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    That's interesting you're 14 and they still made you take a pregnancy test. I remember my friend took Roaccutane when she was the same age as you but they didn't make her take a test, her Mum would've gone mental if they'd even slightly implied she was sexually active! I think maybe it's something to do with the NHS, I went private and the hospital pharmacy gave me the whole prescription (12 boxes) in one go. Even though I did sign the pregnancy waiver thing, the only pregnancy discussion went thus:

    Dr: "Do you think you could be pregnant?"
    Me: "Absolutely not."
    Dr: "Do you understand the risks if you do get pregnant?"
    Me: "Yes."
    Dr: "Righto. I'll just get that prescription written out..."

    I feel so grateful when reading these forums that I live in the UK - the NHS isn't perfect by any means, as I say I had to go private due to waiting lists (apparently acne is purely cosmetic and does not merit being bumped up the queue for...), but at least it's not hundreds and hundreds of pounds...
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