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  1. avery123 added a blog entry in avery123's Blog   

    Oatmeal Cleanser
    Is using oatmeal as a cleanser twice a day good? I have oil acne prone skin. I mean so far its working great, i just want to know some more about oatmeal if anyone has any information please let me know!
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  2. avery123 added a comment on a blog entry Can Food Cause Acne Or Red Marks?   

    Thank you so much that was very helpful il definetely still keep using my products for a couple more weeks and if the itchiness is still there il stop
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  3. avery123 added a blog entry in avery123's Blog   

    Can Food Cause Acne Or Red Marks?
    Hey there so as ive mentioned before i have moderate acne but have lots of hyperpigmentation and i was wondering if any certain types of foods can be causing this. Should i go to a naturopath and have myself tested for any sensitivities or allergies? or if anyone has any more information on this topic it would be very helpful for me. Also sometimes when i use a product my skin gets itchy is that normal? or no maybe im using too much on my face? i try to only use natural products like jajoba oil, witch hazel, tea tree oil and stuff. Is anyone can help me with any of my questions i would greatly appreciate there help
    thank you
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  4. avery123 added a blog entry in avery123's Blog   

    Whats A Good Light Moisturizer
    Whats a good light moisturizer that someone with oil acne prone skin can use? Also should we moisturize and put on sunscreen everyday?
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  5. avery123 added a comment on a blog entry Hyperpigmentation/red Marks   

    Ive only done i think 30% chemical peels and ive done a glycolic peel once too but that made my skin so much worse! But thanks for your advice both of you i will definetely try that moisturizer out sounds good! Where can i purchase one?
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  6. avery123 added a blog entry in avery123's Blog   

    Hyperpigmentation/red Marks
    Hey people i need help im so confused as what to use for my face regimen. I use cetaphil for.oily skin and wash my face twice a day i dont use any toners or mosturize my face at all i just use a skin ceuticals sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin and i try to stay away from anything harsh. Ive noticed my acne has improved a lot but my hyperpigmentation or redness is still active how do i help fade these marks away ive tried chemical peels, glycolic peels, natural remedies nothing seems to do the job! If anyone can.help me out i would greatly appreciate it! If you need a picture to help you understand let me know i can upload one
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