractive looking rash in the world. -.- I still use La Mer whenever I remember (probably like once a week). Honestly, I can't remember the last time I've washed my face except for tonight, as I don't really need to (I actually break out when I do wash it with anything but water, and even then it's a test). I use so much eye cream and eye drops it's insane. I use Origins "Eye Doctor" and Lancôme "High Résolution Eye." I use these two because they're greasy and wonderful and I wake up and it's fully absorbed, and with accutane, you need anything to keep you from getting uncomfortable as far as dry skin is concerned.
    I was going to post pictures but I'll save that for much later as I'm practically passed out writing this but I had to because my face is about 90% clear and I couldn't be happier about it. I'll keep y'all posted! <3 K.
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  9. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Thirty
    I wish I had marvelous news but I really don't haha. The doc wanted to raise my dose, but I denied that at $700.00 for the next thirty days... So I'm still on 40mg. a day and I'm terrified I may plateau.. but from day 60-90 I hope to raise it to at least 60 or so a day to get this process going further. -.- but other than that, my skin looks wonderful! I'm getting even more and more comments on it it's mad
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  10. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Twenty Four.
    Colorado serves my skin ZERO justice... It's so dry, cold, and ruins it. The bloody noses have persisted quite a bit, although I barely get them now since I've been putting aquaphor in my nose My hair is dry to the point where whenever I wash it, the two times a week that I do (if that), I am not shampooing, I'm only using deep conditioner. Which I can't complain about at all! I'm using that aveda scalp revitalizer still, twice a day, and then I use moroccan oil (the heavy oil right out of the shower), and the Glimmer Shine spray twice a day and my hair soaks it right up.

    As far as skin is concerned: I no longer break out whenever I shave! YAYYYYYY Thank God. All is basically clear except for my forehead.. -_____- Oh well. My nose however is a sight to see. I'll see if I can take a picture with my better camera. My blackheads are about 50-60% gone, and they've literally fallen out. Over the course of about three days, they became spikes just sticking out of my face! then when I curiously touched them, they just came out. So that is still going on right now on my forehead and a little on my cheeks.

    My doctor's appointment is on Thursday so we'll see what she has to say but so far, I'm very impressed with the results, and this is only the beginning!
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  11. kevinlowder added a comment on a blog entry Day Nineteen.   

    One other product that I found works pretty good is by Aveeno for psoriasis prevention (as I have frequent outbreaks, and even since I was a child) and it is a colloidal oatmeal bath... I use two packets instead of one and I submerge my entire self into it to soak for about an hour... Throw in a deep conditioner and you're set
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  12. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Nineteen.
    So I decided (out of laziness and over anticipation) to postpone images until I'm more into my treatment. This stuff really is amazing and I still am doing research as to how it does what it does... After tomorrow, I'll be done with my second pack of ten gels which I'm pretty stoked about. As far as continued side effects go... Pain all over my body hasn't changed- just my old injuries, which are persistent but not enough for me to take too much consideration into (I can still run without my knees screaming at me). My scalp is pretty dry though which is to be expected, and my hair kind of breaks off but it's just normal hairloss for anybody (like 100 hairs a day, more or less depending on the color/condition of it). I use Creme de La Mer (the original stuff) and if anybody cares to read reviews on it, take them ALL with a grain of salt (if they are not good reviews) because more than likely, the user is using it wrong... I'll go more into depth at the end here. I use eyecream RELIGIOUSLY. My favorites are: Burts Bees (for a drugstore go to), Origins (I think it's called Gin-Zing, which is INCREDIBLE for brightening and hydration, and I also use the Eye Doctor), and if I really want to pamper myself? La Prarie is nice as well... But for the cause, aquaphor is really good for the edges of my eyes. One new-ish but not surprising at all side effect I am having are frequent nose bleeds... They suck, but I use a cotton swab and aquaphor to moisturize inside of my nose and it works wonders. As for my hair, to prevent loss/breakage beyond normal loss from the growth cycle, I use the Nourishair by GNC and it is the men's version (pretty sure it has more biotin in it than the original and the women's), and I picked up the Aveda Invati scalp revitalizer, which I'm pretty convinced on just because I was in the industry and the science makes perfect sense. As for moisture of my hair itself, I keep my hair washes at about twice a week, if that and I use Kevin Murphey's hydration wash and rinse and it's phenomenal. I also use Moroccan Oil on my hair and scalp as well (probably not so much my scalp because of my revitalizer). I have really short hair as well and I get away with using about 5 pumps of the oil... Body cream really hasn't been that much of a necessity beyond typical winter dryness (the beauty of Colorado, again) -_____________-

    As far as my face and breakouts (the part that matters haha) are concerned, I'm now recieving compliments on my skin and have gotten "porclean" and "dewy" and "flawless" out of people. I even had someone who asked if I was wearing make up! Awkward but it's decent, my now empty wallet clearly (no pun intended) went to a good cause...

    So to combat the dryness of my facial skin, I'm using La Mer's creme... A pea size amount and you're set... If you happen to drop by Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, pick up samples of it before trying of course, but I promise you won't be disappointed. My old rep told me to rub (emulsify) the cream in my fingers to "warm it up." Put it on your palm, rub until your hands feel like they're flaming, and you should have what looks like a clear gel, from a thick white cream, and press it into your face. Do not rub though, because I notice (with any product) if I rub my face, it turns red... It always has. It doesn't come off greasy or anything and your skin, if used correctly, should quench itself over time with it on, however I do reccomend it for night time... As for cleansing? I don't cleanse my skin all but three times a week and that's with water and nothing else... Cetaphil even burns my face... I just let the Accutane do its job and help myself by moisturizing and being thrilled with it so far! Feel free to message me with questions about any of it too! I'm pretty fluent in my product knowledge (from YSL cosmetics to M.A.C and even Nivea, Olay... I really have tried them all).

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  13. kevinlowder added a comment on a blog entry Day Ten.   

    Oh, and another side effect to take caution of- I live in Colorado, where it's too dry to even imagine... My nose bleeds a lot. I drink absurd amounts of water, and I've gotten to the point where aquaphor as about to make its way up there lol.
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  14. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Ten.
    Pretty crazy stuff! Day ten, just finished my first pack of ten gels, and I quit paying attention to my skin, honestly, and I've been going off of opinions. All I've really heard was that my skin is REALLY improving. And I'm red, dry, peeling, my lips are annoying... Really, the only part of me really broken out is my forehead. In cosmetology school, I learned that forehead breakouts are a result of a bad diet, which ill admit, I eat pretty horribly (20 pieces from Mickey -D's are my best friend lol!). But as far as high triglycerides (which are apparently a common side effect), I have yet to do my second round of blood work. But weight gain- no problem. One thing that could just be a coincidence is pain in my lower back, shoulder, sternum, and feet (I used to be a pretty hard core gymnast and that beat my body up for a good four years, and those were my places of injury). So maybe it kind of makes me sore there, but as far as that's concerned, nothing that I'm going to freak about. I use the night creams every now and again... Facial treatments aren't really an issue- I just got a Venus freeze done and it didn't do anything bad (they're nice actually!) ill post pictures soon though. And I'll take note as to if my skin gets better after dietary improvements..
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  15. kevinlowder added a blog entry in My Journey.   

    Day Four.
    So I didn't really want to post again so soon, but I had to because this stuff is really working already! It's crazy, I've already went into my initial breakout which is hideous but I guess that means it's working? I've kept my skincare routine the same... I currently use Dior HydraLife Créme Confort Pro-Jeunesse, which is really thick, but I think I'll go back to my Créme de la Mer, which has been my go to for ages now... I need to use a lot of lotion as my skin has already dried up. My favorite chapstick is by Blistex and it is the new moisture melt that's blue with dark blue beads in it. As for body lotion? I use whatever... I'm not too dry everywhere else. Thank God. As far as side effects go? I'm starving lol.
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