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  1. Being Unattractive

    Who cares about the reason? Souls don't exist by the way and I always care about other people, but not the other way around. That's how my problems started in the first place.
  2. Being Unattractive

    If I clean up my acne, then they will move on to something else to comment on, like my weight, my clothes, my behaviour, my intelligence, etc. It really doesn't matter in my case. They just have the habit of making a problem out of anything. At least the prostitutes don't mind. They are far more social than regular women will ever be. Well, you need to get a good one. If you encounter a good one, then she is far more social.
  3. Being Unattractive

    A mindset is not required.
  4. Being Unattractive

    Ehm, we are actually not even getting that "one good woman".
  5. Being Unattractive

    My work is just an example to show that there are guarantees. I am working on a technical solution for our problems, but that is actually beside the point.
  6. Being Unattractive

    And that is the problem. Do you understand that?
  7. Being Unattractive

    I am a decent, social man and that has been confirmed by psychologists. PUA = BS. There are guarantees in life. I can guarantee you that we will all be better off with the work I am doing.
  8. My advice is to not be scared. If your child is ever going to be bullied, then you will support your child. You know what you have been through and you probably know what you have to do.
  9. Being Unattractive

    No, I said it is bad advice and I mean that literally. There are no guarantees.
  10. Being Unattractive

    This is bad advice.
  11. Being Unattractive

    You are right. We don't know all the women in the world. We don't have the time and money for that, so we extrapolate. We have no other alternative.
  12. You are very lucky that you actually get attention like that, because relationships and sex are totally alien concepts to me.
  13. Thoughts on a few things...

    I am not going to trust you. You should stop with the assumptions like me feeling sorry for myself. I am grown up and what I say is reality. That you find it absurd and feel offended is YOUR problem. The reality is that I am not punching you into a hospital and I am not berating you for anything. I am actually very social and very nice to you and other women, but I never get the same treatment back. That is how my mental disorder started in the first place. (not only women by the way, but people in general).
  14. Being Unattractive

    I know exactly how much it hurts. You should count yourself very lucky with your relationship and stuff, because you could also become severely mentally disordered, like me. I am not happy and non-functional.
  15. Being Unattractive

    However, other people won't stop. The hurt will only come from somewhere else. It won't make a difference.
  16. That's okay, but you may want to watch your weight purely for health reasons.
  17. This is proof that the "ugly" thing is just in your head.
  18. Acne is controlling me

    To me it looks like it is an obsession. My advice: seek professional help.
  19. You are not a troll. You are a human being just like the rest of us.
  20. Taking proper care for themselves may not make a difference. In my case it doesn't.
  21. I have the same problems. Also bloody towels and stuff. I shower with two towels and I wear a t-shirt on top of another t-shirt.
  22. I wear double layered clothing.
  23. It is still discrimination. That is how insidious it is.