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  1. Oh? And you think that I am not dealing with those kind of problems?
  2. My advice is to seek professional help. See a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  3. Why would anyone stress about what others think of him / her if they probably going to reject him / her due to having acne anyway?
  4. But if everyone puts himself / herself out there without the purpose of entering a relationship, then how does anyone ever enter a relationship? There is nothing wrong to give off signs of wanting a relationship or even just plain sex as long as no one is being pushy about it. I can't imagine a way to initiate something without letting the other person know.
  5.   I actually did. I didn't think that I would be virgin forever, but I definitely thought about sex with girls (and I still do ). These days I go to prostitutes and I also spent my first time with a prostitute. To bring it back again to the OP, I think a bit of focus on relationships is important at any age, regardless of whether there is sex involved or not.
  6. Did you not think about sex when you were 16?
  7. Okay. Does your future wife have to agree to be with you?
  8.   How do you plan to get a wife?
  9. You don't have an ugly face.
  10. I look so ugly!

    You had a wife? If that's the case, then you are much more successful with women than we are.
  11.   That is called discrimination. They are actually breaking the law. You are not allowed to discriminate based on any grounds.
  12. It's very good to realize that worrying about your skin won't solve your problems. With that realization you are already further than most other people here. I am working on projects rather than worrying about my skin.
  13.   Have you read my message?
  14. Ignoring people is a form of bullying.
  15. If you think you have bad skin, then they really did a number on you. That's all I have to say.
  16. We don't live in a superficial society. In fact, we don't live in a society at all when people behave like that. It is an illusion.
  17. Acne is not worth the misery and negativity. It's outrageous to not want to have children, because of a skin issue that is not even your own fault anyway. It's totally out of control! You're not even ugly!
  18. Accutane is not really a cure and it may not work.
  19. Are you a target of bullying?
  20. I want don't want people to give her false hope. Life does not get better when you get older. If life would get better when someone gets older, then I wouldn't have my problems. High school goes on forever. End of discussion. You can't say that I'm lying, because my problems are real. If you don't believe that my problems are real, then the conversation is over. My problems started when I was very young and they perpetuate to this day in the form of mental disorders. The psychiatric organization gave me social skills training, because they thought I was autistic or something like that. They found out that my social skills are excellent, so I am not causing my own problems. I don't pose a danger to other people. It is actually the other way around. Other people caused my problems and my problems cannot be solved. I can't speak for other people, but I don't care about acne on girls. They are all welcome at my place. I have said this a thousand times before on this forum and I will say it again: I have yet to see a picture of an ugly girl here on the forum. You are normal and anyone who says that you are not is actually some kind of psychopath. Don't believe them.
  21. Do i have depression?

    You are not pathetic, but I do think that you need professional help. There is nothing to be ashamed about. I receive professional help as well. Trust me, you do not live in a prison. There are nice people out there.
  22. You cannot be 100 percent sure that you don't have a mental disorder. Trust me, I speak from experience.
  23. If you are humanhelperist, then it's time for you to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.