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  1. Yes I don't take any supplements.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Indeed that sounds very promising. How was he able to achieve those results? This part is very contradictory: "For years I made a conscious decision to avoid all Vitamin A rich foods and I suspect that was a huge mistake. Over the past 6 months I've cleaned up my diet and start adding more plant based foods and juicing and the effect have been tremendous." First he says avoiding VitA was a mistake. And the he says, ha startet to eat plant based food. But plant based food has no VitA. VitA is mainly in meat and fish. This sentence makes no sense. I agree - dryness is only one factor. fragile skin and sensitivity to sun light add to it.
  3. So what about people who's skin hasn't produced oil for a number of years post accutane and then they regain oil production. Like the clippers guy a couple of pages ago. The sebaceous glands are either not dead, can repair themselves or be repaired. I don't know the clippers guy. Can you share a link?
  4. But why wouldn't it kill all sebaceous glands - Parts of my face still create sebum but large patches of it don't. The rest of my body is absolutely fine. I don't believe death of sebaceous glands is the case. I think it can not be questioned, that isotretinoin induces apoptosis. But this does not mean, that it would kill all cells immediately. It is a question of the overall dose and a question of the receptor sensitivity. Exact mechanism of action of isotretinoin is not known. It has been shown to induce apoptosis in various cells of the body including sebaceous glands, and thereby helping in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Nelson AM, Cong Z, Gilliland KL, Thiboutot DM. TRAIL contributes to the apoptotic effect of 13-cis retinoic acid in human sebaceous gland cells. Br J Dermatol 2011;165:526-33.
  5. Hi Brady, I tried multiple things over the years but nothing really helped with the skin problems. So unfortunately I can not give you the ultimate cure as I have not found it myself. I would not recommend you eye surgery. I think it can make things much worse. Apoptosis of sebaceous glands would be irreversible.
  6. Definitely more pale after accutane. My skin is not tanning at all and is extremely sensitive to sun light. I stay always out of direct sun exposure when possible. My guess is, that accutane damaged the melanocytes permanently. I agree - skin characteristics are are changed permanently after accutane. Low sebum production is only one aspect. Thin skin and pale skin add to it.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I have very similar skin problems. The skin texture looks the same. with the difference, that I am 48 now. So more wrinkles and so on. I also have those bags under the eyes. I know how difficult it is to go through every day live with such sensitive skin. Hopefully you will recover. All the best - stay strong.
  8. Thanks for the further explanation. I checked the link and indeed the article also talks about chemotherapy. and yes I agree the question remains, is the positive effect only if you take Chlorella when you undergo chemotherapy or if Chlorelle is able to repair damages after the therapy has ended.
  9. Thanks for letting us now. Can you describe in more detail, what it means, to feel better? Is your skin less dry. Do you feel more energized or what is exactly the difference?
  10. what has chemotherapy to do with ultraviolet radiation treatments? I think this are two different things.
  11. Yes I think those cancer patients suffer from the same sides. But if you have cancer and you face death then you might be willing to accept more permanent side effects. What is acne compared to brain cancer? The risk-reward ratio is just different. I am 16 years post tane. Many of my dreams have crushed already. Even if I would be cured tomorrow, I lost so many years. So many experiences, that I could not make. And the most likely future is, that my problems will continue. There will be no cure tomorrow. There will be no bright future. Just another 30 years where I die a million deaths before they finally plant me.
  12. "im sorry for my ignorance, but what is AI ? When you say didnt last, you mean once you had stopped it went ? " I think it is Aromatase inhibitor
  13. If isotretinoin causes programmatic cell death in sebaceous gland cells (and other cells), aren't our trials to overcome dry skin through supplements and other measurements completely senseless? As cell death is an irreversible damage to the cell.
  14. Taurine had not effect at all when I tried it.
  15. My whole body is affected. Arms, legs, back, face, eyes. Especially during winter time it is terrible. I tried various supplements. So far nothing has helped. I have never tried iodine though. Did you notice any impact from the colostrum on skin oil production or skin sensitivity?
  16. yes -this seems very high. @Washer: did you really take 80mg or was it 80mcg per day?
  17. Are you serious? How many years have you been sun sensitive before you started with Iodine? Sun sensitivity of eyes and skin is my worst permanent side effect for more than 15 years now.