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benzoyl peroxide - 3.5% aqueous gel
on 06/08/2013
i use it for spot treatment (previously consistently once everyday; now at times when i have more bothering spots)<br/>it is fast and good for treating active spots.<br/>does burn/pigment the spot(in my case).i am unsure if it makes it more pigmented or keeps it so for any longer but yes,the spot looks reddish/brown for few days(i never get habituated because i dnt use it constantly on one spot.so it goes away with use of wash)
clindamycin + nicotinamide gel - works on treating active + is known to work on healing pigmentation(while treating active spots).it doesnt have the side effects of bp(it not as fast as bp though!)
on 06/08/2013
works well for me - doesn't have cons of bp; which is why its always a preference for me.<br/>it works fine on any inflamed spot or headed spots.<br/>is also good for open spots.
saslic salicylic acid(1%) foaming face wash
on 13/07/2013
#it's got SA(1%) which is suppose to<br/>1.keep pores clean - unclog the pores<br/>2.remove the upper dead layer of cells - acts a chemical exfoliator.<br/>3.help with PIH and whiteheads,etc<br/>4.keep u relatively less oily<br/>#it comes in a pump bottle which makes it user friendly and hygienic.<br/>#its not irritating(note : everyone is different.if u are intolerant to aspirin/SA please be careful)<br/>those with sensitive skin should also be careful.<br/>#pH balanced(5.5) - now,its known that washes are acidic and that's what makes them effective.<br/>but i personally dont think that is much of a problem here.<br/>in fact, am glad its more or less my skin's pH.<br/>#to be kept for a while(mentioned on the pack - 20 secs; while i keep it on more 2 minutes or until its completely dry)<br/>#washed off easily.to be used twice a day for best results.