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  1. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Pictures! (Finally)   

    Hey sorry it has taken so long... How is your course doing? my back pain increased throughout the months... in the past week it's gone to my collar bones and my sternum (which I half split from an injury a while ago so it's probably from that).
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  2. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Pictures! (Finally)   

    It is strange, I was on once a day and it was almost like spiking your levels and I think that's why people lose hair honestly, I shed anyways, but I shed even more on the first two months because it was there, and then it wasn't until my next dose, and then my body kind of freaked out but as far as that goes my hair breaks a lot since it's dryer and I just use that morroccan oil and wash my hair seriously like once a month hahahaha it's disgusting but at least it isn't greasy anymore! As far as scars and hyperpigmentation, I seriously reccommend fraxel or Co2 laser treatment. I've had laser done, it doesn't feel the best and you are RED for about two weeks afterward, but the thing that really got me is that I didn't wait until I was clear. It works... And for up keep, go to an esthetician and do a microdermabrasion and a chemical peel directly afterward. You'll look jacked up for a minute but then it flakes off and it's mad the results! It could have made a difference since it's oral and I feel like a lot of the time since your saliva absorbs so much it may have made a difference either way. But no keep it up for sure! and just keep yourself moisturized. I wish I knew how this stuff worked internally instead of what it does, but all that matters is that it works. Yeah keep me up dated, I love before and after photos... mine clearly were pretty hideous because my back looked like that and my chest and the rest of my face, and then now I'm like JESUS it's incredible haha. But no keep me updated for real!
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  3. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Pictures! (Finally)   

    And as far as the gauntness, that picture has a lot of natural lighting but when I talk I look like a skeleton which could be from coffee and cigarettes (breakfast of champions!!!!) Also, tobacco (unlike what you're doctor will tell you), does not effect the accutane course, I won't reccommend it, but it doesn't do anything with accutane, the pills are not passed through your lungs hahaha.
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  4. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Pictures! (Finally)   

    @Ruweyda- Thank you so much!

    @Catlover2012- You know what? I used to have the biggest black heads- I would run my finger down my nose and it would literally feel like coarse sand paper... After about a month, they just fell out one day, in little cones, I woke up and I ran my hand down my nose and they were all there I wish I would have taken a picture! I am 100% clear and I haven't been since I was about 10 years old, even doxycycline was the best thing until accutane and that didn't even get me looking like this! As far as side effects however, I am of course very dry- lips, hands, cuticles, feet, and my psoriasis is just miserable as ever, but I was born with it and I think accutane just intesified it... My face has sunken in A LOT since I've started and I don't complain, but it was just something that happened- I think it kind of aged me. As far as joint pain- I was a gymnast and I got several injuries from doing that and since accutane, I just feel a little bit of discomfort, but nothing unbearable. My lower back used to hurt but either it's better or I've just gotten used to it... Keep and eye on it, and I don't reccommend taking tylenol for any pain since I've researched that messes with your liver ON TOP of the medication. Just ice them and sit down when you get the chance. I used to be an avid runner and just for precautionary purposes, I no longer run, I just hit up the elliptical at the gym Email me with more questions I'm sure side effect wise I think I've experienced the major ones (based on the studies).

    @mtallia- Aquaphor is WONDERFUL! I used to use it on my face in the winter time and I just kind of spaced it this time around haha. No just don't do it, you'll scar so bad, I have a little dent (I'll take a close up of it when I can) from when I popped a massive zit haha. For sure trust the process, like I said, they prescribed you the medication dosage and duration based on what they thought would be best for you, and in the end, it's all about what is in your system for relapse so you stay acne-free. Also I don't know if you use this but use a pouf with your body wash because the skin on your body isn't nearly as sensitive as it is on your skin, sure I don't reccommend waxing or anything like that, but seriously scrub it like crazy haha. Also taking epsom salts and a bath (with that Aveeno) and then using extra virgin olive oil for moisturizing (now that it is summer and a lighter moisturizer can be used), your skin will not only clear up more, but it will glow. Olive oil does wonders. The palmer's brand is excellent too, especially for scarring and hyper/hypo pigmentation. They use cocoa butter, so you can even go to vaseline's Total Moisture in a brown bottle and that stuff is my all time favorite. Yeah you'll get used to the back pain, I was like that during month two and then the half of the third month and it was almost like it went away; stretching it out is really good for it but don't push it! Just whatever you do, unless you are severely dry, don't put anything on your face unless it is an spf for during the day, and KEEP YOURSELF COVERED! It's summer time, hot as he//, and I still mob around in a hoodie and jeans because I'll fry in minutes I swear. But keep to it, it's a good investment, and trust me I wouldn't swear up and down by it if I weren't paying about $600+ a month for it. I was skeptical about it, but then I saw what it did? Previous dermatology appointments, laser work, plastic surgery, peels, and everything else- it added up to a lot, so think of it as not having to go to the doctor at least for a very long time.
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  5. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Back On The Pez....   

    how long have you been on the Amoxicillin? Unfortunately I think I've built an immunity to it... :/
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  6. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Pictures! (Finally)   

    And taking it with a meal with oils is good too because since it's synthetic vitamin A and it's fat soluble, you may have a better chance of your body metabolizing it, but that's just my theory! And as far as taking the dosage, try a ten to twelve hour split between the two, just to make sure it remains in your system at all times... That is a good body wash, be sure that the fragrance in it doesn't do anything though, it doesn't for me and I don't go out of my way to buy fragrance free lotions and washes, but just keep an eye out. Also another side effect I experienced... I have psoriasis and it sucks, I have a topical steroid that works wonders but some times that isn't even enough, and besides that, it stings like crazy because mine gets raw so quickly (it takes about 4 hours from that first itch to it spreading about 3 inches). I used this aveeno oatmeal bath for the longest time and my God does that do numbers for it! So try that out as well. Nothing medicated by any means. But no be patient as ever, and remember that there is a reason the dermatologist has prescribed it for months at a time. It works! Just take care of yourself, do your research, it's serious stuff, but as far as avoiding side effects and increasing a success rate for yourself (and everyone else), it takes patience and care. Especially if you're like myself without any insurance? I'm not spending over 4 grand for nothing.
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  7. klowder11 added a comment on a blog entry Pictures! (Finally)   

    Haha okay. Don't pick or pop whatever you do!!! What I've noticed that the accutane MAYBE caused my blood to thin out? I don't know, I bleed a lot (or bled a lot) whenever I popped them. It eventually got to the point where they began to pop on their own (as you can see they were massive and to the surface). But I also got worse during the first 2-3 months. I began at 40 milligrams for two months and then once I raised my dose it got so much better. However, what a lot of doctors won't specify on is whether or not you take your dose divided or together, I do mine on a divided schedule (spaced about 10-12 hours apart) because if I've done my research right, isotretinoin has a half life of 12 hours, so it's a sure fire way to keep it in your system at all hours of the day give or take a couple at the most.

    Another thing is that I don't reccommend washing broken out areas every day, at the most, every other day. Sure you can rinse and what not but with soap? It'll kill your skin... I think I was my face at the most once a week and that's with water... I don't moisturize because I don't feel the need to anymore.

    Be patient and if you are not already, I seriously recommend splitting your doses because once I did that I noticed SO much improvement! But trust me they'll start popping on their own and there will be times where you wake up with whatever running down your face from them! It's a gross process... As far as my back and my chest, my back got bad and my shoulders? HORRID.... But after about the end of this third month it's finally cleared up...
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  8. klowder11 added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Pictures! (Finally)
    So as promised I have included a picture for y'all to see. The picture explains itself, that after just three out of five months since I've began treatment, this is currently where I stand. I am taking a break for about 6 days because I haven't gotten month four filled yet (it takes forever typically). These pictures are not edited, the flash was on for the bottom left hand corner just to kind of illuminate my skin. But it's day one and day ninety. The picture on the right hand side is me today with no flash, no editing, just natural light. I'm quite impressed! Tell me what you think and feel free to email me with questions regarding management of side effects, the process... etc.
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  9. klowder11 added a blog entry in Accutane   

    Day Ninety
    Who knows what happened to my last blog, it got deleted, which upsets me because I actually wanted to see my progress when I was done to give a grand review. Anyways...

    So here I am, just finishing day number 90. I feel great, my skin looks airbrushed, my blood work comes back great every time (surprising considering how horribly I eat). I've left my skin alone... I haven't washed it in weeks, I exfoliate when needed with a washcloth, I never use lotion on it, the only product I use is the Art of Shaving for sensitive skin which consists of a pre shave oil, shave cream with a brush, and then the aftershave which as always broken me out terribly. My hands are dry for the most part, and the rest of my skin is quite dry as well...

    I had to take a break because I was forced to find another pharmacy due to the cost... I am paying about 600 a month, but this time around they fronted me the price of 1400? Noooooooooooooo never ever would I spend that much... It's ludacris and I can't justify that, so I found a different pharmacy that is charging me the 600 thank God. I'm at King Soopers with it, which believe it or not, is way less expensive than Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens, Target, Safeway... I was shocked at the rates I was getting- up to 2000 dollars. Don't pay a cent until you have done your research, and if a pharmacy says they can't get you a cash price without getting the prescription in their hands, keep walking and find someone else, they definitely can, although it may be without their discount (which Kings has a discount for those who's insurance won't cover it and it's off the charts, it saved me 275). So with that being said, the average price I've decided is about 900-1000, but still, don't pay that much. But I digress..

    So, in quick detail since I've managed to bore y'all to tears: my skin is insane, it looks as though I was 10 again lol. One thing that happened though (which I am not complaining at all), my face has gotten kind of gaunt, not sickly, but just kind of sunken in which could be from other factors. My pores are gone except for those on my cheekbones, which those were like looking at the moon in HD, 3D, microscope... What have you... absolutely ZERO pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

    In all, the next 60 days will be the longest ever, because I'm so thrilled to be done and off of this, even though it hasn't been as bad as I thought (at all). But so far and I'm sure beyond my time being up, I don't think I'll ever have to invest in anymore medication, OTC acne products*, or anything.

    One last thing... I put a * next to the OTC acne products because I was told once by one of my dermatologists that they were meant for those who got pimples every once in a blue moon, not for those of us who've had chronic cystic acne, teens going through hormonal changes, and even those of us who didn't even respond to pharmaceuticals and thought we just needed to wash our face more. I've never forgotten that and it truly made me consider this treatment since.

    K Bye <3
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