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  1. But it's a bad reason. I don't like people who give others false hope.
  2. Why? Have people said bad things about your acne?
  3. I know very well what vent means. That doesn't mean I am not allowed to comment. How is your social life?
  4. Yes, they are going to look at your face, What do you think will happen?
  5. how do you cope with acne?

    I am not judging you. I accept you just the way you are.
  6. You are a very beautiful girl. I wish my back looked like your face.
  7. I am going to be very honest with you here. I think you are a very normal looking guy and I also think that you have BDD.
  8. I can relate. My tip: screw them. The reality is that I still have to encounter the first ugly girl on this website.
  9. That's not true. There are still other people out there that can be a mirror for you.
  10. But you look good.....i dont From what I see from your picture, you look good as well. Maybe you should upload more photos.
  11. well to be honest, many people with mental disorders do come across as harder to like/ love. True, but I am not one of them.
  12. No, you shouldn't be upset about it. Five pimples doesn't count as acne. Having like 50 of them on a cheek is something different though. It really needs to be intense to be called acne. I have it all over my body. My face is alright at the moment, but sometimes there is an outbreak. My face doesn't look as bad as it used to be. I still struggle with acne on the rest of my body. Especially on my back, breast, butt and legs.
  13. Please Help Acne scarring !!!

    As this is the emotional part of the forum, let's talk about your obsession. How is your love life?
  14. That doesn't guarantee that you don't turn out as someone else with acne. You are not an ugly freak. You have an issue with your skin.
  15. What acne do you know of? I have had severe cystic acne on my back/shoulders for years now, was painful sitting down anywhere or laying down. Countless nights of ruined sleep and waking up to a shirt with blood spots. Was not harmless to me, one realization does not always work for another. The same as yours. I am still struggling with it. I take the pain for granted.
  16. It became a huge part, because others made it huge. The reality is is that it is just a harmless skin issue. It's not even cancer, while others treat you like you have a dangerous contagious disease.
  17. I actually have to get a bit more in the sun. Limited exposure may work for your skin.
  18. I genuinely believe that all girls here are secretly very beautiful.
  19. MGTOW sounds like my personality disorder. I also can't live according to the wishes, demands and expectations of other people. I am cut off from "society". I don't belong to any group or subculture.
  20. That is what the psychiatrists thought as well. So they gave me social skills training. The training did nothing, because my social skills are already excellent. They were very happy with me. You can believe me, because the psychiatrists do that as well. The hostility is real. I have not noticed that actually. What I have noticed that people become much colder and more distant. I can't even connect with people who have mental disorders like me.
  21. The esteem part is not my problem, the self part is. I don't have a self to have esteem about.
  22. I know that women with acne are treated far better than me. I have seen it. If you are not, then you are an exception. You can see it here all the time as well. Boyfriend this, boyfriend that and I am like "at least you can get a boyfriend".
  23. I have untreatable mental disorders which includes psychotic vulnerability. I would trade that with cancer. My life hasn't been very fun for the longest time and I have to live like that for the rest of my life. I am an atheist, but I believe hell exists. It's right here, this planet. I would have committed suicide if I weren't so scared that an attempt could fail and leave me physically disabled.
  24. You're a woman and that's why it is different for you. If you were a guy then you would completely agree with me. Women with acne have it far easier than men.