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  1. AHA + No Burning? Help!

    Don't worry about it not burning. I used to think since I didn't feel a burning sensation that it wasn't working but my skin is just tougher than I thought. I use AHA every night mixed with my moisturizer and jojoba oil. I enjoy it very much. If your skin doesn't get irritated, then I don't see why you can't use it again tonight. Just be warned that your skin will be more sensitive to the sun. Wear sunblock if you plan to be in the sunshine.
  2. Still Frustrated, Scratching Scars

    When you say scratch marks do you mean marks that you have scratched and have healed? Or just red marks left behind by acne? Anyway, I use AHA in two way for active acne and red marks. 1. Spot Treatment - I do this twice a day BEFORE I applied the BP. 2. Moisturizer - Every night I use 1/2 moisturizer and 1/2 AHA...combine the two and apply over my face. And then twice a week I skip the moisturizer and just use a full dosage of AHA. AHA stings for some people, but I never got that reaction. I think I am just used to it. Try incorporating it slowly with the moisturizer, that should help.
  3. Red, Flakey, F*&k!

    Yes, you can always apply more moisturizer throughout the day. I did that as well as fan my face because I started using the full amount early on and used a 5% BP. Not the best idea but I powered through it and also switched to 2.5% after a few weeks and my skin was finally able to adjust and settle down. The AHA is a great idea, however, make sure you are at least a month into the regimen and incorporate it slowly. When I was struggling with the redness and itchyness and flakes I was using Cetaphil moisturizer in the evening because it is very thick and doesn't get absorbs easily in the skin. It really helped a lot. Make sure your moisturizer feels that way. Adding jojoba oil is a great idea too.
  4. It is always different for every person. I have some spots that go away in two days and some stubborn ones that take a week.
  5. Acne Marks HELP!

    For spot treating yes, apply it only to the red marks. In addition to that you can also use 1/2 AHA and 1/2 moisturizer mixed together and apply it after the BP. This might sting so you can so this maybe 2-3 times a week then eventually you can move up to using a full face of AHA once or twice a week in the evening in place of moisturizer.
  6. It looks like cystic acne that got inflammed and infected. At this point try the ZIIT method to help it calm down.
  7. Still Frustrated, Scratching Scars

    Although I don't have scars from scratching I did have so much red marks from what the acne left behind. If you are a month into the Regimen it might be a good time to incorporate AHA into your routine. I used AHA religiously when I was clear to help with the marks. Although it does take time, with patience you will see results. I used it as a spot treatment BEFORE I applied my BP in the AM and PM. Slowly I also mixed it in with my moisturizer (1/2 AHA and 1/2 moisturizer) at night. Then gradually used a full face of AHA in place of my moisturizer twice a week.
  8. After clear skin

    You are supposed to continue using the treatment. The does NOT cure acne but it CONTROLS it. So if you keep up with the regimen then it will keep you clear for a looooong time. I have been clear for more than three years now and it feels really good. Once you have been clear for a long while you can always try to wean yourself off the regimen and see if your body has stopped producing acne. If not, you can always go back on the regimen.
  9. What to do on a long plane ride?

    I would advise not to skip the BP but instead keep a lot of moisturizer on hand with jojoba oil. I was just recently on a 10-11 hour flight and I made sure to really keep up with the regimen on the plane because plane air just doesn't to anything for my skin. I increased my moisturizer dosage and also applied more in between when my skin feels dry. It is a hassle to bring the whole regimen on the plane but I did it so it wouldn't cause any breakouts after the plane ride. It worked thankfully and I got out of that zit free.
  10. Moisturizer isnt being absorbed!! Help!

    Try applying the moisturizer in halves. Half the dosage first...let it dry and absorbs and once that is all good you can apply the other half of the dosage. Are you using the moisturizer?
  11. I love both! Cerave is my AM moisturizer because it just absorbs nicely into my skin and I don't look like a greasy mess going about my day. However, Cetaphil is a great PM moisturizer for me when I only need to go to bed. Yes it is thick and greasy on the face but waking up in the morning your skin feels so moisturized.
  12. Acne Marks HELP!

    For me BP seems to prolong the red marks that acne leaves behind. However, do know that it will go just takes time. AHA is a great choice to incorporate into the regimen. My suggestion would be to use is as a spot treatment twice a day BEFORE applying the BP. For some reason it speeds up the fading of the marks for me.
  13. Should I continue using the regimen?

    Two and a half weeks is still very early. In the initial months of the regimen you will go through many ups and downs before getting clear. It is all a matter of sticking to Dan's instructions and following them very meticulously. If you don't, you aren't giving the regimen a fair shot.
  14. Burning sensation?

    I suggest applying a bit of moisturizer around your eyes before applying the treatment just to make sure you don't get treatment around that area. But yes, sometimes there is a bit of stinging. I experience that too but it really doesn't last more than a minute for me.
  15. Bad reaction to products

    Rash? The initial stages of the regimen does involve a hardening process where your skin is itchy and red and dry. This is your skin getting used to the regimen. Eventually in a few weeks this will go away.
  16. Am I allergic to BP?

    Your skin isn't allergic. This is basically the process where your skin is adjusting to the BP. After a while your skin will settle and the dry itchy feeling will go away. Just make sure you are moisturizing your skin well. Give the regimen time to really help you and power on through the annoying irritation a bit longer.
  17. Stop with all the other treatments at once. And just stop the facials and extractions. With the regimen we know that Irritation = Acne so it is best to just be very gentle and remember to touch your face as little as possible. Go back to the basics of the regimen and give it time to fix your skin. Make sure you get your rest and have time to relax. Stress is a big factor for my acne and I find it best do to something that gets rid of it before my skin breaks out.
  18. Prior to the regimen I tried differin and BP...both of which didn't work. However, I tried the regimen because it was different from just using BP on its own. The set of instructions are different and the dosage is different as well. Given those set of rules and guidelines within the whole process I really was able to clear my skin and have stayed clear. My advice would be if you do try the regimen, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and understand it will be a commitment of time and effort. If you can't do the routine as specified then it just might be a waste.
  19. Have you tried incorporating any exfoliating products to help? The AHA has really helped speed up the healing of my red marks. Although I have never tried it on my back, it worked extremely well for marks on my face.
  20. HELP!!!! Regimen for 11 months now working

    I have been there too and it is crappy. I have gone through some weeks where the acne comes in 2 or 3 spots in a very short amount of time. I never changed my diet, facial routine or change any type of medication/supplement I was taking. However, a big kicker for me is stress. I realized being stressed over work, or personal things affected my skin a lot. So at this point it is good to re-examine how you feel and also your regimen routine. Make sure you are doing everything correctly to how it was instructed my Dan. It can be a good reminder to keep you on track and to re-examine the products you are using.
  21. You can pretty much see my routine on my signature but the one thing that I felt really clear me was the whole concept of "More Irritation = More Acne". When your skin is dry it will result in irritation and for me that means more acne. Obviously I am no derm, but so far even though I have the oiliest skin I know, I still use moisturizer day and night. Cerave Lotion in the AM and Cetaphil lotion in the PM.
  22. How each person wants to clear their acne is very personal. I am open-minded when it comes natural remedies and science based remedies. Unfortunately it seems I am very biased on the science based remedy since it has been the only thing that has worked for me in the past ( regimen, Antibiotics, Tretinoin, Birth control pills, etc.). I am a firm believer that every single person is different and that there are so many factors that go into having acne that it can't possibly be a one cure fits all kind of thing. A person needs to decide how to control their acne based on time, lifestyle and effort they want to put into it because I for sure know it can't be always that easy.
  23. Don't you think there is a reason they have all these charities helping them out? Even when us acne sufferers endure humiliation or bullying or strange looks, at the end of the day we are still alive and we are still able to do something about our situations and get in the right mind set to deal. Unfortunately for them time is not always something they have. You may not feel sympathy for them but I bet you that most of them would switch places with you in a heartbeat.
  24. Any foundation recommendations???

    I personally love Revlon Colorstay & Loreal Infallible Liquid Foundation. I would say Revlon is full coverage while Loreal is more medium. Some people swear by Estee Lauder Double Wear but I haven't tried that one yet.
  25. I noticed my replies on some of my old posts were missing too.