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  1. Question

    Cleanse, treat and moisturize. That's it! Once you are done with moisturizer you can go to bed. No need to cleanse anything off until the next time you do the regimen process.
  2. Cetaphil cleanser

    Do you moisturize? I find that even though I have oily skin, my skin will produce more oil if stripped of its moisture. So after I wash and treat my face, I always have moisturizer as a final step. But if you are interested in the Oily Skin Cleanser then you can always try the small bottle and compare how your skin feels on that one.
  3. list your 2 favorite products

    Definitely go for the BP because the bottles are huge and they are the best bang for your buck. Also get the AHA because it is hard to find any other product like it. Save it for when you are a month into the regimen though. The cleanser, moisturizer and jojoba oil you can all find pretty easily.
  4. Just so you know you can't be on antibiotics for sooo long unless advised by a doctor. Chances are you will build up a resistance to it and then it won't work anymore. Although I can't really comment on weight gain since I was only on minocycline for 3 months.
  5. This is really something you should ask for doctor about. Just as a precaution.
  6. BP Swelling red cyst and pimples

    In the initial stages of the regimen most people's skin will experience breakouts. This is your skin purging and adjusting to the medication. So expect a lot of ups and downs...meaning breakouts, dryness, itching, redness, etc. I was still breaking out during my 4th and 5th week but I didn't stop because I wanted to give the regimen time to work for my skin. Eventually I was right and not stopping was the best decision I have made for my skin. Have been clear now for almost 4 years.
  7. Suffering from Dry Skin? Read.

    Awesome and very informative.
  8. This is very normal. I was breaking out so much during my 4th and 5th week that I almost quit. But do not let the breakouts discourage you. This is more or less a purging period where all the acne underneath is coming out because the BP is working. Keep doing the regimen and sticking to the routine as required.
  9. FLAKING - 2-3 weeks

    Unfortunately we all have to deal with flakes. Some people exfoliate gently with jojoba oil to remove the flakes but for me all you can really do is moisturize. You can add more throughout the day if your skin looks dry. And yes, mix a few drops of jojoba oil to your two pumps of moisturizer and apply it after the BP has dried. Also, I love the cetaphil lotion. I only use it as my night time moisturizer though because my face would look so greasy in the AM if I did that.
  10. It took about 4 months for me for my skin to feel like skin again. Not too much flaking but essentially the texture was very different in the initial stages of the regimen. Around this time I got my moisturizing act together. Cerave in the AM and in the PM was a slathering of Cetaphil lotion plus jojoba oil. I was a greasy mess at night because of that but it definitely helped out my skin in the long run.
  11. acne after 5months again

    I can buy it at drugstores here in Canada. They sell the usual cerave, cetaphil, aveeno type of lotions. You might find it in grocery stores? Yes I do use revlon colorstay. It hides the redness from acne very well, but as for bumps, no foundation can really mask them completely.
  12. Thinking of quitting the regimen

    If you are strapped for money and its hard to get the products then only get the BP and AHA. The cleanser, moisturizer and jojoba oil you can get elsewhere. I love my cerave and cetaphil moisturizer and I believe they work better for my skin. Cerave in the AM and Cetaphil in the PM. I know makeup is hard to go without but applying a little less would be better. In the long run your skin will thank you for it. And make sure to do the regimen as instructed...two times day with the required dosage and all done very gently. If you want the regimen to work you really have to give it a fair shot.
  13. acne after 5months again

    I am here to try and help so I am glad I can do that for you. I am still taking the pill now but have switched from Diane 35 to Ortho Tri Cyclen which is a lower dose of hormones. The primary reason why I take it is to regulate my period. There was a period of 2 months I believe when I went of birth control and I was extremely glad my skin was still clear with using only The Regimen. This pretty much made it obvious that the regimen really did clear my acne and not just because I was on birth control.
  14. acne after 5months again

    Since you are sort of just starting back up the regimen...give it time to work for you before adding in any more. If I were you I would hold off on the birth control and AHA for the moment. You can incorporate the AHA after being on the full regimen for a month. You can revisit the idea of birth control later on but for now give the regimen some time to work for your skin.
  15. Staying on the regimen for how long?

    Yeah, I knew mine was a hormonal issue because my doctor ran some blood work and other tests to determine my hormones were kinda off. I'm sure you can also ask your physician for more information about that. Going vegan would be great for me...but yeah...burgers man!! I can't!!! Hahaha.
  16. Staying on the regimen for how long?

    For me I haven't used anything as effective as BP...I try to taper the amount of BP but acne always comes back so I know I haven't outgrown acne as of yet. The ideal thing would be to find out what causes your acne...if it is hygiene, hormones, diet, etc. Once you find out what causes it then you can find ways on how to go about treating it. For me it is hormones and my PCOS. I have to go through diet changes and weightloss to help with the symptoms. I am trying to do that now but while doing that I am also still on the regimen cause I don't want to breakout.
  17. Redness but no discomfort

    That is totally fine to do. For some people it is an additional step so they sometimes mix it together. But if you can wait for the moisturizer to dry before applying the SPF then that is great!
  18. Two Successful Years On The Regimen

    I have tried both moisturizers. The moisturizer is good but it stains my pillowcases like crazy and it takes a while to absorb into my skin. I used a clinique moisturizer when I started but it was crazy expensive. Thats when I found cerave and have used it for a while now and I still love it. It lasts me for a few months so easy on the wallet too.
  19. I love cerave lotion! I guess it really depends from person to person. But I love cerave as my daytime moisturizer because it absorbs really quickly and doesn't break me out. At night I use the cetaphil lotion because it is very thick and helps hydrate my skin. In the morning it feels very soft. I would avoid cetaphil as a morning moisturizer because it is very thick and just makes your face look greasy.
  20. awful regimen breakout - week 2

    Letting all you guys know that breakouts, redness, itching, dry patches are all normal. These are all part of the initial stages of the regimen. If the side effects get to be too much you can always add more moisturizer throughout the day to help.
  21. Estee lauder

    I recently just tried that foundation and it works pretty well at covering redness. If you are interested in trying it I suggest getting matched and getting a sample from sephora. That way you can try it out for a few days to see how your skin reacts to it.
  22. Butt acne

    I would try an antibacterial soap (like cetaphil) and then applying tretinoin to spot treat. This way clothes or sheets arent stained. Also, make sure you wash your your clothes constantly. Try not to wear anything two times in a row without getting it washed. Get your sheets washed once a week too. And although you might prefer thongs, sometimes its better that your butt rub up on smooth cotton undies rather than tight denim or other kinds of material. That is my two cents.
  23. regimen

    Wearing makeup doesn't mess up the regimen but it could slow it down. And honestly when starting the regimen, my face was kind of irritated and sore that it was kind of painful applying so much stuff like primers or foundation. At that point I did the regimen, added some tinted moisturizer and that was it.
  24. I don't know what to do anymore

    You aren't alone. My acne left behind so many red marks. The regimen helped me out a lot but the red marks took a couple of months to fade. Have you incorporated the AHA into your routine? I find that the AHA works best when applied BEFORE the BP. So I would cleans my face, spot treat the red marks with AHA, let it dry then do the BP and the moisturizer. I would do this in the morning and at night and made sure I was never under the sun for long periods of time without SPF. Give the AHA a try and patient. Not what people like to hear but eventually with no more acne the red marks with slowly fade.
  25. These are the foundations that to me have worked really well in terms of my oily skin. Plus these are all medium to high coverage and I have never had a problem with them breaking me out. Estee and MUFE are a bit on the pricier side but they are extremely long wearing and easy to blend. For the Revlon one, it has good staying power but you need to be quick cause it dries up pretty fast. Estee Lauder Double Wear Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Revlon Colorstay (recommend using with a drop of your favorite facial oil to make application easier)