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  1. Rooibos tea

    It certainly doesn't harm your skin, and it's really really good for you and tastes great too so definitely worth a try. Even if it doesn't help your skin, it provides a range of health benefits
  2. Hi all. On the product reviews page, there are some very high reviews for Vitamin E, but these are mainly for topical application. Some people have had breakouts with topical vitamin E due to possibly clogging pores, which I think has scared some people away from trying oral Vitamin E despite some very good reviews within the topical reviews. There has been a lot of speculation that Vitamin E orally could increase all-risk mortality. I've had a good look into it and it appears that these findings are often sketchy but also many studies finding that Vitamin E doesn't affect mortality rates at all. So it's common knowledge that Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant for skin and its main route to the skin is through secretion via the sebaceous gland. We also have squalene in sebum, and we don't want to form the highly damaging squalene peroxide (Vitamin E can prevent this conversion). The more sebum we have (which is largely genetically and hormonally controlled) the more Vitamin E we need to stabilise the squalene. So it makes sense that oral Vitamin E, in the natural form at a reasonably low dose (400IU a day) should help with stabilising these sebum lipids. Secondly studies have shown that along with low levels of serum retinol and zinc, Vitamin E in serum is low. Thoughts?