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  1. 3 weeks left.. Acne still forming

      I figure you have already spent the time, money and effort that it would be a waste to turn back now. Are you following Dan's instructions precisely? 
  2. 3 weeks left.. Acne still forming

    Have you seen any improvement?   It varies with each user when they get clear, for some it took 6 months. 

    What moisturizer are you using? It could be you need more moisture than your current moisturizer is giving you. This could happen because of seasonal changes.
  4. If you are worried about being a bit uncomfortable with the holiday parties coming up then just start the Regimen after the holidays. You might not end up enjoying the season if the itchy, flaky and red skin is very prominent.  Go into the regimen knowing full well that you will stick with it and really stick to it for a few months to give it a fair chance to work for your skin.
  5. Face lift for a pimple prone skin

    It would be best to ask the surgeon. I am sure they would have a much better handle on answering questions such as that.
  6. Flakiness

    It varies from person to person. I still had flakes at my 7th week. I think it basically took almost 3 months for my skin to feel like skin again. 
  7. HELPPPP; need some reassurance

    Totally normal in the initial stages of the regimen. Don't get discouraged and keep going!!
  8. You are only supposed to do the regimen twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. They should be spaced at least 10-12 hours apart.
  9. regimen and hormonal acne

    I suffer from hormonal acne because of PCOS. I can definitely say that The Regimen has helped me out a lot and cleared my severe acne. Give the routine time to clear you. It seems like you just started and it can take months to get clear (at least it did for me).  I suggest not starting AHA yet until you are a month into the regimen. You can apply more moisturizer throughout the day and maybe even jojoba oil to keep the flakes as bay. 
  10. Hey! I just recently moved to BC specifically. And although I came from a tropical country my oily/acne prone skin went all haywire over here. My skin had dry patches but was still weirdly oily. So depending on the climate your skin is bound to react differently. My advice would be for you is to go with a routine you want to test out that suits your lifestyle. If the shower and moisturizer work, then great but with every routine you need to give it time to work out for you so don't expect instant results. Merely cleansing unfortunately has never worked for me, I have stayed clear for almost three years now from a topical treatment. It is something that requires a bit of effort, but I have done it for so long now that it is almost second nature. Good luck!
  11. Seems like your skin is just getting used to the treatment. My skin was dry and itchy and flakey when I initially began the regimen. I made sure to moisturizer and use jojoba oil to help. 
  12. Wait for your derm appointment. Hear out what they have to say and weigh your decisions wisely. The Regimen isn't an easy routine to get into so you have to make sure the route you take will fit your budget, lifestyle and the effort you want to put in. It would be a shame to get into one routine then end up quitting soon after.

    It took four months for my skin to feel like actual skin again. The redness went away a little over a month but the overall texture of my skin was a whole other story. After getting clear 10 weeks into the regimen, I would moisturizer throughout the day just because my skin felt dry and I also incorporated the AHA and jojoba oil which really did help my flakes and dryness.
  14. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion?

    I love Cerave! Its good at moisturizing and it easily absorbs so its not a sticky mess.  Quick tip: make sure its all dry before putting a shirt on so it doesn't stain your clothes...or wear white. Give it more than a month because your skin needs more than that to adjust to the BP. The itchiness is your skin getting used to the treatment.
  15. Been on regimen for almost a month...

    The initial stage of the regimen will have its highs and lows. I still broke out on my 4th and 5th week into it so this is perfectly normal.  If you are experiencing a lot of flakes and red mark left behind by acne, I suggest you do get the AHA. It worked very well for me and my skin.
  16. Is cetaphil suitable for me?

    The cetaphil gentle is greate for the regimen. I used that when I first started the regimen.
  17. Dryness and Flakiness

    Keep using it twice a day as directed. The dryness and flakes are a sign your skin is getting used to the treatment and lessening the amount would just be a step backwards. 
  18. Red Face 2 Years Into Regimen

    Do you use the moisturizer? Sometimes depending on your skin type and the climate of where you live and what you do affects redness.
  19. New cream for acne

    Your skin is definitely purging. All the acne is coming to the surface...which usually happens when using new acne treatments. Give it more time, they usually recommend 6-8 weeks using a product to really see results. Good luck!
  20. third week - skin is dry and pustules common

    Yes! Very normal. Most of the time it is part of the process to have your skin go through clear days and breakout days. Give it more time and make sure to read and stick to Dan's directions!
  21. One month in and horrible breakout?

    The breaking out is totally number. I remember starting out and my face broke out like crazy during my 4th and 5th week. Cysts can out of nowhere and my face turned so red. I was close to the point of quitting. However, I had thought about all the time and effort and money I put into trying the Regimen that I figured whats a couple more weeks.  It was the best decision I ever made for my skin! Eventually the spots stopped coming out and the existing spots slowly faded away. Give it a big more time to clearing your skin. As for washing your face longer, try not to do that. My best advice would be to take a cotton round and slowly wipe your face with jojoba oil. Let is sit on your face for a few minutes and when you wash your face a lot more make-up is removed. Works really well for me when I have loads of foundation on.
  22. 2 and half months, breakout on period

    I know this problem to well. Sometimes the Regimen is not powerful enough to deal with hormones. I unfortunately get 2-3 spots a few days before my period. Luckily I know enough when to expect it and make sure I have my AHA on hand to spot treat as soon as I feel it coming. I try yo do it morning and night to make sure it dries out the spot and it doesn't cause any red marks.
  23. when/how to remove makeup??

    The jojoba oil is great as a makeup remover. I wipe some on my face with a cotton round and let the oil sit on my face for a couple of minutes before cleansing. Works really well!!