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  1. I hope this post bring some positive feedback and hope to others who are out there suffering with acne and scars.    I have had two very deep indentation cause by cortisone injection. Two years back while i was on accutane i had an extremely huge cyst which requires multiple cortisone injection to treat it. Unfortunately these injection cause two huge dent in my check. I have had other indentation which eventually filled up on its own except for this two. I waited close to 2 years before treatment as i was still on accutane and the doctor advised to wait for 1 year before any surgery.   Initially my derm wanted to perform subscision on my scars but he told me one of the indent was not optimal for subscision. So i suggested filler and was told it wont work on my indent because of the way were shaped. He recommended me profractional laser on them and told me it may only have a 30% improvement. Left with no choice i went ahead with it not really very optimistic about it as I didnt really believe that a laser will be able to lift a deep indent. Three days later after the scab has fallen off i noticed the dents has filled up significantly, i am very happy with the result , i would say there is a 60-70 percent improvement. That being said , the laser only work on the dent that was caused by coristone injection. It didnt do anything to a rolling scar which i had.   Before laser  After laser I apologize i dont have a very well lit picture of the before pic but you can clearly see the 2 deep indent in the fist picture while the second pic is much shallower.
  2. I like to know if anyone had done this procedure before, using a laser to create a small hole and remove the cyst. Is this procedure effective and will the cyst recur again? I had a huge cyst that on my face that was infected a year ago. After multiple cortisone injection it finally went down. But there is still a very obvious lump when i feel it. This dormant cyst has been like this for a year now, i am deciding to have it removed before it might get infected in the future. I don't think a conventional surgical excision is possible for me as this lump is rather big and would leave a huge scar on my face.