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  1. Sun Exposure

    I would skip BP for the day and just make sure to have moisturizer and sunscreen. Immediately when you are done, then you can do the whole regimen process.
  2. Alternative (drugstore) products

    Cetaphil and Cerave are always my go to drug store products for cleanser and moisturizer. In fact I prefer those two over the cleanser and moisturizer. I really only order BP, AHA and jojoba oil from
  3. About to call it quits on regimen

    My skin was dry up until the 5th month of the regimen. It will always be different from people but if your face is dry, add more moisturizer throughout the day. And when you are asleep make sure you have more than enough on your face. At the end of the day it is your choice, but it would be a shame cause it was working to clear you up.
  4. Three Months on Regimen - Dryness and AHA+

    Start out 1-2 nights a week by mixing aha and moisturizer and adding a few drops of jojoba oil. This has helped my skin so much to recover from the dryness. Once your skin gets used to the AHA, then you can eventually start using it 4-5 times a week and have have some nights where you use it in place of the moisturizer.
  5. question about regimen

    Cleanse. Treat. Moisturize.
  6. Hormonal Acne

    It is probably your skin just purging from stopping the BC. Give your hormones some time to regulate itself before adding anything to the regimen. Your body might just need some time to adjust without the BCP.
  7. AHA and Benzoyl Peroxide

    The stinging sensation is perfectly normal. If it is really bad, try to water down the AHA with moisturizer... mix half AHA and half moisturizer then apply that on top of the BP. It might still sting a bit but it wouldn't be as bad as using AHA alone. Eventually your skin will get used to the AHA and then you should be able to use AHA in place of the moisturizer.
  8. My Acne Has Gotten Worse?!

    Be persistent! I went through the same thing of no breakouts for the first few weeks then after the 4th/5th week I broke out so much. I realized my skin was still purging all the acne that hadn't surfaced. So just keep doing what you are doing and give the regimen more time to get rid of your acne.
  9. Jojoba oil making me break out?

    The timing might be the issue. After a month into the regimen was when my massive breakouts started. Remember, acne doesn't come out a day after you use a product. Usually this starts a week or so before it actually shows up on your face. So it could still be your skin purging from starting the regimen.
  10. Valtrex!

    I doubt what you took is the cause. Pimples don't pop out that quickly. Usually it takes about a week or so for the pimple to come to the surface.
  11. This is normal. The red marks do take time to go away but it will eventually do. I use AHA (10% glycolic acid) to speed up the process in fading the marks.
  12. It sounds like you have a facial cyst. It would be much safer to have a dermatologist take a look. They might nick the skin a bit and extract it the proper way. If its a cyst, the whole things needs to be taken out or there is a chance it might form up again.
  13. On the build your own kits he is right, you can only order up to 3 per items. If you select the items individually on each of their pages you can get up to 9 per items.
  14. I would say laser definitely. Research on what kind of laser should be used on your type of skin and go to a few places to compare prices. This is a pricier way for hair removal but it really does make sure a difference.
  15. Diet and the regimen

    A few years ago I did try eating junk. Sadly that didn't help at all. It was the regimen that clear up my acne and has kept me clear over the years. Happy to report I freely eat anything I want and don't have to worry about acne as long as I keep up with the regimen twice a day.
  16. Regimen Success Rate Questions

    The thing is you will never know unless you try right? I was on the same boat as you...tried everything and felt pretty hopeless. I finally gave in and tried the regimen and really stuck to the instructions as closely as possible. It worked for me and I have been keeping up with it ever since. I have been clear for almost 4 years now.
  17. I don't think a derm would ask you to do that unless you had something to show them near the area of your tattoo. If the concern is your face, then there should be no disrobing required.
  18. I love my Cerave lotion as an AM moisturizer and my Cetaphil lotion as my PM moisturizer.
  19. Why did it become ineffective do you think? Your skin will not get used to BP. Chances are it might have something to do with using ONLY epiduo. The regimen is really a three step process with a gentle cleanser, a treatment and gentle moisturizer. It is the combination of these three, plus the application process that really works well together.