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  1. Incorporating other products into the regimen

    Just a word of advice, it is best to incorporate the serum when your skin is finally clear.  With serums I would pretty much apply them before the treatment. I think it works better when there are no other layers before it is applied.  In regards to SPF, 25 should be good since you aren't really out in the sun too much. 
  2. I definitely agree with leelowe1! Dwelling on the past and what could have been if this were the situation or that were the situation doesn't help one bit. Although my family was very understanding and tried their best to spend for acne medication, antibiotics, dermatologist fees...none of the money they spent had helped. I'm sure every parent wishes they could give their kid everything, but sometimes it just isn't feasible.  I say the best thing to do is look forward! My best possible advice would be to surround yourself with people who you can talk to about it and couldn't care less of what you look like. Growing up it was my very very best friends who sort of shaped me not to become an emotional recluse given my issues being overweight and having severe acne.   
  3. If price/shipping is an issue my advice would be to just buy the BP in bulk. Get 3 or 4 huge bottles of BP and get drugstore cleanser and moisturizer. 3-4 bottles should last you the whole year already.
  4. Face washing

    Hmmm. How many hours apart is your workout and evening routine?  
  5. Skin looking oily and dark all day long

    Technically the moisturizer is supposed to be absorbed into the skin. If that is a problem then try applying it one pump at a time. It absorbs faster that way.   Although I love the regimen, the moisturizer isn't my favorite. I use two different ones because they feel better on my skin. If you don't like it you can always switch it up.
  6. Sunscreen SPF Question

    The higher the SPF the better for your skin in the long run. However, it really depends on how your skin reacts to the ingredients of the sunscreen. My skin has never gotten along with SPF because of how greasy it feels if I apply it every single day. I stick to using it when I know I will be out in the sun for some time.
  7. Hi all

    Check out for all the cost details. For any inquiries Customer Support can be contacted through
  8. Using Make-Up while on the Regimen

    It is advised to stay away from make-up with the regimen. For me I used only some tinted moisturizer. Anything more I applied just felt very tacky and sticky and dry on my skin. I had really bad dry patches so I made sure to moisturizer  throughout the day to help with that.
  9. Face washing

    I would say don't wash it off until you do your evening routine of the regimen. Washing it off could make your face dryer and more irritated as it is. 
  10. Regimen for dry skin

    A lot of people with dry skin have had success with the regimen. The process really is about getting rid of the bacteria and balancing your skin so it isn't left irritated and dry. Cleanse, treat and moisturize....although I have very oily skin the thought of a moisturizer terrified me because I don't want my skin getting more oily and then I would break out. But now it all makes sense to me...the less irritated my skin is...the clearer it got. It really is about finding safe ground no matter what your skin type.
  11. With every new product you try, people say you have to give it a couple months to see if it works. Miracles usually never happen overnight so since you spend the money anyways, why not see the product through and if in a few months your skin still isn't what you expected, then go see your derm.
  12. Big purple pimple, swollen area around

    You might have to take an oral antibiotic for this. I had the same think on my leg (I think it was a boil) and I took antibiotics for a week. Get it checked by a doctor to make sure it isn't a cyst or anything. Usually those things come back if they aren't popped and cleaned out properly.
  13. Stinging eyes

    This usually happens when your skin is adjusting to the BP. My tip would be that before you apply BP on your face, put a layer of moisturizer by your eye area. This will create a bit of a barrier that will help with the stinging. Make sure when you apply BP you don't get near that area with the moisturizer.
  14. Skin looking oily and dark all day long

    Are you using the moisturizer? I have to admit I do not use it too often because it gives my skin a yellow-er hue.  For the oily issue....I always take with me those paper oil control sheets. I try to blot my face twice or three times a day. This way I am getting rid of the oil without really touching my skin too much.
  15. Dove soap is actually great! I just use that to get the gunk off all my brushes. Once I have squeezed out the excess water I spray the bristles with a bit of tea tree oil. It has antibacterial properties which makes sure your brushes are free of all them germs.
  16. Put on lotion after the regimen ..

    It isn't cheap but it definitely lasts a long time for me since I only use it in the morning (1 pump). It lasts me a good couple of months.
  17. please help?!

    To be honest, I have not used any of the products on your regimen. I hope you looked at the ingredients and made sure they aren't comedegenic and are gentle to use for your skin (apart from the BP).
  18. please help?!

    The new spots must be your skin purging. Trust new products until you are actually clear. You are only a week into it and some people actually break out even on the second month into the regimen so have a little patience.
  19. Purging on the Regimen?

    This is to be expected. Often times people get bad breakouts weeks into the regimen so don't let that discourage you. My worst breakout was during my 4th and 5th week. So many cysts came to the surface of my jawline and I was very close to quitting. However, I stuck with it and it was the best decision I've ever made for my skin.  Have patience!
  20. Moisturizer???

    With the regimen moisturizer is definitely a big step. The benzoyl peroxide will dry your your face if you are still getting used to it and like it did with me, it hurt when applying moisturizer after. Since you are just starting, if your skin gets really dry, you are always allowed to apply more moisturizer throughout the day. I use the Cerave moisturizer during the day. This is easily absorbed into the skin and doesnt feel heavy but still does the job. At night I use the regular cerave lotion...this pretty much makes my skin feel like an oil slick but I'm going to sleep anyways so it doesn't matter. I do love the feeling of waking up in the morning and having my skin feel so much softer after Cetaphil.
  21. Changing SkinCare Products

    When trying to go milder...I trust products like Cetaphil for cleansing and moisturizing. To help with my acne marks I rarely use any scrubs, I stick to chemical exfoliants like creams with glycolic acid or lactic acid. 
  22. Please contact site support to help you with this issue.
  23. Extra oil

    For the day time I like using Cerave lotion. It absorbs quickly but still keeps my skin all soft. During the night, I use Cetaphil lotion or Cetaphil cream...both are very thick so be careful with how much you put on. It makes your face look like a shiny mess...but it doesn't bother me as I'm only going to sleep. It takes a while to settle into your skin but I wake up with my skin feeling really soft.
  24. redness and itchy with photo

    This is very normal. Your skin is adjusting to the BP so it will feel itchy and dry and irritated. That is what moisturizer is for. Makes sure you moisturize enough these first few weeks so it can help with the problem. 
  25. Follow the instructions on the dosage chart. That should give you an idea of how much BP you should be using at how many weeks in. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly...once you are clear you can try and test if you can get away with using less BP.