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  1. Kris1787 added a comment on a blog entry Accutane Journey   

    I am 25/f and I've been on accutane for 2 weeks now at 30mg. This is my first time on it, and so far I just have dry lips and eyes with mildly dry skin. I was on minocycline before this, so that cleared my moderate/severe acne pretty good but I was still breaking out. So right now I would say the majority of acne is around my mouth/chin.

    Good luck with your journey as well!!
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  2. Kris1787 added a comment on a blog entry Second Week!   

    I agree, coconut oil is not good for the face. I too am in week 2, 30mg. I have dry lips and eyes and mildly dry face. I've only gotten a few new "big" pimples, only 1 that had pus in it. I have a new one under my jaw, that hurts a little and I'm kind of worried because I used to get big painful cysts there. I was put on minocycline before accutane and it cleared all that up, thankfully. So if this is an IB I don't want to get those big cysts!
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  3. Kris1787 added a post in a topic 25/f Started Accutane Today!   

    I have cetaphil moisturizing cream, but when I tried the regimen I didn't like how the cream felt greasy after putting it on. They say cerave cream is good but I don't want to pay $15, when I still have a tub of cetaphil. Well pre-accutane I always used coppertone SPF 15, but now I have SPF 50. For my face I have eucerin daily moisturizer with SPF 30. I go to my local pool a lot so it'll be interesting how the sun will affect me.
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  4. Kris1787 added a post in a topic 25/f Started Accutane Today!   

    Thanks for the tips! I already stocked up on lip balm, and I'm not quite sure what cleanser I want to get. I've been getting recommendations on CeraVe. I also drink a lot of water already so that wont be a problem. I also got a high spf lotion already, so I just need a good cleanser.
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  5. Kris1787 added a topic in Accutane (isotretinoin) logs   

    25/f Started Accutane Today!
    My accutane journey started today! I am 25, female with moderate acne. I've had acne since I was about 13, light acne, normal teenager acne. As I got older it slowly got worse. Then in January it just exploded and I got acne that I never had before. Huge painful cysts and nodules all along my jawline. It looked like I had a beard of acne. 3 months later I broke down and went to the dermatologist. She mentioned accutane right away, but I put it off and decided to think about it. She put me on minocycline and I was on that for 2 months.

    I then decided on accutane, and just started today! The minocycline definetely helped, I no longer got cysts anymore, but I was still getting tiny little bumps all over. So I am very anxious and curious as to how I will react to accutane!
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  6. Kris1787 added a post in a topic I Don't Want To Go Swimming   

    I go to my local pool almost everyday and I wear a full face of makeup. However I don't get my head wet. By the time I go home, my face feels so gross from sitting out in the sun and sweating. I hate it but I'd rather do that than not wear any makeup. I'm kinda in the same boat. I don't have any huge active ones, but a lot of tiny non-pustule type ones and redness. Like what you said, try and find a waterproof foundation, or get a tinted moisturizer. I'm actually gonna look into a waterproof foundation now too! Good luck!
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  7. Kris1787 added a post in a topic Waiting Another Month To Be On Accutane   

    Haha nice..
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  8. Kris1787 added a post in a topic Waiting Another Month To Be On Accutane   

    Thanks for all your recommendations! I did know that about urine being yellow/clear. I drink a lot of water anyways. When I tried dans regimen it was in the winter. My skin gets dry in the winter anyways, but the regimen made it worse. So now that I'll be doing accutane in the summer, I wonder how dry it will be. When were you on tane?

    Also, I know you have to stay away from vitamin a, do you if you can any supplements/vitamins while taking tane?
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  9. Kris1787 added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Waiting Another Month To Be On Accutane
    Last month I decided on accutane. My dermatologist's medical assistant made a follow up appt this month. I come in and basically that MA screwed everything up. Last month she was supposed to put my in the ipledge system and she didn't. Not only that but she put in the wrong prescription for minocycline. Now I have to wait another month to get accutane.

    While I wait I thought I'd get some ideas on what products I should use while on accutane.

    I've heard bag balm does wonders for dry lips. So I'm thinking of buying some since almost everyone gets dry lips on accutane. What are some gentle cleansers I can use? I have Dan's cleanser, or should I use something else? Also, I really didn't like his moisturizer. I was using cetaphil cream but that is really greasy.
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  10. Kris1787 added a post in a topic Can I Double My Dosage?   

    Yeah I don't mind running out early, I'm actually going to be on accutane soon anyways.
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  11. Kris1787 added a post in a topic Can I Double My Dosage?   

    No, the first time she prescribed me 100mg once a day. Now, the nurse who enters the prescription into the computer put 5mg once a day. She was having trouble putting in the prescription that I think she just goofed and put 50 instead of 100. The 50mg it says to take once a day too, I just want to know if I can take 2- 50mg pills a day to get me back up to 100mg a day.
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  12. Kris1787 added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Can I Double My Dosage?
    This may seem like a silly question, but I need some opinions. I'm was on 100mg of minocycline for 1 month. When I went back to the derm the nurse messed it up somehow and prescribed me 50mg instead of 100. Since I'm only taking 1 pill a day can I take 2 a day, 12 hours apart, to get me back to taking 100mg? I have noticed that I'm breaking out more since taking 100mg.
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  13. Kris1787 added a post in a topic 100Mg Of Minocycline?   

    I'm on minocycline too, I take 100mg too but only once a day. I really don't know if your dose is a lot but I once took antibiotics before for an infection in my finger and I took 200mg twice a day. Not all antibiotics are the same but....hey if it's clearing your skin! Just ask your derm anyways
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