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  1. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Do you think it's worth getting some as I havnt tried it yet I've been waiting for results but so far it's only helped beemm who's disappeared now
  2. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Anyone still taking inositol? Any more results yet?
  3. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    are you still taking inositol?
  4. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Nice maybe a bit of hope. Has your shedding decreased at all? did anyone take pure vitamin b5 or did everyone's b5 have calcium in? Maybe it wasn't even the b5 maybe it was the calcium that caused this. Just an idea as I've pretty much ran out of them.
  5. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I'm guessing inositol did nothing then
  6. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Any updates
  7. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    What's the name of the product mate. Minox is ok but you can also get bad sides off it.
  8. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    Tried colostrum went through 2 bag's. It did nothing
  9. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I can't remember what the numbers were but I specifically asked him if I was anaemic and he said I definitely wasn't but then again doctors are pretty useless these days and know absolutely nothing about hairloss haha. It will be good to see Shaun's results and then compare with yours Mike then we can go from there. I'm hoping your going to have the same results that would be a great start.
  10. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    You can see changes in hair within weeks I've seen hundreds of reviews from supplements. Are you still shedding as you've been on it for a while now, last time I had my iron checked it was in normal range.
  11. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Yeh had a feeling it would fail
  12. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I'm guessing inositol did not work by the lack of updates on here lol.
  13. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    My test levels were normal last time I checked. Try using DIM it balances test and estro. High estro will cause hairloss in men
  14. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Things that have helped me the most are diatomacious earth botanical craft palm fruit DIM complex
  15. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    What effects are you getting? Any reduced shedding? It's supposed to be better with choline. May be worth a go.
  16. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    People had hairloss from only taking 500mg a day. I didn't notice my hairloss for months.
  17. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    I keep reading you should take inositol with choline.
  18. Vitamin B5 Hairloss- Cured (Pictures)

    No l-cysteine won't stop your hairloss if it's from b5. At the moment we don't really know how to stop it although a lady has managed to reduce her shedding by taking inositol.
  19. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    So your not getting any sexual side effects like low libido? I no they say it's normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day but before b5 I didn't notice any hair fall what so ever. Can you say for sure inositol is slowing your hair fall?
  20. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Are you both shedding hair still? I guess inositol is kind of the same as saw palmetto then. What does ages are you both taking and do you have any side effects yet?
  21. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    Any updates guys
  22. B5 Hair loss Cured!

    It looks ok but it doesn't completely stop all of the finisteride getting into your system plus I hate using topicals. Give it a go if you like Mike sit will suit others here more than me.