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    I'm very hopeful that this regime might help me. I started taking the exact same fiber and probiotic supplements as OP 6 days ago and so far the results are: the persistent blackheads on my nose that I didn't really care about are going away/ aren't nearly as visible as they were which was a pleasant surprise. My forehead is also pretty much clear. I always seems to get 2 or 3 little pimples there every week, and this week I haven't. Within like 2 days I started having regular BM's (at least once a day sometimes twice- this wasn't the case before, I was very irregular). I feel lighter and am not as bloated from the regular BM's. Unfortunately I think I'm having a bit of an initial breakout, with a bunch of little like clogged pores coming out on the right side of my face which is abnormal. Other than that it's pretty much the usual slightly less than moderate acne with red marks, a bunch of inflamed pimples. I should add that I'm only taking one probiotic with the fiber unlike the OP. I really hope this is the answer!
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