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  1. ohnelly added a post in a topic Caveman Regimen - Dead Skin   

    Hey Caveox,

    I am on day 20 of the water only regimen. I just let warm water run down my face for a few seconds in the shower everyday and then towel dry.

    My face looks worse than it ever has in my life. I have whiteheads and red splotches all over. I'm really starting to lose hope.

    I didn't get the skin mask, just flaky skin here and there. A lot of flaky skin the first week but not as much any more.

    Also, seroyal, did you go through a purging period or worsening period? I'm trying to gauge whether or not this water only is working for me. My skin is worse than ever and I'm only 20 days in. No cysts though.
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  2. ohnelly added a post in a topic My Story   

    My two cents: I would stay away from the harsh topicals (BP, sal acid). I used to have some zits appear but for the most part good skin. I used some of those topicals to treat something minor and it has left my skin in the worst condition of my life, fighting an uphill battle. Im not sure it's possible to get my skin back the way it was.

    Just my experience though...

    Obviously, if you have used those and they work, then nevermind! Everyone reacts differently.
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