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  1. My skin is getting worse

    With the regimen in some cases it is a "It gets worse before it gets better" deal. You just have to power through and give it some time to really work for your skin.
  2. Regimen has not made any progress. Should I quit?

    Be sure you are following the steps as you should. This quick test should guide:
  3. Dry neck

    It really depends on your skin when it can fully adjust. For me it took months for my skin to feel like skin again. No dryness, no itching, no redness, no took maybe around 4 months. So gauge the skin on your neck, maybe it needs more moisturizer, maybe add some jojoba oil, maybe switching to a moisturizer that suits your skin/climate more is also a good thing.
  4. What Is This?

    It looks like a tiny cyst.
  5. Is my acne hormonal?

    It could be hormonal. You will never know for sure unless you get lab work done with your doctor. For me when it is that time of the month I do get cystic acne on my jawline/chin. I would get one or two a week before my period starts. I am on the regimen which definitely cleared my severe acne but I wouldn't recommend it seems it seems you only have a couple of spots. Perhaps spot treatment is the way to go.
  6. What is AHA+ used for?

    For treatment of my red marks I spot treat using the AHA before I apply my BP. And I do this both day and night, just gotta be careful since BP and AHA does make your skin sensitive to the sun so make sure you either avoid it or put on some SPF.
  7. HELP! Uneven skin texture from peeling

    Your skin is still adjusting to the BP so give it some time. With BP your skin will get dehydrated and that is why the tone looks uneven. Do not forget to moisturize because that will help counter a lot of the redness from the BP.
  8. No progress on regimen

    Keep going! The first month is still very new into it and there will be a whole lot of ups and downs. If you just continue to do the regimen how its supposed to be done then you will see results. You just need to give it time. The process suggests 3-4 months but it could always vary depending on the person. Don't give up!!!
  9. Ups and downs

    Keep going! The first month is still very new into it and there will be a whole lot of ups and downs. If you just continue to do the regimen how its supposed to be done then you will see results. You just need to give it time. The process suggests 3-4 months but it could always vary depending on the person. Don't give up!!!
  10. Side effects

    It is your skin adjusting to the BP. This usually happens when you start the regimen but if you follow the instructions correctly and use moisturizer then your skin will eventually adjust. It took my skin 4 months to feel like actual skin again but was clear on my 3rd month.
  11. AHA huts a lot?

    Start slow and mix the AHA with moisturizer before applying to your face. Half pump of AHA and half (or more if it really stings) a pump of moisturizer. You can do this every couple of nights then eventually build up to when you can use a full face of AHA only.
  12. You can try using the BP on one side of the face, however in my case the breakouts just spread to the place where I didn't apply BP. So I really did have to apply the regimen to my whole face. Totally up to you on what products you use but the regimen does require at least 3-4 months to really manage breakouts. But my advice...Give the regimen a fair chance to clear you. I was close to stopping too but I ended up putting up with the process and it cleared me finally...and kept me clear 3+ years later.
  13. Makeup + Acne Regimen?

    You can still wear make-up (I did when I started the regimen). However, be very light handed when applying, and also know your skin will be very sensitive and dry so make-up sometimes won't look and feel right on your skin. I recommend just using a very light/watery foundation or tinted moisturizer. Anything heavier than that will be hard to apply. At least for me it was. Eventually when your skin gets used to the regimen you will be able to use makeup more freely. That is just my experience, the regimen does discourage your from using make-up when starting because it does irritate your skin more but that is totally up to you.
  14. Can I Use AHA Every Night?

    I use AHA every night but mix it in with moisturizer and jojoba oil. I love it! Once in a while...maybe like twice a week I will use just the AHA at night and then follow it up in the morning with a scrub. All the dead skin cells just peel off and my skin feels so much smoother.
  15. Pretty much means your skin is still adjusting to the BP. Keep moisturizing!!! If you feel like in the middle of the day you look red then add more moisturizer. Maybe add in some jojoba oil into the mix because that really helped me. Also, make sure your moisturizer is enough. I found the moisturizer wasn't enough so I switched to Cetaphil lotion at night and that also helped calm down my skin.
  16. Mine was painful as well. I had cystic acne and none of them came to a head so I couldn't relieve the pressure. Its unfortunate but I pushed through it and I'm sure you can too!
  17. 7 months

    What products are you using? A good way to gauge why you are still not completely clear is by doing this test...
  18. Keep pushing! I broke out my worst at my 4th and 5th week and I almost stopped. Thankfully I didn't and it was the best decision I ever made. If the dryness is getting bad, then moisturize moisturize and moisturize. You can always add more moisturizer throughout the day if your skin calls for it. I recommend adding in some jojoba oil too. It really helps with the dryness. Also, since you are already a month into it, AHA has been a big help to me in regards to flakes and dryness and red acne marks that are left behind by acne.
  19. How long will it take my skin to adjust?

    Took my skin 4 months to really adjust and feel comfortable with BP. I just learned what moisturizers worked for me and everything eventually followed and my skin finally felt like skin again. As for the AHA, a pump every night sounds like a lot. Mix it with moisturizer and the effects shouldn't be as bad. I just use half a pump of moisturizer and half a pump of AHA at night. I also add in some jojoba oil to that mixture.
  20. I don't see a difference yet :(

    With the regimen usually the case is that it gets worse before it gets better. The first couple of weeks were fine for me but eventually I broke out like crazy during my 4th and 5th week. I was soooooo close to giving up because it didn't seem like it was working but the side effects to my skin adjusting to the BP was terrible. But I gave it some thought and figured that I had already put so much time and money and effort into it that I stayed onboard. I gave the regimen a fair shot and eventually I did get clear. Just be sure to stick to the right products and the correct steps and give the process time to fix your skin. It is definitely not going to happen overnight but if you let it, it really can do wonders. Be very gentle with your skin and how you apply the products. Your skin is still adjusting to the BP so make sure you get enough moisturizer. You can always add more throughout the day if need be.
  21. My skin is still oily w/ benzoyl peroxide

    It is still the first week and maybe you aren't feeling the side effects yet but your skin will get dry and rough and red. It is better to start moisturizing now than later. Trust me my skin is extremely oily but the regimen is about balance and you need to moisturize. Your skin will just get irritated without it and might even lead to just more acne in the end. Follow the directions precisely to make sure you have a fair shot at getting clear.
  22. Keep the BP away from your eye, nostrils and mouth area. This skin surrounding those can be pretty sensitive. I recommend applying a bit of moisturizer around those areas prior to the BP. Just so there is a bit of a protective barrier. But 5 days into the regimen is still very early. Your skin will go through a lot of redness, drying and flakes. Just make sure you moisturize. If you feel dry anytime throughout the day you can always add more. Jojoba oil helps too!
  23. Urgent

    Two weeks is still very early in the game. Give the regimen more time to work for the rest of your face. If you just follow the instructions as directed then you should be able to see the results you want. There will be a lot of ups and downs in these beginning stages of the regimen so do not get discouraged so easily. I went through this myself and you just need to have some patience.
  24. Extremely uneven skin tone with the regimen

    For me my acne went away first then eventually the red marks and my skin texture followed after a few months. Make sure you and your skin are always hydrated. Moisturize and drink lots of water!!! I can't stress that enough.