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  1. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    It looks ok but it doesn't completely stop all of the finisteride getting into your system plus I hate using topicals. Give it a go if you like Mike sit will suit others here more than me.
  2. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I can't actually believe inositol is possibly the cure I literally thought it was game over after years of failing lol. It will be interesting to see if it completely stops the hair shedding and then to possibly wean your self off it slowly and see what happens.
  3. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    That's a bad side effect which sucks big time for men low test is not good I hope that it's not something we would have to take for years.
  4. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    5-10 grams? It's this not way too much?
  5. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    wow this is great news beemm I've been losing hair for nearly 6 years due to b5 maybe there is hope as I literally gave up looking. Please keep us updated and thankyou for sharing the news. Think I'll be ordering some I've tried everything else so it's worth a shot:-)