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  1. Makeup woth regimen

    When removing my make-up I go for just washing my face with the cleanser for about ten seconds. If you have the waterproof or sweatproof kind of make-up I would recommend using jojoba oil on a cotton pad to clean your face first. Let it sit for a few minutes to break down the make-up and then use the cleanser. When you apply it, make sure whatever tools you use (hands, sponge, brushes) that they are clean. Be very gentle so as you won't irritate your skin.
  2. Botanics Facial oil

    Under the regimen Dan recommends using jojoba oil. I did notice others on the forums have found success with rosehip, hemp seed oil and other mixed oils. My advice would be to use the products Dan recommend and then once you are clear you can slowly start experimenting with other products.
  3. Have you tried using tretinoin? I think it really speeds up the healing of cystic acne. Although it doesn't prevent it, it seems like your acne is mild since you only have 2 or 3 active cysts.
  4. Makeup on top of acne regimen?

    It really depends. I have been clear for a while now and use only 1 pump for BP and moisturizer so it doesn't take that long. I usually give BP 15 mins to absorb and then 10 mins for my moisturizer (I use Cerave lotion because it absorbs quickly).
  5. Makeup on top of acne regimen?

    The trick is to have the BP and moisturizer absorbed into the skin. Once that is done makeup can sit nicely on the face. This will be tricky starting out because your skin is still very rough and dry but eventually when your skin adjusts to the BP you can wear makeup. I have used only liquid foundations. Revlon Colorstay, Bourjois Air Mat, Loreal Infallible, Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid. All looked really good with the regimen.
  6. Redness

    I feel like the irritation just comes with the BP and even though it is red and dry and tight you have to push through and increase the amount to the full dosage. That way your skin can really take in the BP and adjust to it. Moisturizer is where you really target any dryness. Use jojoba oil with it or apply more throughout the day or maybe even use a thicker moisturizer at night. Just FYI my skin didn't feel like skin again till I was four months into the regimen.
  7. You can always add on additional moisturizer within the day if her skin feels tight and dry. Another tip would be mixing ina few drops of jojoba oil with the moisturizer and I found that makes a whole world of a difference.
  8. My acne ordeal

    The Regimen comes with some getting used to. You really have to think if you can afford to put in the time and effort and also manage to work through any discomfort. The treatment takes some getting used to and your skin will be dry and red and itchy but eventually your skin will adjust. As for breakouts when you are starting out acne will come and go. You need to give it a fair chance to work on your skin and that means doing the regiment diligently for a few months to see if it really does work for you.
  9. I used to be in the same boat. Although I wasn't accused of being on meth, I was travelling at some point and was sharing my stories to my family. My aunt commented if I was stopped at the airport when they say my skin. She implied that the current state of my current skin was so bad that it looked like I had some kind of rash or disease. Comments like that really hurt. Especially coming from family or people who has never gone through acne. They think it is just a hygiene issue or something simple that can be resolved.
  10. More before and after pics

    Facebook reminded me of how far I've come and so glad I didn't give up trying to control my acne. I can only pass my support and advice to people who need it and hope they get clear too. I'm glad your son has gotten clear. One less thing to worry about as a mom for sure! Feel free to post the after picture as well.
  11. Moisturiser alts

    I love using my Cerave moisturizing lotion during the day. It is lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin. Its fragrance free and I haven't had any issues breaking out with this. On a slightly more expensive scale is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This is targeted for those with oily skin and I love love love this moisturizer so much. I just wish it wasn't that expensive.
  12. With the wonderful world of social media I was reminded about photos from when I was 20 (awkwarrrrrd) years old. Acne was in full bloom and you could see how much I tried to cover it all with make-up. Thankfully fast forward to seven years and continued use of the regimen, I now use make-up not to cover up but to enhance what I got from my momma. Lol. Before After (not edited and no filter ... just really good lighting)
  13. Good foundation to cover acne marks?

    If you are looking for an affordable alternative I love Revlon Colorstay for Oily/Combo skin. Keeps your face matte and is a full coverage foundation. I'd say that foundation does a great job of hiding a lot of flaws. But it you like your clinique foundation maybe you can consider just a concealer for those hard to cover marks.
  14. How long will my skin stay dry?

    People are often afraid of increasing the BP because of the dryness and flaking. However, keep in mind that your skin really has to go through the process so it can eventually adapt to the full dosage of the BP. It wasn't a walk in the park for me but eventually my skin did adjust and now it feels like actual skin again. As for your can do it slowly just as long as you follow the dosage required. Throughout the day you can always add more if your skin feels dry.
  15. Do I have hormonal acne?

    The thing with hormonal acne is you never really know it is hormonal unless you go to the doctor and get all these tests done. I know sometimes it is easier to kind of figure out with girls but with guys I think to find out the root cause you will have to go to a doctor for that.
  16. Whole Face?

    You can try and see if you can get away with treating just the affected areas...if you can then great! That shouldn't be a problem as long as new acne doesn't come out in other places of your face.
  17. To start with....the factors you mentioned will affect you getting acne. First, you are not exactly doing the Regimen but a tweaked version of it so that will definitely matter in the long run. My best advice for this is to actually do the regimen twice a day and then eventually when you get clear you can slowly taper it of until you only do the regimen once a day. Some people have had success with it but it varies from person to person. Second, your cycle, like mine, could be the same and affect when you get a spot or two...I haven't found a way to really prevent it when it deals with hormones already. Now...only a month in? I can tell you that you are still at the start of a process. I broke out my worst during my 4th and 5th week of the regimen. You will experience a lot of ups and downs but this process is something you need to stick with for a few months to really see results. And sometimes this process will involve some purging and breakouts here and there. Don't give up!
  18. What cleanser is best for oily skin?

    No cleanser will make your skin oil free. The trick is to use a cleanser which is gentle and doesn't strip your skin dry. Using cleansers like that will just prompt your face to produce more oil because it has been washed away. I would recommendCetaphil Gentle Cleanser. It doesn't lather so you know there isn't really any harsh detergents in it. Follow that up with a non-clogging moisturizer like Cerave lotion and do both of those twice a day.
  19. Acne & Rosacea ?? not working

    Well BP can initially irritate your skin...your skin will look less irritated when you apply BP only once a day. For the redness, I really think it is your skin adjusting to the BP because my skin was the same way. But you can go to your derm to double check. And is very normal that your skin is itchy and dry and tight all of the time. It was that way for me too. My skin felt like skin again when I reached the 3 month mark. That is why I always moisturize and always fan my face so I do not touch it and irritate it more.
  20. Acne & Rosacea ?? not working

    Well you say you are on your 5th week, that is still very early into the regimen. I broke out the worst during my 4th and 5th week with multiple cysts. Plus my face was extremely red and dry and itchy so this is something completely normal. Your skin is still very much adjusting to using BP twice a day because you have only been doing it for a week. The Regimen is something that requires patience. And a strict adherence to all the steps. I cannot force you do follow these steps that you seem very hesitant to do but just know that you are not giving The Regimen a full chance if you don't. At this point since you have been doing The Regimen for over a month, you can now try and incorporate AHA into your nighttime routine. Half moisturizer and half AHA twice a week is a good way to start. This helps with dryness and any red marks that acne can leave behind.
  21. You don't live on the street or a nursing home. But don't you think those people would switch places with you in a heartbeat? Acne, is horrible... I went through it and I completely understand how it is to have it and have LOTS of it. Try not to focus on the acne but focus on how lucky you are to be in the position you are in.
  22. I have just started exploring make-up more and expanded my world to more than just foundation and concealer. I always try to get recommendations from people on the best foundation or concealer for acne prone and oily skin. Lately I was been loving putting on some bronzer and blush(both in powder form). I am using Physicians Formula for both but it seems like my skin doesn't agree too much with it cause it's causing me to have small breakouts in that area. Does any body have any suggestions? Also, for the bronzer please keep in mind I am pretty pale so I need one that isn't too orange or too dark.
  23. Im getting dark face

    Your face is still adjusting to the BP so expect that it will be sensitive, red, itchy, dry and flakey. Just continue to moisturize and after a while your skin will adjust back to how it was.
  24. What is this?

    In the first pic it looks like a whitehead. But in the second pic it looks like a liquid.
  25. The Regimen Eye Effect

    It is best to get it checked. The usual complaints with BP is that it stings and sometimes people's eyes get watery but I've never heard of anyone saying their vision gets cloudy. Just err on the side of caution because you wouldn't want anything to make you go blind or whatever.