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  1. Hi all - I received my Taurine powder today and started with the supplementation. Let's see how it goes.   
  2. Skin skinning?

    Since when have you stopped accutane and what was your dosage?  
  3. I don't think, that you will find any scientific studies around this. But I would assume, the number is rather low. Just look at this forum. How many people post regularly here? Some dozens maybe over time. And million of people have taken accutane or the generic version of it.
  4. Have you experienced any improvements of your sides since you take Casein supplement?
  5. He took it only for a couple of days. I don't know about the dose though.
  6. I have not tried this myself. But a friend of mine, who is also suffering from long term accutane sides, took it for his facial flushing. And he reported terrible depression and stopped it. He said, he never felt so terrible in his life.
  7. Hi Toosje, when you scroll through this entire thread, you will realize, that even after years no one has found a solution for the permanent side effects of accutane. People here can not help you just because they are no even able to help themselves. The only advise I can give you is: Stop your accutane treatment now. You are saying, it is needed. But why? You had 7 accutane courses already and it did not heal you. What do you expect from your 8th course? You only will make things worse.
  8. any idea on how we should approach it?
  9. It is really encouraging to see, that some people here have not given up and still trying to find a solution. Thanks for the good spirit. You write, that your skin got super oily again at the end of your weight loss. Did your skin stay oily after you gained weight again? Because in theory your body should have taken the reserves from you liver and even after gaining weight again the stuff should have been gone. And your body and skin should have stayed in the good condition, that you reached at the end of your weight loss period.