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  1. Valtrex!

    I doubt what you took is the cause. Pimples don't pop out that quickly. Usually it takes about a week or so for the pimple to come to the surface.
  2. This is normal. The red marks do take time to go away but it will eventually do. I use AHA (10% glycolic acid) to speed up the process in fading the marks.
  3. It sounds like you have a facial cyst. It would be much safer to have a dermatologist take a look. They might nick the skin a bit and extract it the proper way. If its a cyst, the whole things needs to be taken out or there is a chance it might form up again.
  4. On the build your own kits he is right, you can only order up to 3 per items. If you select the items individually on each of their pages you can get up to 9 per items.
  5. I would say laser definitely. Research on what kind of laser should be used on your type of skin and go to a few places to compare prices. This is a pricier way for hair removal but it really does make sure a difference.
  6. Diet and the regimen

    A few years ago I did try eating junk. Sadly that didn't help at all. It was the regimen that clear up my acne and has kept me clear over the years. Happy to report I freely eat anything I want and don't have to worry about acne as long as I keep up with the regimen twice a day.
  7. Regimen Success Rate Questions

    The thing is you will never know unless you try right? I was on the same boat as you...tried everything and felt pretty hopeless. I finally gave in and tried the regimen and really stuck to the instructions as closely as possible. It worked for me and I have been keeping up with it ever since. I have been clear for almost 4 years now.
  8. I don't think a derm would ask you to do that unless you had something to show them near the area of your tattoo. If the concern is your face, then there should be no disrobing required.
  9. I love my Cerave lotion as an AM moisturizer and my Cetaphil lotion as my PM moisturizer.
  10. Why did it become ineffective do you think? Your skin will not get used to BP. Chances are it might have something to do with using ONLY epiduo. The regimen is really a three step process with a gentle cleanser, a treatment and gentle moisturizer. It is the combination of these three, plus the application process that really works well together.
  11. Struggling with PCOS diet :(

    The key is to meal plan and eating small meals a day. I find that preparation is the best defense against over eating. Also, you don't need to get rid of all the things you love, you just need to find healthier options or have a sensible portion of it. Never let yourself get hungry so always have some snack in you when you are out and about. This is to keep you from making any unhealthy choices. Also, what I found that has helped me is getting a food scale and using it in coordination with an app that tracks my calories (MyFitnessPal). This has been the biggest help in my lifestyle change. I am eating better without feeling deprived.
  12. *inhale* Starting the Regimen..questions?

    1. Try to space your face washing to at least 10 hours apart. So if you do the regimen at noon after you shower, you can do it at 10pm again before bed. Try to find the best possible time you can do it. 2. You don't have to use the moisturizer. I use my cerave and cetaphil and love it! As long as your Aveeno doesn't break you out and provides enough moisture and works with the treatment then I don't see a reason why you can't continue using it. 3. Most of the time people use the regimen and experience that there face gets worse before it gets better. So just be aware of the side effects of BP and make sure you are fully prepared to combat those for the first couple of weeks/months.
  13. Itchy Neck After Moisturizer

    Could it be that when you apply moisturizer you start at your face and bring it down to your neck? If so, you could be taking some of the BP residue and rubbing it into the skin of your neck. Chances are this would cause the irritation.
  14. Shiny forehead all day

    Over the years I have come to realize some people have different skin types. Normal, oily, dry, combo...etc. It is just how your body is. Over time that could change, or maybe even depending on the season or hormones but a permanent fix is hard to pinpoint. I know Accutane does a lot to control oil glands but then makes your skin extremely dry. I have extremely oily skin but have learned to live with it and just use blotting papers. I figure that in the long run my oily skin is a good thing because I age more gracefully and not have too many wrinkles when I get older.
  15. Need encouragement

    A month is still very early into the regimen. You will experience good days and bad days. However, you have to realize that you spent so much time and effort to do this regimen that you really have to give it a fair shot. I broke out the worst on my 4th and 5th week into the regimen and it almost made me want to give up. But I kept pushing and in the end it was the best decision I made for my skin. Going onto 4 years with this regimen and have been so happy with its results.
  16. 2 questions!

    You should do the regimen after your shower.
  17. Hair came out of pimple?

    Sounds like some kind of ingrown hair. Although it is strange of hair to be on the nose. Make sure you wash your face and apply your preferred spot treatment to it. I recommend benzoyl peroxide 2.5% or an AHA.
  18. Hi, I have been following your posts and had a question for you. You have been using this regimen in the same exact way for 3-4 years? You never tried to ease off of it by using it on alternate days or only at night? 

    1. nicmic62


      I have not tried to ease of it. There are times when I do only use it once a day, say if I spend the day at the beach, then I only do the regimen at night because I will be under and the sun or in the water anyways.

    2. Aru27


      Ok! Thanks so much!

  19. Question

    Cleanse, treat and moisturize. That's it! Once you are done with moisturizer you can go to bed. No need to cleanse anything off until the next time you do the regimen process.
  20. Cetaphil cleanser

    Do you moisturize? I find that even though I have oily skin, my skin will produce more oil if stripped of its moisture. So after I wash and treat my face, I always have moisturizer as a final step. But if you are interested in the Oily Skin Cleanser then you can always try the small bottle and compare how your skin feels on that one.